Finally, i have flown this over 500 kilometers. Now i didnt want to rush my review out the door, so here it is, after some pretty decent time with it. Guys here is everything thats going to be included in the video somewhere up there, and you can use the time stamps to find a specific aspect of this video. If youre just curious about a few things. Well, you can fly yourself over there and check it out. Heres an overview of this fantastic little drone and what is it whos it for well its a sub 250 gram drone, meaning its going to be great to get around a lot of the laws and regulations in a lot of countries around the world, but they did Throw pro in the name and theyve actually followed up on that, because it is a very, very capable drone at that. Is it a beginners drone? Absolutely it is a little bit pricier than its second generation brother there, but it does have a lot of the upgrades over the mini 2 that were going to talk about and dig into today. Would i recommend this drone to you over the mini 2? If youre somebody whos really excited about drones and you know you want to follow through and you have some editing experience and whatnot and have the capabilities then absolutely, but if you are just getting into drones, you dont know much about anything. You just want to know.

You want to fly and get some cool footage, maybe consider the mini 2.. Having said that, theyre both can be very capable. This just has all the bells and whistles that most pretty much professionals are looking for, and it just happens to be under that weight limit, which is a just a fantastic thing, so you dont need a big complicated license. So lets have a look at the image quality here. This thing is great: offering 4k 60 really high resolution really sharp, really great. Looking footage. The dynamic range is actually really good with its improved sensor size and you do get some different shooting modes which is really nice, but the overall quality and footage that you get out of this drone. Just kind of blew me away because what were used to in the mini series, its you know, mediocre at best, theyve taken this drone and theyve really brought it to the next level. Giving us 10 bit footage, and that is fantastic. Weve got the ability now to pull a lot more out of our footage in post to really bring out the shadows and the highlights, and that was something that they added after the release which shocked myself and i think, a lot of people. So two huge thumbs up on dji for that edition. Now it does have a fixed and faster f 1.7 aperture than its predecessor, and this is going to be great in low light performance. But again, unfortunately, if you dont have nd filters, you might struggle to get some perfect looking footage because yeah it is fixed.

Having said that, i definitely recommend to pick up some nd filters to take your footage of any drone to the next level. Following up on that, the low light performance is actually a lot better than i thought it was going to be, so you can definitely use this in lower light situations and youre going to get decent results for the most part. Next lets chat quickly about the battery life of this drone and im talking real world battery life. Now theres two options: you can get the standard battery and dji claims about 34 minutes of flight time and then theres the extended batteries that offer 47 minutes of flight time on paper at the cost of putting this thing over the 249 gram limit. Personally, i can only speak for the regular batteries, but in real world situations, flying and shooting and taking photos and whatnot youre. Looking at between 22 and 26 minutes of real world flight time and another recommendation to you is to definitely pick up a few extra batteries or the fly more combo which well get into later, because having one battery with this thing is no good trust me on That, in terms of build, this drone is very very light and does feel like a toy and yeah its definitely not a huge giant professional drone by any means, and nor is it designed to be, but it is quite durable. In my experience, i have crashed this thing a few times now and its gotten right back up and really nothing to speak of so im really happy with its durability so far, but of course be careful with your drone in terms of modes, its got a ton Of awesome features packed into this thing, and this is where this little drone really shines.

If you ask me, weve got hyper lapse mode, which is really fun. You can get some awesome and creative shots out of that and theyve designed it in a way. That is just really intuitive and easy to use, and the interface as a whole is just really fantastic. Youve got your master shots, which is a pretty cool addition and great for solo creators and families and stuff that dont want to do a ton of flying on their own. It looks great and its a really nice addition to this as well and heres. A few examples of the quick shots that are installed into this thing by default. This is called meteor, which is the new one, and probably my favorite, really cool stuff, thats really easy to use. So, even if youre not an experienced pilot, you can get some pretty cool, looking footage to throw on social or what have you. The master. Shots is basically a big collection of a bunch of flight paths that are pre programmed then theyre split up into different clips, or, if you want them combined into one video file, it does that for you in camera as well. I didnt personally have the best luck with master shots. I found that it did lose its subject while tracking quite easily when youre dealing with smaller subjects – and that was just my experience, so i tend to stick to the quick shots more which are faster and have great results and remember this thing: doesnt just shoot videos.

It also shoots photos and it does it pretty darn. Well, it does offer a 12 megapixel and a 48 megapixel option as well as panoramas and a few other options for you. Photography lovers. Looking a bit closer at some of the cool modes has got everything you need to take some great photos, including hdr photos, taking several exposures from three to five and then basically blending those together to give you an hdr or high dynamic range image, and this is Very easy to do in camera, or you can take it manually as i did with the first two images and then do it manually later in post, heres, a few more shots that ive taken great resolution, especially at the 48 megapixel setting, and i love shooting straight Down with drones, but with the mini 3 pro, you can actually shoot 60 degrees upwards as well, which has pretty much never been done. Im still looking for some cool shots to utilize this, but the options there theres also the option to shoot in high resolution panoramic mode, which is pretty cool and for more drone. Photography tips make sure you check out my video on that another huge addition, and something that was very very much welcome for me, was the addition of active track into this little drone, and i have to say it completely blew me away. It is a fantastic feature and i absolutely love using it. It is a lot of fun and although it does have obstacle avoidance now, it does not have it on the sides only front and back so do.

Keep that in mind and for the most part, its done a great job at following me around, as well as avoiding things that it should. This is definitely my favorite addition to the mini series, drones and, as you can see here, it does a great job at avoiding obstacles as well as following me, through some pretty hairy situations, i cant wait to get some more footage with it now, in terms of Price, this thing has jumped up like everything else in the world. It is a little bit pricey at this point, which is why, if you are a first time drone pilot, i definitely might consider something like the mini 2 and either way. I think you should probably buy a warranty, because odds are youre, probably going to crash your first drone. Now they have included the addition of the rc controller, which has the built in screen and is a game changer. If you ask me, im really loving that and having access to my phone when i need it, and i also found that the stability in range is a little bit better than with the rc n1, which is the base controller without the screen that you find with The mini 3 and the mini 2.. So, yes, i would definitely recommend this thing for a couple: bucks extra it its pretty good. For me, the quality in terms of build is a little bit flimsy in some cases that ive found its not quite up to what i would hoped it would be, but i think itll hold together over the next few years.

Anyways now lets touch on the one source subject that a lot of people are experiencing issues with, and that is the range and stability. Unfortunately, right now in some countries, this thing does have a little bit of a connection issue when it comes to finding the right bandwidth, it looks like and dji is aware of it. So by the time you watch this video, hopefully its worked out. It looks like there are a few workarounds and fixes coming, but for now you really want to keep line of sight and make sure theres absolutely nothing in front of you to get some decent connection now. This thing is rated for about 12 kilometers, but theres. Absolutely no way that youd ever want to go that far and in my experience you want to keep it relatively close, because youre going to lose connection a lot sooner than that in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, finally, there are a few must have accessories that id recommend to you for this drone. One is a strap that you can easily attach to your controller. So if you cant put it down or youre using active track or riding a bike, you can just wear it around your neck, really nice and really inexpensive. The other is neutral density filters. My go to is usually freewell, which is a great inexpensive company with great performance and, like i mentioned before, definitely an extra battery or two and thats. It guys links in the description like everything, its got, a few growing pains, but the overall drone itself for what this thing offers for the features packed in for the quality that you get out of it.

It is absolutely fantastic and i would completely recommend this drone to you guys. I really hope you liked this video and if you did make sure you hit that like and subscribe button join the community ill drop, affiliate links down below and like always make mistakes.