Pro now, rather than blabbing on about what you probably already know, im just going to talk about three features that i am totally stoked about and if you stick around to the bitter end, i will tell you if im gon na upgrade, there is a lot to Talk about so lets get into it now being a photographer. Camera performance is always at the top of my list, and it looks like the mini 3. Pro is going to have an amazing camera system. Make no mistake: this is a massive upgrade from the dji mini 2.. The mini 3 pros camera sensor gets upgraded to a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, which is just over three quarters of an inch and a whopping 79 increase in size over the mini 2 sensor. Wow sensor size is super important because larger sensors typically mean larger light gathering pixels, and that rings true for the mini 3 pro the pixels on its sensor measure in at 2.4 microns, which is the same size as the ones on the air 2s. A larger sensor with larger pixels typically translates into better low light performance and higher dynamic range, and both of those would be welcome improvements now. The interesting thing here is the air 2s also has 2.4 micron size pixels, but it sports a one inch sensor with an effective resolution of 20 megapixels. The mini 3 pro, however, has a three quarters of an inch sensor with the same pixel size.

Yet it is supposedly able to create 48 megapixel raw photos without more information, its difficult to know what exactly the mechanism is here so im anxious to dive into the details once the mini 3 pro is officially released, really, though its not about megapixels its about the Size of those pixels with the pixel size the same as the r2s. I would expect the picture and video quality of the mini 3 pro to be just as good as its larger sibling. On top of the sensor upgrade. The mini three pros lens also got a spec bump from f 2.8 to f 1.7. Now that whole f number thing is fairly confusing, but simply put the smaller, the f number, the larger lens opening or aperture, and that ultimately means more light passing through the lens to the sensor. If my math is correct, the mini3 pros, f, 1.7 aperture lens, allows almost three times more light to hit the sensor than the mini 2. So this should be a very good camera for low light photos and video, but it doesnt stop there. The cmos sensor also has dual native iso now without getting in too deep here. Iso is basically like turning up the gain on the sensors signal to make it appear more sensitive to light, but, as you probably know, the higher you crank up the iso, the more noise you get in your images, dual native iso, on the other hand, adds an Additional amplifier to boost the sensors signal, while at the same time trying to keep that unwanted noise to a minimum, its a little buzzwordy but im sure you get the idea its all about producing better quality, low light results bottom line here, the camera system gets a Huge upgrade from the mini 2 and i would expect the mini 3 pro to produce excellent picture and video quality with very good low light capability.

Based on the comments and questions ive received since the original minis release, i would be willing to bet that obstacle, avoidance and subsequently active track would be a top three feature request for many many flyers. For me, personally, its been on my list since i first started flying the mini up to now, though, all the mini drones only had a single downward facing vision sensor. The mini 3 pro, however, adds full obstacle: detection in three directions forward backward and downward. This is really great news, because i find when im concentrating on getting the shot. It can be easy to miss hard to see obstacles in my environment. My flying style brings me up close to things and its a bit stressful, trying to focus on getting the shot while tracking potential hazards, knowing that the drone is actively working on my behalf to avoid collisions takes away. Some of that worry leaving me more time to focus on my creativity now, along with the extra hardware, comes the advanced pilot assistance system which unlocks all the amazing focus track, features like spotlight, actor track point of interest and master shots. All these features are great tools that allow any pilot to capture amazing cinematic shots with a simple tap so yeah. This is all great stuff: improved safety and easier, more cinematic shots im just so pumped that dji squeezed all this technology in a sub 250 gram package. I feel like one of the biggest surprises with the mini 3 pro and something i am personally looking forward to is the all new remote with built in display.

Since my spark days, i have never really cared much for any of the dji remotes, with the clamps on the bottom. Ive always found them way too fiddly and its just too slow and cumbersome getting your phone in and out of the remote, the mini 2s controller. Definitely improved the experience with longer battery life and better ergonomics, but it still required your phone and that whole process can be a bit of a nuisance. For many reasons. Djis rc pro solved most of the philly remote issues, but its quite expensive and it doesnt work with all dji drones. With the mini 3 pros. All new remote, i think, were getting the best of both worlds. The convenience and simplicity of a remote with a built in screen at a much more reasonable price point. On the flip side, though, dji is also selling a bear mini 3 pro without a remote. So for folks who already have a mini 2 or a compatible dji remote, you dont have to spend the extra dollars on something you dont need. I am definitely stoked for the all new remote, but i also think its great. That dji is acknowledging that some customers may have more than one drone and dont want or need redundant controllers. Well, thats, my top three guys. But honestly, i could have listed 10 or more features because theres just so much new stuff to talk about with the mini 3 pro. But as you can probably guess for me its all about the camera – and this drone, i believe, is going to be an absolute stunner if everything we know so far turns out to be accurate.

This drone is really going to blow people away and it will definitely be a top seller for dji, which of course begs the question: will i be upgrading to the mini 3 pro well, that answer is yes, absolutely im going to upgrade really. This is the drone ive been longing for since moving up from my spark to the first mini for me, its the perfect combination of picture and video quality and pro level features in an ultra portable sub 250 gram package. This is the drone i have been waiting for and as for which package, i would get im, definitely leaning really hard towards the all new remote with built in display, but im gon na wait until the product is officially released to make my final decision, regardless of What package i get, though i will definitely be adding the fly more combo and quite likely the higher capacity battery as well, even though itll push the mini 3 over 250 grams and thats it for this one guys, please let me know in the comments, if youll Be picking up a mini 3 pro, let me know what features are most important to you and as always thanks so much for watching. I would totally appreciate a thumbs up if you found value in this video. Please subscribe.