So in this video im going to show you behind the scenes, how id actually use a drone to capture some different shots and so im going to show you exactly what i do with the drone. In the sky and im also going to show you how i use the controller to be able to capture these scenes and use them in a video that has more of a story, alright lets get into it. Now, before we get started, i want to say a special thanks to our sponsor, which is wirestock and wirestock is a tool for you to start making money off your photos, videos and vector art. So how it works. Is that wirestock distributes your content to a bunch of different stock agencies, and so, as a creator, all you have to do is worry about creating awesome, looking footage or photos and then uploading it to the site. Now one of the coolest features about using wirestock is that they will do all the keywording and metadata for you. All you have to do is upload your footage and submit it, so you can spend less time on the computer, doing data entry and more time out in the field. Creating now personally, ive been uploading stock footage for years and wirestock definitely makes it easy. You have one dashboard where you can see all of your information, everything about the photos, videos vector art that youve uploaded and you can see where youre, making your money and where youre actually getting sales.

One of the other really cool things about wirestock is that they create a portfolio for you so that you could use that and show your work to potential clients or anybody thats interested in buying your stock. So next time, youre out, shooting some photos or videos. Think of some different shots that you could use as stock footage and upload them to wirestock ill include a link down below in the description to where you can get started right now. So i want to shoot a shot here. Thats going to be an intro to the sequence of actually getting to the location of where these gold mines are and were out here in this cool valley, with all these crazy joshua trees kind of at the base of the mountain before we start climbing and what I want to get is a few different shots that shows off roading to get there and i just want to start with an entrance shot and im going to use what i call a raise up with a push forward, so its a fairly simple movement to do. But it is a little bit harder to perfect because you have to get your timing right and so im going to be pushing forward on the right joystick while pulling up on the gimbal. And what happens is youre going to be seeing the ground and youre going to be seeing motion, but you dont know where youre at and then it reveals the scene in front of you and then the subjects gon na be moving through the shot.

Now, when im doing all these moves, im gon na be having jesse driving my jeep and im gon na be out of the car operating okay same thing. Just keep driving and go around the curve a little bit further, and that allows me to have a lot of control and also be able to see everything going on. I can see where the drone is, and i can see where the jeep is driving through the scene and the key thing with this shot is timing. I want to make sure that my jeep is driving through the scene at a spot thats not at center, but a little bit before center, so that, as the gimbal comes up, you see the jeep passing by and its all just moving nicely together. I dont want the jeep to be way off in the distance and i also dont want it to be out of frame as that gimbal comes up to center, so i just got to one of the old gold mines, and this is going to be a key Point in the story because im talking about all these different gold mines throughout the mountains. Now i want to show myself approaching this location and actually walking up to the mine, and to do that, i dont want to just have like a tripod shot. I want to have a moving shot with the drone, so im going to be having the drone move forward. This way as im walking towards this gold mine, and so the idea is its kind of like that.

Third person, like the video game, feel where its up over behind me as im, walking towards this mine and im, going to be doing this just using the controller im just pushing forward on the right, joystick and ill. Just have the controller down by my sides. So youll see the controller in the shot, but i dont mind its not a big deal to see this once in a while, but itll be a cool looking shot to use for the video. Because im going to be going past, my jeep here and then youll see the gold mine in the distance and well be approaching it together, so were kind of walking towards the gold mine as one its a super simple shot. But im going to use the cine mode, so i could go super slow and try to match my speed as im walking towards this gold mine. That is one shot that i might use, but in the edit i might want an option so a lot of times when im doing shots like this, i might do a few different types of shots, even though its the same scene, i might just only use one Of them so for this i like that, reveal where im walking towards the gold mine, but the other way to play. This is starting low in on the gold mine and then coming out so im going to do a shot where im walking up and youll see me, and then it reverses back out and away so im going to pull down on the right, joystick and im going To pull up on the left, joystick and thats going to fly the drone backwards, but also going up at the same time and as the drone drifts away im going to look down at my screen and ill play around with the gimbal.

To make sure i tilt just enough where it has like this cool look and you can see where im at in this big landscape all right so for this shot, theres this massive joshua tree, thats, uh, thats huge, so the shot that i want to get is A dolly shot left or right, and i kind of want to pan across this tree, so its filling the frame and you get the sense of like were out here in the joshua trees and then, as i come out from one of the sides, youll see the Jeep passing through the shot, so the jeeps going to be moving faster than my drone im going to be doing a slow crawl with my mini 3 and im just going to be panning across and then youll see the jeep driving in the distance. And it will eventually leave frame and drive off so to do this shot its fairly simple. You just pull right on the right, joystick or left on the right joystick and the drone is just going to move left or right in the sky and im going to do this at a slow pace, so im going to use the cine mode. So one thing, thats, really cool about the mini 3 pro is that it shoots in 4k, 60 frames per second. So all of this footage that ive been shooting today ive been shooting in 4k, 60. and im, not necessarily going to use 4k60.

But when i have it in a drone, it gives you the flexibility to be able to slow down your footage and it helps make smoother shots. So, if youre not perfect with your movements, well, you could use the 60 frames per second slow. It down. Half speed and youll have a much smoother shot. You could even add some post stabilization and really create some cool, looks out of your drone moves and im always using the stabilization and slow motion just to make my shots. Look that much smoother. So this whole area is just full of a ton of joshua trees, and one of the shots i want to capture is just some environmental shots of these trees in this big landscape. And so what i want to do is get the drone super low and actually tilt the gimbal up on this drone. You can tilt up past 90 degrees which allows you to get these shots, that point a little bit towards the sky, and i want to look up at the towering joshua trees and then im going to do an orbit. So, im going to pull right on the right, joystick and left on the left, joystick or right on the left, joystick and left on the right joystick. And what thats going to do is create a circle around the joshua tree. That im, filming and itll create an arcing motion now, ideally, what i want to do is get this as smooth as possible, so it just feels like this rotation as im, moving through the landscape and im going to get myself low, so its going to feel kind Of like a gimbal, shot and thats one thing when youre using a drone, you dont always have to be way up in the sky, sometimes its good just to be down low and get these shots that you might be able to get with a gimbal.

But youre going to be much smoother and youre going to be able to travel much further distances when you have this drone and youre moving across these big landscapes. So this next shot is kind of like the typical shot you see when you see over landing videos or off roading or car shots, and that is right in front of the car moving backwards. Super simple shot to achieve, but it looks really good. All you do is pull back on the right, joystick and youre moving backwards at the same pace that the car is moving forwards. And ideally, you want to get yourself down low and right in front of the vehicle, because its going to give you that perspective, where youre looking back on the car and so as my jeep is driving through this landscape. Youll get this really cool dynamic, shot where theres a lot of motion, and you can see the truck moving through the landscape. The only thing that you really have to worry about is whats behind you make sure that you have a clear path, and i like to do this shot on straightaways, because its going to make it a lot easier to follow the vehicle in front. When you have more of a straight path behind okay, these joshua trees are just too awesome, so i need to get a few more shots. This one in particular out there in the distance has such a cool unique look to it so im going to do something.

A little bit different im going to do the orbit as im ascending up into the sky and so to perform this im going to be pulling right on the left, joystick and left on the right, joystick and im going to be doing the same orbit. However, im also going to be pushing up on the left, joystick and so youre going to be pushing the left joystick at one of the two angles upwards, and so the drone is going to do kind of a helix up into the sky as youre rotating around This joshua tree now im going to do this a couple ways im going to do, one where the camera is at 90 degrees, pointed straight out and then also one where its tilted up. I did another video on my second channel, where i did this tilt up. Helix move around this giant rock that i did a video about and it had such a cool look because you dont see the ground and youre kind of circling up around the rock. So im going to do the same thing with this joshua tree and just get this shot where youre going to see some of the ground and then its going to descend up into the sky. So something really cool with the mini 3 is that your gimbal can rotate up to 60 degrees up, which is crazy because most drones its 30.. So, like i, i have it close to this joshua tree just so, we could get a view of it and like youre, looking straight up at this joshua tree thats such a cool look because normally with drones, you dont have the range to be able to do This okay, so for this next shot, what i want to do is get a top down shot of my jeep driving through this path.

Here kind of has a cool look to it. So when i do these top down shots ill do different styles. But for this i just want to follow the jeep and keep at the same pace. So im going to be right, overhead, looking straight down and then im just going to try to follow it and im going to have the drone pointing forward the same direction that the jeep is moving and if it takes a turn im going to try to turn With it, so i want to almost be glued to that jeep and really feel that movement going back and forth, and it kind of feels like this overhead, like youre, looking at a map or something straight down and the jeep is moving through it. Its like looking at your navigation, where the arrow stays straight and the map is moving around but were gon na play around with that concept of having the jeep on these dirt trails. So the next shots going to be another landscape shot. But i want to show my jeep moving through the landscape, but i dont want to follow the jeep, so i almost want to get like a big epic landscape shot and then the jeep enters and just kind of moves through the frame on its own pace. Not working with the drone, so sometimes i like moves where im moving exactly the pace of my subject, whereas other times i want the subject to be moving at a different pace and im just doing a shot of say this big open landscape.

So for this i want to get high in the sky. I want to do an orbit so just like some of the other orbits in this video, but the difference is: i want to do a nice big, wide orbit, so im moving super slow im in cine mode im only pulling slightly on each of the joysticks, so It has this really big arcing motion, but then youll see the jeep in the distance moving through the landscape. So for this shot, i want to show a bunch of motion and im basically going to fly straight through all of these joshua trees. Keeping the drone low and all im doing is pushing forward on the right joystick, but im going to put it in sport mode and when youre in this mode, you dont have any sensors. So you just need to make sure that you have a clear line of sight where youre going and you make sure you can see the drone, because you dont want to crash it. But bumping up the speed, ramps up the energy and its really cool to see a landscape as you just blast through it. Youve noticed throughout this video ive been close to objects and im trying to move past things, because it just feels a lot more cinematic when youre closer to objects. Now it does take some practice to be able to do this, and you want to make sure that youre comfortable flying closer to objects but its something that will make your shots really stand out, especially when youre flying close and fast through objects.

So, whenever i do a shot and im doing like a straight out shot, i try to do something else on the way back just so, i have more footage to work with, so i just did this shot where im zooming out and now im just bringing the Drum back and keeping it kind of high and just flying backwards, so it just gives me something else to work with in the edit, never know its always good to get extra shots when youre out filming. So the story is about gold mines and theres, an old gold mine right here i want to get a couple shots just showing this gold mine in the landscape. So what i want to do is i want to descend down and curve around the gold mine and my jeep, which is right behind us, is going to be off in the distance so to perform. This move im going to be pulling down on the left, joystick, while also doing an orbit, so this spot is too cool. I need to get another shot. I want to just come over this ridge line and then tilt down onto this gold mine. I dont know which one im going to use, but its good to have options when i actually get into editing. So what im going to do for this shot is im going to push forward while tilting the camera down so its pushing up on the right joystick. While bringing the gimbal down and what im going to do is come up over this ridge line, while the camera points down at this gold mine, the dji mini 3, is definitely an awesome drone to shoot adventure style videos, it packs up super small and its got A ton of features built in now.