Now the reason im flying around my neighborhood is somebodys been throwing trash in the green barrel, which is only for clippings, so im gon na call these people out today, Music. The only thing that i should see coming off that green bin is grass clippings or branches. Anything else, besides, that its a violation, but i aint gon na complain about it im just calling out neighbors if they see this video, you know who you are Music now getting back to the mini 3. Its. If you look at the pictures, this thing looks hideous its got big eyeballs in the front. They say: theres, uh, theres, no side, obstacle avoidance that we can see and if you look at most youtube videos of people crashing, it usually happens when theyre going sideways. Not so much backwards or forward or down its always when youre going sideways. So hopefully, hopefully this thing i i cant, see it in the pictures that weve all been looking at, but i dont know it doesnt look like it has side obstacle, avoidance and thats. A major problem, if dji didnt do that now, the mini 2 has been its in its perfect form for the last two years, but every time they do a system update or firmware update, it gets worse what the hell was that hang on what the hell was That they just dumped in there thats a green barrel wow that what was that that didnt look like grass clippings, oh shh, i know what that is.

I know exactly what that is. Lets get a closer look at this: oh yeah, yep, Music. You know what youre looking at guys there. It is Music thats right will smiths career if you want to follow, will smiths career just get your car behind this guy? Well, look at that! Will smiths fake fake facade, okay, all right Music! All right well give that neighbor a break, maybe uh. It was night time and they didnt know which, which barrel they were dumping their trash in so well give them a break getting back to the mini three. The mini three is gon na, have problems for the next two years, guaranteed its got so much complicated stuff on it and dji. They better get their act together. Real quick on this mini three, because theyre trying to get rid of the mavic mini the mini se and the mini two: they want these gone its costing them too much money. The care refresh program is out of control Music and its costing them too much money to keep these things operating theyre going to eliminate these three drones, the mini 3 has to be their flagship thrown in the miniseries. Oh look at that. What was that? Okay? Thats? A thats, a violation Music. Now, when the mini 3 comes out, im probably going to buy it, because i want to see what all the new features are and ill, probably wait a little while to see what all the reviews are with all the drone experts out there, but uh uh im Gon na buy it, of course, im gon na buy it everyones gon na buy it.

Anybody in the drone world who likes dji products is going to buy the mini 3. Music. The only the only thing i hope is that dji got it right right out of the gate, because, if they didnt its going to hurt their sails, theyre trying to get rid of the other three drones, but its going to hurt their sails big time. If this drone doesnt perform, as we expect Music Applause Music anyways, it looks like a lot of my neighbors uh.