The design of the mini 3 looks right now, looking at the overall structure of the mini 3, we dont like that thing right there. It just doesnt, look right and then youve got these big giant eyeballs that resemble a frog and well get to that. In a minute, but where do you put the gimbal guard on this thing? These are questions we have as dji owners of these drones and we cant figure this out. Now we all know what happened to the mavic mini the most perfect drone that they ever came out with in the miniseries. Then they brought out the mini two, and then they try to top it with the the mini s e and were here today, im gon na were not looking for anybody down. Here were looking for a specific grave site that all ties into everything here, but take a look at this part of the mini 3 for a second doesnt that look like its broken already, and this thing has obstacle avoidance now i dont know about you, but this Mini three does not look right, theres, something not right about it, and djis got to get their act together soon, because, to be honest with you, lets take a step back here, because the mini 3, if it fails its going to end up here, if it succeeds, The mini 2, the mini 2 ends up here. Dji has their self up against a wall right now, theres almost no way out.

Theyve got to get this thing off the ground right out of the gate, and i ill tell you if dji does not make this happen for the mini 3. One of those drones is going to end up. Here i mean look at it. It looks like a freaking frog and not to mention the person that were looking for here. Im gon na ask them a question. If they were alive today, would you buy the mini three and where would you fly it so lets go? Take a look at a grave site and i think you guys know who this person is, but somewhere down, there is going to be the mini 2 and the mini 3.. One of those is going to end up here so lets go. Ask this particular person here. What they think about the mini three and and would they buy it? Oh yeah, Music.