Whatever you want to call it. You already know that russia has invaded ukraine and caixa have been using several drones, especially the jota brand. And yes, of course, I am going to tell you about a piece of news that has come out that we have today going around the press to see what it can influence or not influence us that its quite important and I think its a great gesture on The part of jota but were going to see everything now Ill leave time in i3. You already know that it was going to come out on the 28th, but now its and theoretically the real date is going to It will be May 10th well see. You know that in the end, all these are leaks. They are rumors that may be more true or less true, but its already customary to always before launching a product that we all know half of the specifications that will have more or less the price that goes and the launch date to give it hype and warm Up the atmosphere before it comes out to its model, so that very shortly we will have the jota and mini 3 that as soon as it comes out, we will ask for it to be able to analyze, Give it a go and test all the technical characteristics That this drone has here on the channel so subscribe and hit the bell. So you dont miss it, because we will do a lot of tests and compare it with other drones in the sector, such as that one chinese mini pro course or that out the evo nano plus that we both have on the channel.

But we are going to start by commenting on the news that I think is something quite important that is going to influence us all and we will see how all this ends and if he manages to soften jota and with this gesture, what was cooking around the World, you all know more or less the people who usually follow this scene, who usually watch drone channels who watch channels about bj and who left this and was sanctioned h Some time ago in the US for privacy and because of that system. I know what it has about j and what does that mean that, at any time, you can know where your drones are, where aarons pilots are and that theoretically violated security in the US already? You know that it was when the government of donald trump was there that now with dancing in part that these have softened the issue a bit but well there. It has that sanction of jota and it cannot sell in certain organizations in the united states still in europe. It can sell everywhere, In fact, the police. There are many security forces use them and they also use these cope cone systems to be able to know where the pilots are to be able to know when they are approaching a palace anywhere at the police station to be able to control them. You have to be very careful with where we fly, because you know that the state security forces and bodies have these devices that can be located at any time, both you and Like the polecat one of the things that has always been criticized a lot, and it Has been this vulnerability of the privacy of each one? Are security things.

? I see it as quite normal that an organization with a palace that any of these has this type of systems so that they cant get infiltrated with a drone to spy or they cant. Do anything else, you know that in the end, drones have some functions, but everyone can use them as and for whatever they want, because this news that came out today to the press tells you Im going to put it right now, so you can see why youre Watching the news, the Chinese giant of jota and suspends the sale of drones to russia and ukraine, you will all remember that skiing, the president of ukraine, denounced bj and among the whole world like that, they were locating where their drone pilots were through that economic system. Pe and russia was using it to send missiles to where it had its drone pilots. It was a complaint that celesc was making and q. He left this and denied, but of course russia has systems and it was very easy to locate bjs drones, and you know that the sanctions that have been imposed on russia worldwide, both the us and europe. You already know that later china, india and other countries have not corroborated these sanctions, but they have continued to work with russia. There is this reverse gear that has made a jot and we are going to read the news so that you can see it better. After weeks of controversy, the Chinese drone giant left it and announced the temporary suspension of its operations in russia and ukraine to prevent its devices from being used as weapons is the first chinese company to make a decision of this magnitude since the start of the war Based in shenzhen, the company explained in a brief statement that it is internally reevaluating the requirements of regulatory compliance of various jurisdictions and recent hostilities.

According to a spokesman, the firm does not intend to position itself in favor of any side, but not to accepts that its products can be used to cause damage. That is what it does not accept is that its products are used to be able to transport bombs or locate certain military personnel with military modes and other world leaders in the manufacture and sale of drones for civil use left and was accused last month by ukraine. Of allowing russia to use its technology in military operations and even against civilians. Ukrainian criticism focused on the cope cdj aerial system and that allows users to detect and monitor other drones located in their vicinity, thanks to special receivers, although it is marketed as a tool used to protect sensitive facilities such as airports, stadiums or prisons, ukraine alleges that moscow Uses this system to locate ukrainian drone pilots and guide the firing of its missiles against them. What I have told you before is already boiling ukraine denounces russia for using this system to be able to locate its pilots and destroy them with missiles. We will see how all this ends up. For its part, the company has denied that it allows russia to use perfect for war purposes or that it provides them with data on the location of ukrainian positions. We only manufacture products for civilian use. Here we are seeing that the decision of lj y may be due to the possibility of inflicting sanctions focused on dual use technology, coming out of the news that we have had the possibility that it stopped regulating you, because it is found that it can receive sanctions.

Both from Europe, as well as from the United States, and to prevent the sale of its products, this use, above all by civil organizations, public organizations, military police, firefighters and others that could cause it to have huge losses even prohibiting the sale of consumer drones, both in Europe and in the United States. We hope that, with this act that he has done as a jota and dont, let the blood reach the river talking and soon – and we wont have sanctions c against the jota company and going to the jota and mini three that many of you are waiting for. This drone that many of you want to see. You already know that new images have been leaked, some technical characteristics theoretically and some new prices that we will see if they are or are not. The real ones already know that all this is speculation, its just talking, but hey. It never hurts to take a look at this new drone in case you want to buy a drone soon, and the prices that are usually filtered are not usually very misguided. The truth is that Its not that theres much difference from the previous ones to the ones now, so we re going to talk a little bit about this whole issue and about a little thing that I detected in the drone that I didnt like very much even Before trying it because well see when lets test, if it influences or does not influence the drone, we are talking about a drone that, according to what is being said right now, we would have the possibility of recording 4k 60 frames per second.

We would have the p Possibility of recording in a cinema profile like that. You already know that it does not become a logarithmic profile. It does not become an 8 bit lock profile, as we have in the out the bonano plus. If it came from that 10 bit color profile, that we have, for example, in drones like that and go 2s, but it is a profile that does not become logarithmic that I do not know how they explained. It is a smoothing of the image that we do get much better after editing, the color and these images we can get quite good sensor work already. You know, with a pixel size of 24 focal aperture 1.7. That follows exactly the same: possibility of recording videos in vertical format that can come in handy for you all for instagram or for youtube short, that I think that, in the end, the videos in vertical format to the drones that we can do it with any drone. In editing, because you record at 4k and the cut is at 1080, you get that vertical format. That, in the end, is what you can use in these social networks, the maximum quality that they can upload. The videos is at 1080, but listen that the drone allows. You to do it from the beginning; it can get you to get better shots focus more on the object. You want to record when doing it the same as it happens, with the course but mini pro.

Yes, The jimbal does this cut by software like this mini 3 does, for example, but hey its a mere anecdote. I think its something that isnt used that much either, but since its a drone that takes a lot to the consumer market in that range. From start to, people who want to share material on their social networks can be quite interesting. I think that the most important thing is that 4k 60 frames per second, this cinema profile, like that, I think that, with what homework is worth, it should already be a logarithmic profile, but hey. We have profile of the light cinema and another thing that draws a lot of attention, which is the maximum speed that they have said that this drone will reach approximately 57 kilometers per hour of speed. What does this mean? Well that it will? Theoretically, it defends very well against the wind, but we will see with this strange toad design that they have taken out with a lot of body in the front part how it influences or not when it comes to flying our drone. If it knocks down too much, it knocks it down too much, because, as you can see in the images the jimbal is totally free. With this we arrive at the problem that I have found in the design of this drone does not mean that it is ugly that it is beautiful that you may like that. You may not like that.

Each one is each one that you may like the issue of landing on the belly that does not land on the front legs. According to the front arms with two legs that come out downwards, that could be better. It could be worse because the jimbal is left totally free. It can hit you on a stone the time to land or anything, but as it happens with any drone. But if you look, for example, at the design of this new drone and, for example, at the design of the mini 2, that I have here in my hand, As you can see the body protrudes more than the camera, which means that if we hit a surface, The first thing that will be hit is the body of the drone and not the jimbal, which is the weakest part of our drone. But if you look at this new design, the jimbal is completely unprotected. But apart from that, the camera protrudes from the body of our drone, the problem for me, is that we can have a minimal accident damage, our jimbal. In fact, some of the previously filtered images we have already seen the damaged jimbal, the broken jimbal relaxed in several places, and I hope that this is not a usual trend to a bad landing to any tap with anything that damages our jimbal, especially in a drone With the cost that this dejo time mini 3 has, but we will see when we have it when we try it thats, why subscribe bell, so you dont lose them if you like the video thumbs up that always helps a lot to spread.

More lets talk a little ito on the subject of these last prices that have been leaked that we will see if it is true or not. As I say, you are always quite normal images, and it is not that I say anything of the other world, but there you are seeing that he left time mini pro in the simple unit. It would cost 7′ euros at the start. We dont know if, in the simple unit, without a control knob that may be the reason to use these other controls. But, of course, a price of 731, but without a control seems quite large to me, but well see about it anyway. The normal unit, with a battery with the control with a pad the spare leader and little else. But if you look at the new image here, you are seeing this would be the hot one. There is mini 3 pro with the normal control of all the jota and no, they have changed the control for us. We continue with the control of the mini 1 of the mini 2 of law, 2 of law, 2 stj, and he has worked on this control command without a screen without telemetry, and I took out a drone that I took out. I leave time mavi 3 that you already know the price that has the same command control for all. If you look at this image to me what catches my attention, because the price is 829 euros, what we could say hey for the combo, the one from the out the haj bow nano plus in the link that I leave you.

The description is 860 euros. A little higher three batteries carrying bag, the cables, the blablablabla charged, multiple and others. But if you look at this image that we have, I control the three connection heats to connect the control with a mobile phone drone protector of the timpani, a charging cable to be able to charge the battery in our drone a separate battery screwdriver, four propellers and Five spare screws – that is not the image of a combo pack. We are talking 800 329 euros, the drone, the control unit, a battery and four spare propellers quite expensive from my point of view, practically the same price as the out the abondano plus in its combo version with three batteries and carrying bag, well see what the combo Of this version is worth, hopefully these images, they refer to the combo and they have taken this image, because if not, the price is going to be super high. Here we are seeing the mini 3 pro with the rc, with remote controller that they have not called it rc pro that you already know that we have another control in, let that it costs about a thousand euros more or less drones like the mavi 3, and I think that now it is also compatible with the 2s. This for the moment that we know is going to be compatible only with the mini 3 that I think, if I leave it and it makes it compatible with it, there are 2 s.

It is possible that it sold many more units of this pj and mini 3 and the same four propellers five screws jimbal protector, a battery, a drone charging, cable and a screwdriver. This is not a combo of. We never want the price of 999 euros to be the combo version, because you already know that the previous price on this combo, with the rc pro commanded about 1280 euros. That will be this price. This will be the price of the combo. It will not be. We will clear up doubts soon. You know that it will have launched the day 28 that has been because of the transportation problems due to the pandemic, that they have in shenzhen there that they are practically confined in china that they have all the ships there. In the port of shanghai, without being able to leave so historically, it has been as of May 10 that, according to they have said it will be the exact date. But we will see because if the problems persist, they will be forced again to delay this launch and we will see it soon. We will all clear up doubts and we will see what this jutta in mini offers or does not offer 3. Tell me what do you think about the subject of the jimbal that is so exposed to the camera here below in comments? What do you think about the subject of the prices of this mini 3i? Hey? We will clear up any doubts shortly subscribe bell, so you dont miss it when we are trying and well here.

You are seeing another little bug that just came to me. Jusn fino caught me pro justino pro julin does pro. You already know that the Chinese, but we have it up there – you have already seen it on the channel and now ra Ive ordered this one just ago pro, because I wanted to order the pro plus, which is the one with the one inch camera, but its Totally sold out come on, they havent put it on the market, yet so Ive ordered this one to see what such this drone design that I like a lot reminds me a lot of the one from time to viqueira that we will see one next to the Other that brings a camera. That is exactly the same camera that the fine jusn has mini pro sensor 1.3 aperture 1.9 – that Well see how the anti collision front rear sensors work in this drone. That has a very nice design and if you see, unlike this new mini 3, the jimbal is super protected here on the inside. Just like with that one. I leave time to big air well, see all soon. We will clear up doubts when the launch comes out. The same day, I will ask for it to be able to show it until the next video.