How are you you, okay lets go so the dji mini 3. These leaks are certainly exciting, arent they, but there is one thing that you need to consider. Someone has just decided to start drilling as well. So how is it whenever you start to film theres? Always someone doing some work outside anyway, dont matter, but the small drones, like the mini 2, are fantastic small, portable size being able to fly in lots of areas normally restriction free. Now, statistically, if we took a big pie and have a look at the actual people who buy small drones, it seems to fall into two areas. Now these areas are normally either complete beginners, who have never flown a drone before want a small drone to start flying and then see how they get on with it. The other portion is hobbyists, so someone who maybe not fly very often, maybe just on a sunday every now and then theyre, not too bothered about the quality of it along. It just gets the job done. It gets decent if quality youre not going to make any money from that drone, but you know you just like to have one just to get great quality and a drone like the d drive mini 2. Certainly does that and for this for the price of this, the mini 2, nothing beats it for the tech for the price. However, what we see, then, is a new part of this pie is formed, and these, then, are people who want more so youve picked up a drone like this, but youll want more options, more features and more performance.

Speed and power is something which is lacking on this, so then people want to go and get a bigger drone, such as a mavic 3, an air series or an evo series, something like that. They want more and thats the limitations of the smaller drones. Why so, if you want to travel with your drone and venture outside of the city or the place that you live and go to these stunning locations, i like to fly on my buddy dennis in the mountains. Then small drones like the dji mini 2 arent ideal for those situations at all because of its size. The 249 gram weight of this its fantastic in a lot of ways, but it also has a lot of disadvantages. So in these areas, where youre really high up in the mountains or top of hills, you know you might want to go on a hike and you get to the top. You want to get your drone out to film yourself or get a nice orbit and then youll find that you have constant wind warning messages or youre bothered about that drone being blown away, because in these windy areas, small drones, arent good at all. The wind performance on here is good. I have shown it ive pushed it to the extreme, but it certainly is a challenge and in windy environments the gimbal on here can often shake youre, often worried about it, blown away, youre more bothered about keeping this drone safe than actually getting the shots, whereas with Something like the bigger drones, literally three times or sometimes two times heavier than the mini two.

Then this has so much power and performance that youre not bothered about the wind youre bothered about getting this shot. Now the dji mini 3 leaks. Look fantastic dont leave this new spec on here the camera. It looks fantastic with that f 1.7, a huge upgrade over the f 2.8 on here. So low lights are going to be fantastic, but a portion of the people who buy these small drones ill not forget, buy this because of the price lets talk about the price, so the price is. These are purely speculations just on based on good guesstimates. We wont know until the actual drone is officially announced, then youll get the official prices, but we look at the mini 2, so the mini 2, when it was released, was 419 pounds of 550 in the uk. Now, with all the price increases everywhere id, i would say 150 pounds onto both of those prices just to get a ballpark figure dollar conversion. Canadian diversion australian convert that, as you wish, just in the uk just for ease, i would say at a minimum, add an extra 150 pounds onto that figure, but that then leaves the pro version. So if you want to get the best possible quality, we dont know if its going to be leaving, features out for just that pro model or its literally going to be the controller, but the leak of that controller being a built in screen. It could everything you want youre going to take your phone with you, its going to be great isnt it its like an rc pro, but a smaller, more compact version, but i would say that that controller alone is worth 300 pounds.

So if we add that onto the fly, more combo, which is already going to be 700, pounds were up to a thousand pounds prediction for that pro model: a thousand pounds for a small 249 gram drone which will be fantastic and awesome. But what else could you get for a thousand pounds now for that money? You could pick up a dji air 2s, a bigger drone with a one inch sensor and much better wind performance. So if you like to fly outside of the city and your town – and you want to fly in these areas that you might see on these cinematic videos, you can pick up that drone. For probably that price you could pick up a used. Mavic 2 pro. You could pick up a mavic air 2 fly more combo and youre not super far away from the flagship. You could pick up that now on offer for 1699 pounds. So, yes, its still far off but its not super far off. Is it not as much as it was before now? All that being said, im super excited for this dji mini 3 to come out. I love a small drone. They are fantastic and super easy to use, but for me i am so glad that i moved up as well a few years ago to these bigger drones, because they do enable me to fly in more areas, trouble free and get even better quality. So i find a lot of people who have then moved from the small drones and gone up to say an air 2 s or mavic 3.

The feedback is like, oh, my god. This is the best thing i did its just fantastic. So although small drones are fantastic, i love them, i always will use them. I always have a combination of both, so i would, before you go out, selling everything and selling everything ready for this mini three to come out. Just think just take a step back. If you already have a dji mini 2, what do you want more out of this? Is that mini 3 worth it for you or maybe keep your money too and use that money to buy a bigger drone? An air 2s or a mac 3 then go out in the country youre in learn and get your pilots licence in the uk. You can do this in literally two days online, its that easy, its about 80 pounds, different countries, different prices, but its worth doing 100. So i would be really interested to see your thoughts about this if youve got a mini 2. Is that mini 3 worth it for you or maybe consider a bigger drone from my dji or something with more features and that wind performance, wind resistance, is so important, or are you just all in you know youve already sold it its already listed youve got your Money and youre sat there waiting for deidre to take your money.