This time the drone in the air so were going to break it down today and go through some of these features, and some of these features are the features which you definitely want lets go so since dji mini 2 was released, probably the day after weve been Wanting extra features, because we all love this drone, but we just want a little bit more out of it, so the rumor mill of the dji mini 2s or the dji mini 3 has been here for a long time now, so ive been sent this email from A manufacturer i work with regularly – and this group in china gets information about early release, information on drones, which are going to be coming out. So this all ties in brilliantly and some of the specs, which is also they have been told, weve, also got a video. So im going to be showing this video very soon, but some of the specs, which ive just talked about quickly now is were going to see an improvement in the camera, so were going to see a frame rate boost of up to 4k 60.. That alone is a fantastic upgrade being able to film at 4k, 60 and slow. That down is going to be excellent. Currently, the max you can do is 4k 30 or 2.7 k60. So a 4k60 boost is fantastic. Also, a slight improvement in the battery life. Going up to 34 minutes so well take that any more extra battery life is great and not that we need it, but a boost of a 10 to 12 km distance from the d giant mini 3 mini 2s.

These are the specs ive been told directly, so that also spells out to me that theyve managed to put in some kind of extra antennas like the dji air 2s, hopefully to be able to get that improved distance out of the new drone. But before we go into the other specs because the specs that i know you definitely want lets just play the video and then well talk about it afterwards. So we can see this dji drone on the table and you can see at the back there. The new air vents, and also at the back, what looks like to be position: sensors, two position: sensors there, the camera looks really similar, but now we see it outside so now its outside on what looks like a landing pad. The guys got in his hand showing it around and then at the front there, some more cooling on top and what looks like to be front position. Sensors. Yes, this is fantastic, but it gets better. So not only we just got not pictures. We actually seen this drone in real life. We then see it being taken off, so the drone is now taken off and you can see again clearly those back position, sensors on the back there, the two of them and then what looks like to be a demonstration here of the obstacle avoidance kicking in and Preventing that drone hitting the tree in front of it. Yes, it could be pulling back on the stick, but it seems to be a demonstration of those front.

Sensors working, i dont know about you, but that looks pretty good and what a big improvement on this. If we can have that obstacle avoidance on here, thats a huge spec bump, which weve all been asking for some kind of obstacle avoidance, because weve just had none on the dji mavic mini or the dji mini 2. So if we can have obstacle avoidance that is going to save a lot of people out there, that also brings in the speculation it hasnt been confirmed, but it could be that we can then see some active track capabilities. The camera going up to 4k 60 weve got front and back position. Sensors. Some kind of active track is really now possible, potentially just maybe up front, but that will be enough just like we had in dji spark. So lets just break down that video now im gon na go through some of the shots and then compare it to what we currently have on the dji mini 2.. So we can see in the first image that weve got these new cooling vents on the back of the drone, so at the side, so on the dji mini 2. We just have the one on each side, and these are both horizontal. So now we see them pointing down, they are thicker and wider and thats going to help with the overall cooling of the drone lets go to that second image now so the second image we see a top down shot of the drone, as you can see on The dji mini 2.

There is nothing here, but on this next drone youll see a big cooling vent. It could be that this is the position sensor and these are still the cooling vents. That could be the case, its not really clear so on the top. Here you can see, obviously, this new cutout at the very top and thats going to either be that front position sensor or a cooling of the actual drone. Possibly, i think, will be more to the fact that this here will be the position sensor, and then these will still be the cool events, just as the art and the dji mini 2. next picture. If we look at the next image, youll see on the back, weve got these new two circular position sensors. So these are enabled for rear flying its going to be rear, back position, sensors, and then you can also see just underneath its going to be where the car slot is and how you charge the drone. The battery looks like to be in the exact same place, with the same door just in the same place, but the rear position. Centers are going to be an added bonus for anybody and a safety feature. So when youre backwards, flying when youre flying around thats going to help a lot so here on the next shot, we see the drone on a landing pad and we see another shot of this front. I have a sensor all this air vents its unclear at the moment what its going to be.

I think it could possibly be a front sensor because weve already got the two air vents on the dji mini 2 either side. So it would make sense for them to just keep them there and then have this position sensor on the top. But it could well be that this could now be a big cooling vent and the position sensors are now here at either side great to see front position. Sensors are going to be fantastic, able to stop that drone or maybe go around an object like the dji 2s were not sure yet, but just having front and back sensors are a huge upgrade in the next shot. The guy actually looks like to be pointing to these, so maybe this is a new feature, and this is the position centers and thats cooling. We can also see what it looks like to be the camera gimbal. It looks really its really hard to make out, but it looks really similar to what we already have. So no one in sensors are going to be coming on any mini series, its just not going to be possible with the weight of it. But an increase of this camera up to 4k 60 would be a good increase and more than enough for most people, so in the next two shots weve got the picture of the drone flying towards what looks like to be a tree and then stop in. So this looks like to be showcasing this front position sensor in action.

Yes, you could replicate this and fake that, but it seems to be this whole video is showing you flying its showing the front and back sensors and then a demonstration at the end. So i would say more to the fact that thats showing you that front position sensor stopping breaking before it gets to object that alone on a drone like this will be great if it can have some kind of active track built into it as well. I just think its going to be the best selling small drone out there and no other drone is going to come close to it. Some have tried and failed already, but if we have a dji mini 3 or a dji mini 2s with now what looks like 100 certain to be front and back position sensors and it can have the ability to have some kind of active track. It wont have full up to track like the air 2s. It will only have a front active track just like we had on the dji spark, but that would be enough for most people and a great upgrade 4k 60 on the camera. A slight bump in the battery length, slight bump in the distance be able to travel but front position. Sensors dji, mini 3 looks like to be arriving in november, so only three months away. It would be a fantastic upgrade on these specs alone. What do you think? Let me know: are you going to pick this up? Do you already have a dji mini 2? Would these be enough for you to upgrade? Certainly for me, i cant wait to grab this drone.