Currently, the drone kings entry level drone and with a series of leaks revealing what appears to be a pretty big redesign. The mini 3 is pretty close to takeoff. We recently saw what appears to be retail packaging for a dji mini 3 pro and while opinion is divided over whether or not that leak is genuine, a leaked video appeared to confirm that the mini 3 will have a very different external design to its predecessor. Last year we saw the arrival of the dji mini se a cheaper model thats based on the older dji mavic mini and with new competition from the likes of the autel evo nano. It seems likely that dji could be planning a new higher end compact drone in this dji mini 3 roundup. Well, look at some of the latest leaks and rumors for the compact drone to help draw a rough picture of what you can expect from this drone. Well then, dig a little deeper at some of the features we want to see in the dji mini 3.. The first proper leak for the dji mini 3 emerged on march 1 in the form of a photo of what looks like the drones retail packaging. The credibility of the image shared by regular dji leaker osita lv appeared to be undermined by the accompanying comment that they regard this pick as joking. However, oceda lv appeared to backtrack on that statement in a recent tweet about a newer leak.

The arrival of a dji mini 3 pro with a new rc controller would certainly be an unusual break from the series traditions. The mini series has traditionally been djis entry level option, not a pro series and its controllers have always been reserved for higher end models. Like the recent dji mavic 3, but as noted by dji commentator jasper ellens, there are also reasons to believe that the image isnt photoshopped, for example, the drones arms – are hinged at opposite ends to the current mini design. And there are also air vents that look similar to those seen on the mavic 3.. This unusual design has also been given more credibility by a leak on march 15 on the chinese video sharing site, billy billy picked up by deals drone, which revealed what appears to be the body framework for djis upcoming mini drone. This reveals some large brackets for the drones rotating front arms, which differ from those on the dji mini 2.. Its thought that this design change could help the mini 3 support larger props, which would be mean better. Wind resistance due to limitations of the camera on dji users, may fail to perfectly stick out important content of footage by shooting. However, video proc vlogger can achieve it by editing. Video proc vlogger is an intuitive and capable video editing software for all creators to make cinematic videos for everyday creativity, special moments or fun. Video prop vlogger has pro features such as visualize speed, ramping to control, speed like a pro motion effect for videos and photos to create camera movements, color grading and color correction studio, great audio editing to make videos emotional and so many more features.

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The mini 3 seems to be held in place on both sides. This could help the drone support a vertical video mode which has been rumored but may also mean a different form of stabilization from its predecessors. A dji mini 3 pro would make sense in the context of the companys recent launches, the dji air 2s effectively recycled, the mavic 2 pro sensor and components into a smaller design. Now the mavic air 2 is reaching 2 years old and it seems possible. Dji would create a higher end mini option. The dji mini sc exists as its affordable budget model. This new design would also allow dji to fix one of the biggest criticisms of the dji mini 2, its lack of obstacle avoidance, sensors. The leaked image shows a mini drone with at least two front facing sensors similar to those on the mavic air 2.. That would be a big addition to the miniseries as beginner. Pilots are the ones who particularly need the safety net of obstacle avoidance. This leak prompted deals drone, which has previously proven to be a reliable source of dji leaks to make what is called a dji mini 3 specs guess, on march 6th this isnt based on any leaks, but some informed guesswork. Still, the projected inclusion of a one, slash, 1.3 inches sensor, 3 direction, obstacle avoidance, active track and occusync 3.0 transmission all seem reasonable if the image is to be believed. These speculations also match an earlier post about the dji mini 3 from osita lv, which included musings on the possible changes coming in the new model.

They suggested that well see improved aerodynamics, larger propellers, a single chip soak system on a chip, processor, larger camera sensor. Longer battery life and better obstacle detection sensors – these seem believable enough, but they dont amount to more than a set of scrap paper. Notes on what one drone user thinks will happen. However, we can say almost categorically that the dji mini 3 will weigh less than 250 grams. This in turn suggests that we wont see any dramatic changes in the drone size, even if it does get additional features like obstacle avoidance. It may have slightly slanted rotor arms, as osita lv suggested on twitter, but low weight and easy fold up. Portability are still defining factors. The specific sub 250 grams weight category is crucial because, above that, weight drones typically fall into another legal category. In some territories, in the u.s, for example, drones under 250 grams dont have to be registered with the federal aviation administration. You can use them subject to the slew of rules that apply to any drone pilot. The dji mini 3 will not be a middle ground, drone in size and weight sitting between the mini sc and the larger air 2s models. It will be similar to the dji mini se in this respect, if not in price.