If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by very special guests, mr ray kelly and mr matt condo. We spent the better part of the evening discussing all the latest regarding regarding the dji mini 3, including the latest pictures options and different models. So without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. While we were at the meetup, okay uh, you know its like that saturday, a sea to love and company shared some new photos and what photos that what great photos did they share and im gon na go ahead and bring that up right now, um, you know It it was like, and the article – and this is from from joan dj uh, go ahead and share the screen here. Okay, massive leak reveals four major dji mini drone features, okay, um and then were gon na um dji mini 3 will weigh under 250 grams 0.55 pounds – something we probably already knew, but i mean it really kind of kind of you know kind of made sense um. You know um, you know drones weighing less than 250 grams of subject to minimal legislative requirements in the us. For example, uh recreation, drones, away point five, five pounds or less need not be registered with the faa.

Okay, now improved camera performance and video stabilization. We expected dji to up the ante by giving the mavic 3 mini 3 a better camera, especially considering the competition. This drone is going to get from the newly launched nano series um the higher end. Pro version of the mini 3 would feature an improved sensor and a maximum aperture of f um 1.7, allowing the camera to accept more more light, thus facilitating better low light performance and in line with what professional drone users may expect mini three pro would also feature A three axis mechanical gimbal for improved video stabilization. Okay, now you know they talked about the leaked picture there in in it said the gimbal scene in the leak, video is only attached on one side, a non conventional design to say the least uh, while earlier its being speculated, the design was meant to support a Vertical shooting mode, a more likely justification is this: drone may have crashed during a test flight and lost a part of the gimbal okay um obstacle avoidance sensor, weve known about that better flight time um. You know the mini 3 may also allow you to stay in the air for longer. With this improved uh 2453 milliamp hour battery uh, the mini choose 2250 milliamp hour battery offers the maximum flight time 31 minutes most also be highlighted. Those the outgoing drone weight, 242 grams, 7 grams, less than the pro version of the mini 3. so well need to see if theres any impact on the final battery performance.

On the bright side, the arms of the mini 3 are the same aerodynamic design as a new mavic, 3 and thats definitely going to improve the new drones performance here, and you can see some of these on here now earlier links have indicated that dji would launch Its new sub 250 drone sometime in april 2022, and given that the product testing is in full swing right now, an official announcement could be forthcoming within the next few weeks. In the meantime, well keep an eye out for more leaks and details, such as the camera sensor, softwares um of of that now. What was real, interesting here? Um im gon na try to bring this picture up, and this is on. This is on twitter and you can see up here where the area has mini 3p, which obviously you know that that kind of stands for pro so im interested to get your guyss thoughts on all this. What do you guys think? Well, i know theres. A second part of that gimbal, you can see a dampener in that arm and it was cracked which means it definitely was crashed yeah. So you can see the crack on the bottom of the um. Oh yeah thats right right, yeah, yeah, thats right its right. There right on the side there, where the gimbal, the other half, but i dont, see another portion of that gimbal i dont, i dont know i think its a one side.

I think its one side, because the uh, the skydio does that too doesnt it. It comes. The gimbal is actually held off the side yeah. I thought it would be a smart move um, it would be a smart move, especially with it being um being able to 180 degree tilt its a very unique, very unique, looking camera setup for a dji drone, yeah youre right different. It really is, i mean you know the last drone, i remember you know even kind of no that that is was not so atypical for dji was the spark, because you know that had a two axis gimbal and you know, and it didnt look like look like What we were normally accustomed to well one of the things here that that i also want to want to kind of talk about too. You look on the bottom here and this obviously looks like a controller down here at the bottom. You know, and i know, and it kind of looks you know im going to hate to say it. It kind of looks almost like, and now i dont even know what kind of controller that that may have been from something else, thats the nano controller, because you can actually see in one of the pictures you can see the auto nano in the back. I dont know youre right, maddie, thats, great thats thats, a great point, because i know both ron and marcus, and i were under the impression that maybe that this pro version might carry a carry what some people have referred to as a dumbed down version of a Smart controller, okay, yeah ill.

Tell you what guys, if thats the case with this with the mini three okay, it will explode as far as sales are concerned, i believe i agree. The price will be too high, though youre right it will. It will ray. That is a very good point and i think what dji, if theyre, smart, what theyll do is you know theyll not only offer a combo version, but theyll offer like a a la carte kind of a thing like you can get a mini three with a standard Controller or a mini 3 pro or you can get a v3 pro all decked out with a with our our new smart controller. Now yeah thats going to go north of a thousand dollars. Okay, and – and i can see you know for guys like us who dabble in this and you know and and have have a few coins laying around some some of the time you know, and santa claus is really good to us – may get them, but you know For the average you know you know, especially because this is kind of geared toward millennials, okay and younger, and you know those coming out those coming out of high school, those those in college, those in their 20s. Okay um. You know this is this is who this drone is geared for, so it may not hit them as well, but then again you know, as as you know, as we shared previously, you know thats what the mini 2 is good about.

Okay, um! You know it has a good price point: um, it doesnt have the obstacle avoidance, but you know – and i got to say this because ive had all the mini drones ive had the original mini ive had the mini 2. I have the mini se. I never missed obstacle avoidance one second, on those i mean obviously, and you guys are the same way because youre experienced drone fliers, you know um if youve had experience with it, and you know – and i kind of have a tendency to think you know people. You know you know who get these are you know if youre spending 400 on it? You know its, not a 50 toy drone. Okay, that if you crash you can go out on amazon and buy another one tomorrow kind of thing. You know what im saying mm hmm yeah. Well, i dont know i still think they can get the price point. Oh, i know i plan on buying it yeah. I mean im not huge into camera drones. As much as i was, i mean my air 2s is plenty sufficient enough for me, but having a mini 3 in my fpv backpack wouldnt be a bad idea. You know thats for me, okay, having a mini drone is absolutely fantastic, but you know one of the things that people have to realize, and this is something you know. Ive also heard rumors its going to have more. You know capability of being able to fly in higher winds all right.

Oh im, sure you know, because you know when the original mini came out. You know that was one of the knocks. Was you know it was? It was difficult, you know if it was over 20 mile, an hour winds, its just like guys. We couldnt even think about flying it that day it was that that that kind of thing so running on my first flight, the wind warning mm – hmm! Well, you know – and i know you guys were talking about how you know last year at the meetup, how the wind, just you know, unfortunately, you know took the day away: yeah yeah bill romain still put his mini two up in the air. 2 was up and he handled it and it handled it. Just fine wow, the mini 2 can handle higher wins than than people can think than people think, which i its quite surprising, because its so damn small, but it handles it and it handles it well. Well, you know you, you hear the you hear the hear, the motors compensate you know and and ive told people this guys you know, dji puts you, know youre getting a lot of bang for your buck. Okay, because i think dji they put in you youll hear one of the motors starts revving up more than another one: okay and thats, how you get these balanced shots, even in the wind? Okay, because theyre compensating – and i can hear especially like if i have my mavic 3 and its a windy day and im – you know from like 7 500 feet – i can hear that compensating to keep it level its and its just and its a buttery smooth shot.

Its amazing yep thats impressive, that is for sure they do. They do great work so, and i wouldnt be surprised – and i know they didnt talk about it in the articles. I would say any day now were gon na see something hit. The fcc database were going to see a picture of those labels um. You know and some other information um. It will well start getting a lot more on that, because the more the leaks come out, the closer were getting not only to first of all to the fcc um a database being leaked out, but then you know or being what that means is actually dji. The only drone or not, i wont say the only one, but i thought i i had them down pat back in the day, but with the spark they actually didnt put the fcc database information on until the day they released it, which they can do yep. They can wait all the way up to last minute yeah. They can do that, so you know theyve been, but but i think they like you know, theyre very smart with their marketing. Okay, yeah theyre, not you know they dont. They dont hold things back with that and when, when they generate interest and they get free publicity with all this boom, okay and theyve gotten smart, like with their releases. Okay. Now you know the last time they had a full on drone release was when we went new york city in 2018 over in brooklyn.

Okay, they dont do that anymore, its all on the web. You know theyll put out a video like they did with the mavic 3 and then boom a half hour later, its up its up available on the site for sale, kind of a thing, and it saves them a buck. Now i can tell you this dji spent a boatload of money: okay um they rented out douglas greenhouse done in brooklyn, okay and that aint cheap, all right and and in the way they had it set up in there. It was all first class, so you know they they do. They do things right ray i mean and that you know they really really dont know how to do it. Well, so yeah at home. By the way, just to let you guys know it looks like you got home, johnny yeah johnny got home mikes on his way to texas yeah yeah. I saw johnny in the chat, so i kind of assumed he was at home, so thats good, yeah thats good to hear i know i know mike had some issues with with the wheel on his truck, so that was i was hearing about that. I was like. Oh, my god, they got that fixed, so theyre good to go. That was good. That was good to hear hey bill, um im going to jump off, buddy im going to get ready for my show here all right! Thank you! So much for stopping by tonight, maddie yeah, absolutely man! Thank you for having me on your show, appreciate it buddy ray ill, see you soon, buddy all right, bye, guys, question of the day.