So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv todays video is brought to you by our channel mascot happy doggy there. She is living her best life in the backyard full sunshine today lets go ahead and get started with todays review. What do you think happy should we fly a toy drone youre gon na have some grass salad all right. Welcome back to the channel guys today were gon na. Do a review of the new lyrc s135 smart drone with gps on board. It is glonass gps. It has a wi fi, app, its 5g enabled, and it also has brushless motors on here and my favorite of all. It has a 3 axis gimbal and aside from a 3 axis gimbal, it also has brushless motors leds and it has a downward facing camera. So it actually does have two cameras on board. You can also get this drone with the module on top for obstacle avoidance or without obstacle avoidance and for around 130 dollars. You get a 2s 2800 battery in the box and you get a second one as well, which is kind of nice. So this drone will get you around a 30 minute flight time and these batteries charge in about two hours time by usb cable. And if you want the real time view on this drone, it also has the rx drone app, which hooks up to 5g wi fi on your phone. You have to have a smartphone to be able to see the real time fpv view, but once you do, you can start stop record videos and select functions inside the app and the app comes with a variety of functions like waypoints.

Follow me orbit mode and others. Now i have to say, as far as the transmitter is concerned, i, like this style transmitter ive, seen the same transmitter with a few other models recently and this ones nice, mainly because it has an internal 1s battery chargeable by usb port on the very bottom. These two doors open up right here. You can put your smartphone on the bottom and you dont have to have a cable to hook up to your phone, so it does it autonomously, through 5g wi, fi and youre good to go and you dont have to use a password to get onto the real Time view, but you will need a smartphone to be able to see the real time view now. It also has a power button on the top left. It has orbit mode right on the transmitter right here and it has headless mode over there and a low voltage return to home. But it also has a return to home button right here. So if you get scared with your drone youre going to hit a tree hit, this really quick, hold press down and itll start beeping and itll beep. When the drone is coming back to the home point. It also has a video start and stop button on the top and a camera button, and as well as an up down gimbal wheel, which is also kind of cool throttles on the left and yaw and pitch are on the right.

So its set up in mode two, but you can also get mode one on this transmitter. Pretty sweet so well go ahead and get started. Flying lets go ahead and get the s135 up in the air such a cool, looking little quad, especially when its folded up here we go guys lets do some flying okay. Here we are at the church and im just gon na go ahead and take off. This is a nice little hill to test on right here we have a lot of grass and open space no trees around. So, if youre, first kind of playing around with the toy drone with gps on board its kind of important to find yourself a big open space, but i think the s 135, it doesnt have the best reviews in the world. So far, people are having a little bit of issues with it and the obstacle avoidance so were going to show you a crash in this video as well in the backyard im. Also testing it in a tighter space so that we can truly see how this obstacle avoidance works. I mean what do you expect a five dollar optical avoidance module to work like right, so were going to show you that in this video, but i took it off in this video and i wanted to fly it with it off and i just wanted to show You as well that it performs much better with it off than the obstacle avoidance on it, so i i would avoid the obstacle avoidance and im going to show you why coming up here soon, but most of these toy gps drones are a lot of fun to Fly because theyre not a thousand dollar drone.

They are smooth with brushless motors and theyre fun to train with, and you can slap on something like an insta360 go camera like this one and actually get some decent footage. Now the the camera on board is a 200 camera, its actually worth more than the drone itself, but im quite happy with the footage that i got with this drone. You can push the camera a little further forward if you dont want to see like the props in view or you can stick it up a little higher by disconnecting the cables on the obstacle. Avoidance, module use a little bit of 3m vhb and you can put your camera on top of pretty much any drone as if you have uh something like an insta360 go to, and i think the footage is pretty cool. Alright guys, thanks for watching that insta360 go to footage now were just gon na show you a backyard flight test and a little bit of on board footage too down low to the ground. It looks like it had a little bit of shake and right now its kind of holding a pretty good position. We have the obstacle avoidance on the top of the drone as well. Lets just fly it closer to me and see if that little guy worked yeah. It does work actually pretty cool. It sees me over here its pointing straight at me, its weird, because that little obstacle avoidance module moves and right now its pointing the other direction, but lets see if the drone moves back.

When i turn it toward me now, it sees us its tilting back and its its actually moving back hands off isnt that cool thats, pretty good for a toy drone. I, like the blue leds in the front, lets try to fly it toward us again. You guys can see full stick right here, its not coming any closer okay. Now it kind of took off there, and i dont trust this thing at all. So right now im pushing full stick forward here, and it does see me at this point, but i wouldnt really trust it uh, because you are looking at like a five dollar module there, so um, but we do have a three axis camera on board. It is a toy drone, so you know dont expect like the best video in the world, but what i suggest is putting it something little like. Maybe something like a 30 gram action camera on there getting 1080p right now its kind of moving around a little bit, but lets go up a little higher and see how it does its performing pretty well. The brushless motors, sound nice lets just go up a little higher, very nice, and this is you know. These little toy drones are mostly for line of sight flying um, because the wi fi does go out quite a bit and i lost wi fi and im, not even 100 feet away. So this is definitely like a you know, a backyard flyer, its something you fly in a baseball field and theres not a lot of room back here in this backyard, but that hummingbird does not like that drone.

We just got buzzed by a hummingbird. Did you see that he came by pretty quick, but it looks really cool and you know it is holding a pretty good position, just put my hand up in front of that module and it seems like the module like works like on and off so um. I wouldnt say that, like the dji mavic 3, you can fly this through trees and avoid branches and things. If i flew next to this tree over here, the pear tree, we would definitely crash, but it is doing pretty well and i would say, the the controls are a little bit robotic on this drone. Its not like that c fly drone that i flew last week on the channel. If you guys want a really nice one, the seat fly. Base 2s is really really nice, but that ones also 300 right now you know pushing full stick forward again and the obstacle avoidance is looking right at me: thats pretty wild to see that thing move around by itself on top of the drone, thats really cool, and It would let you walk right into it, so uh. I would again, i wouldnt trust that around animals or kids or other people lets see. If i can get my real time, video view back. So what you want to do, if your video crashes on your drone just go ahead and close the app and open it back up, and it should come back to that real time view.

So im going to go up and stabilize im going to bring the camera down a little bit start recording and lets play around with the gimbal, and we can move the gimbal up and down and theres the video pretty cool. Should we do some flying around some fpv around the backyard and see if we can make it through some of the trees? It is one of the cooler looking ones that ive seen and you know what, if we crash, you know thats the way it goes, but lets just go ahead and go through our obstacle course here and look at that drone shaking right now. It sees a lot side to side so going through that area right there. The obstacle avoidance is going crazy and see how it kind of like chills out once it gets out in the open space, but it was really trying to put the brakes on through that section over there. That was an interesting test that was really cool theres. Another hummingbird he really doesnt like it, but i like it, i think its pretty cool its super stable. The gps is really locked in and right now we have 12 satellites on there. It is glowing ass gps on here. So, as far as a trainer drone goes its a good one for a first one, because its so light and because its cheap gps, it has a good hover on there and i stopped the video just now brushless motors, and you know you can get it without Obstacle avoidance, if you dont want that little autonomous robot on top.

You can do that, but its not changing the price too much, but its so cool to see that thing move around. Look at that. That is pretty cool. Now lets just fly it through here. Wow. Look at that thing turn lets fly it through here and see what it does. Okay, nothing in front of it right there so lets try to fly it toward the pole and see if it will stop before it hits that pole. I doubt it will. I dont trust it its looking around oh theres. A vine lets come up a little bit and lets go right up to that pole. You know it really does fly pretty good, but there you go so: oh, oh there. It goes now that was a good crash. So lets check out the durability on this drone, so i hit something the obstacle avoidance, didnt, really work, so thats, some good news for you guys on the internet, if youre out there and youre thinking about getting one of these drones that have obstacle avoidance, the cheap Obstacle avoidance um, you might want to avoid buying the obstacle avoidance as far as the cheap drones go because uh yeah this one did not work, but you know what um, i have to say: durability wise. I mean this thing just hit the the tree up there. Thank god it hit the tree. I thought i was going into the neighbors yard. Over there, uh were friendly with him, so hed be hed, be okay to get my drone back, but um no damage because the arms on this little guy fold and they just pop back into place.

So if i restart the drone and recalibrate the compass and the gyroscope, everything should be fine and take off again i didnt even break a prop. I hit pretty hard on the ground over there and its, not soft where it landed. I found the one spot in the yard that was just pure mud and rocks over there, so um that was actually a great place for this thing to crash the hardest spot in the yard. Everything else is nice, plush grass back here, but you know the way it goes on the drone cams channel guys we do some hardcore tests and this one held up as far as uh durability goes. I would say its about four stars out of five for something. This small lightweight and the gimbal survived, which is amazing, so three axis gimbal, is still working on there and still active, and i dont know about that. Little obstacle avoidance guys. I would probably just buy it without the obstacle avoidance because as tested, it doesnt work good at all. But thanks again for watching my honest reviews, guys and i hope you enjoyed watching a little crash there when i hit the post and then it took off on me so stay safe with your toy drones out there, and i will put a list down below of My top five favorite gps toy drones and use my advice, this one you can buy without the obstacle avoidance and it should be fine, so gps return to homework good for me and gps positioning on this drone is quite good, so im happy with that.