Now, one of the new features we have on the dji mini 3 is the ability to do hyperlapse and if you dont know what hyperlapses are just think of them as time lapses up in the air. So this video lets go through the hyperlapse options you have in the dji fly app and i am using the dji rc remote. But of course the interface will look the same if youre, using your mobile device and before we get into the time lapse. A quick word from todays sponsor adorama and if youre not familiar with adorama adorama, is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores that focuses on everything from camera, equipment, lenses, lighting musical instruments and drones. Just like this one, the dji mini 3, as well as all of the other major brands. One thing i do like about adorama is that, if youre looking at something like this, a drone or some camera gear a lot of times, they will also sell you. The same package for roughly the same manufacturing cost but theyll throw in a bunch of other accessories. First, if youre looking for a drone, sometimes youll not only get the drone, the remote control and the manufacturing accessories, sometimes theyll, throw in a memory card a case, a bag, a landing pad a bunch of other things for roughly the same price of the drone. So if youre looking at getting some new gear, make sure you guys just check out see what they have to offer because, like i said a lot of times, they have a bunch of extra accessories extra stuff that theyll throw in there for minimal cost to you And if youre in a market of course for this right here, the dji mini 3 pro ill, make sure all those adorama links to this right here and all the other packages are listed down below in the video description and now lets get back to the hyperlapse Modes on the dji mini 3, pro all right.

So in order for you to engage hyperlapse, you got to put the drone up in the air all right so now that were up in the air. The first one well go through is the hyperlapse here, on the right hand, side click on that movie, icon click on hyperlapse, and you can see right here. We do have a few different options. We have free circle course lock as well as waypoints lets. Just click on free and show you exactly what youre able to do at the bottom here and when you click on the arrow at the bottom, it says intervals length and then max speed. So you have three different options. You can choose how often you want to take a photo, so in intervals of two seconds, if you want the hyperlapse to be five seconds long, you can actually change that here. If you want a shorter or longer hyperlapse by setting the duration of it, that changes. How many frames or how many photos youre going to need to perform or achieve that hyperlapse? So if i wanted a shorter hyperlapse here, as you can see its only going to take me 50 frames to get that hyperlapse. If i go into a five second hyperlapse itll be itll, need 125 frames, but itll also take me four minutes and 10 seconds as an example for free. What im going to do is just as you can see, the freeway is right there.

I must actually take it and just push my right stick to the right and just take the drone over to the right and perform that and ill just do a real, quick one and what well do is well set two seconds. Itll. Take us two minutes to do and itll need about 50 frames to achieve this. If i were to do two uh intervals of two seconds now, i can also change that to intervals of three seconds. I can go up to 5 all the way up to 15 seconds and, of course, if you change the amount of frames or how many amount of intervals per second itll change, the duration and you can also change the max speed. So if i change this, i could actually keep it really really slow or go all the way up to 6.7 miles per hour. Just really depends on how much movement you want in that hyperlapse and actually, before we hit record at the very bottom there you want to click on that format. Now you have a few options here. Do you want your hyperlapse to be 1080p 4k? Do you want to shoot in jpeg or raw? I want 4k. I always want the highest resolution possible and i dont need raw, so im not going to make any adjustments on these images im just going to keep it on jpeg, which is fine for now, and if you want to make sure everythings locked in you want to Change it from auto to pro that way, you dial in everything.

So if i want to change my white balance ill leave it at 55 im going to change my shutter speed lets go a lot quicker than that. That way, we dial that in there okay. So now we are locked in there and now lets uh lets maneuver. This thing lets go ahead and hit the record button, and then we are in free mode, which means i can pilot the drone, whichever i want im just start going to the right. A little bit and then maybe ill go forward a little bit so lets try that hit record, and now i am piloting the drone with my right stick just to the right all right, so that was a quick one. A little two second, like i said, and in order for you to preview, your timelapse, all you do is hit that play button here and now we should be able to preview what we just took so lets hit preview there hit on there time lapse, hit play All right now that were over in that area, the next im going to do is circle hyper lapse and im going to use these little skate to pump track over here in carmel and im going to highlight right there in the middle, perfect and im going to Go a little bit longer on this one. I actually want a 5 second hyperlapse on this one. That means its going to take me 125 frames to do and we will go clockwise.

You can actually change the direction so well go clockwise because we want it to go to. The right should be good, so lets go ahead and hit record, and i noticed that once you hit record, the drone will actually move a little bit to make sure it spots that that point that you designate so lets see how this one runs all right. So just finished up the circle you just compile it 125 frames lets go ahead and hit play right there and well check this one out. All right there it is next well do is the coarse lock and the core stocks pretty good. One too. All you have to do is select uh, where you want the drone. The angle of the drone to go and itll stay on that course, and at the very bottom you have your menu, and here you actually want to lock it in right now it does say, unlock direction. So if we want to lock in this direction for it to go out, just press locked now same thing, it has two second intervals: five, second long, hyperlapse at two miles an hour. We can actually speed that up if we want to just like we did last time its got 2.5 so for this one, its saying its going to take us about three a little over three minutes to achieve this hyperlapse and thats. The reason why i was mentioning earlier its really good to have the longer batteries youre able to be up in the air longer just for you to achieve some of these different, intelligent flight modes preview.

This one four seconds there you go, those coarse, lock all right. So the final hyperlapse were going to do is waypoints, which is really cool, because you can actually set a few different waypoints through your app uh. The one thing you have to do is actually fly the drone to those points, though. So what i suggest, of course, is try to do waypoints with a pretty full battery, depending on how many waypoints you add the distance between the waypoints, you can really use up a lot of batteries, so make sure you guys have a sufficient amount of battery before You do waypoints and if you dont it actually will tell you through the app all right so go back to waypoints, swipe this up, hyperlapse swipe it up, go to waypoint and at the very bottom here it says, set your waypoints so first waypoint i want to Set is lets, do lets turn uh yeah lets. Do something different here. Lets just try a couple different things: im not expecting it to be nice and pretty. I just want to test out the functions here so for the first one we will do lets just get this building right here in the middle select that hit that plus icon at the very bottom, and then what you want to do now is fly your drone Over into the second spot, and as you can see there, it says the angle of it is good, which means you want enough distance in between your waypoints, for it to actually work and itll.

Let you know theyre in the app. So if i shot the building, there lets shoot this way. Next. Okay, now lets fly it over to the third one, which will be the other corner of the park. Get the baseball field in there hit the plus icon, get a nice view of the 56 and then hit plus and once youre done setting those waypoints. All you do is hit play the aircraft okay and then what happens is that itll actually go to the very first waypoint, so its working its way back right now to waypoint number one right there like we talked about the got the building, so there you go Its gon na start so from the waypoints that i set and the angles of the camera. Its letting me know its going to take 325 frames 325 photos in order for us to complete this waypoint mission and its also going to take 10 and a half minutes to complete all right. So lets preview this. What this looks like, of course, this is just sampling, the waypoints, this isnt trying to get anything fancy but lets just see what it looked like at the end. There you go way point two turning the camera around heading over to waypoint three and then turning back up into waypoint four there. It is, and if you guys want a lot more content on the dji mini 3 pro. I have a full playlist of all my videos down below in the video description and there it is guys that was the hyper lapse on the dji mini 3 pro and thanks for staying till the very end.

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