Range tests are illegal because you cant keep v loss right. True cant do that, but were gon na were gon na. Take it one step. Further were gon na. Do a range test right here on the interstate Applause mini 2 versus mini 3 ocusync 2 versus ocusync 3, which is really just a marketing term. Ocusync is dont. Tell anybody dont tell them why wi fi its wi fi? It is white yeah hockey. Sync is wi. Fi, its just a fancy name for it. We found the straightest part of this highway and were gon na. Do a range test down it using stick technology. I took the props off and we used gaffers tape to put this on a like a broom handle thing and then were going to put it on the stick. It doesnt have to be flying all right, so keith can hear me and hes in the truck about to head off and were gon na see because we got a straight line thats about three miles. Oh boy, this is weird. This is weird seeing this. You look good, you look good yep, i feel like. I need to fly it, but uh so far, solid, im, gon na make sure i point the controller that way so far, so good now were getting a little bit of break up, get a little bit of break up. Am i supposed to hold it like this? Now were good three thousand feet away.

Try to gimble up here still have uh control losing a little bit. Uh yeah, i think i think thats it im still getting a foot reading, but the uh the video is gone. No now we get the video back a little glitchy, all right, all right, keith you there. How are we looking ken were looking good if i hold the controller right like this and you dont get a big diesel truck behind you, i think were good. So far, six thousand feet yeah. I just have to hold the controller steady like this, its glitching out a little bit. We still have a couple bars seven thousand feet and its glitching, its glitching pull over keith all right. Let me see if i can uh reacquire here i mean we got line of sight for sure aircraft not connected. It said its not connected. We got 82 41 feet disconnected at this point. It would try to return home if it had props on it and if it had props on it it would probably carry the whole entire truck back to this point, but we dont want to do that. You dont want to fly back. Do you keith? I would love to okay all right come on back, okay about a half mile from the other ramp, so im just going to go ahead and go up there and turn around okay youre going to go up to that other overpass. We will be here about a half mile shy of it all right, no thats good im curious to see if it reacquires it when youre up higher on the overpass, so uh, oh wait, weve reacquired, really yeah, maybe because its not used to going this fast.

What is your speed keith im at 55? Now i was doing 45 earlier. Okay, let me know when youre making the turn im exiting the interstate onto the ramp, now so im not getting video, but i am getting telemetry that tells me that were at 12 000 plus feet so youre always going to lose video before you lose your ability To control the drone thats how theyre designed i am now up on the ramp going over the overpass, all right, it is stopped! You get it right now, yeah its not it uh it disconnected up enhanced warning zone. Yeah! Okay! Oh i did get an image. I got a brief image of the uh overpass, so thats interesting its getting intermittent video. I am now on the off ramp heading back on to the interstate. I am now on the interstate all right. I i see the ramp okay its connected again. It is connected again so heres why thats relevant on the mini 3. There are four antennas on the mini two. There are only two, so the reason why were seeing it now is because its facing us and im guessing that the reception is better when its facing us, rather than going away unless, unless it was blocked by the whole poll contraption, which is possible but uh. The video is intermittent. I dont imagine that the mini 2 would do any better, but well try it. It looks like some kind of surveyor nice.

You want to try the mini 2 now sure lets do it all right. Keith is with the mini 2. On the pole, so far, so good ive got gimbal control. Coming up on 2000 feet. We are going 65 speed. Demon, solid, got ta, love that mini too three thousand feet, looking good so far, 4000. So at 720p its got a lot less information to send back to the controller for the video, so it might actually hold the video longer than the 1080 of the mini 3, but well see its starting to break up now, a little bit pretty reliable. Looking good still have controls seven thousand feet. Could the mini 2 be better than the mini 3 in range? Wow, 8. 000 feet? Oh, my goodness, starting to glitch a little bit. Do i hold it like that or like this? What do you thinks better im thinking this coming up on 10 000? Still getting video? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is amazing. I dont believe it. The mini two only has two antennas on board and so far were seeing the whole thing. Yep yeah yeah got close to the airport again but were not flying so it doesnt matter up. We lost it, we lost it, but it was over 10 000 feet. Wasnt it reacquiring were were on the overpass. That is a long way away. I dont know if you can see it, but 13 000 feet away. Let me see this way better.

This way all right, hes going over the overpass coming around there we go and we see him again wow. So this time it seems as though the video is a little less reliable on the return trip, so its probably where the antennas are placed. But still this is a very impressive result for the good old mini 2. prices have fallen since the mini 3s come out. So links to everything in the description, i think that wobble that were seeing is just the gimbal fighting the wind, because it was never meant to go 60 miles an hour. Keith youre not going to believe it youre not going to even believe it made it all. The way it made it all the way it pooped out when you went to the off ramp for the overpass. So what you lost that little bit of line of sight with it done? Yes and i reacquired when you were going over really where was the line of sight? But then, when you went behind the trees to to get back on there, then it crapped out from it, but then it required no way. Yeah. The gimbal was fighting the wind a little bit, but man hats off to the mighty mini too no and heres heres. The thing heres the thing: okay, everybodys, like oh man – i got to get the newest and latest and the greatest drone and the mini 3 is awesome. The controller is fantastic.

Yeah, oh yeah, um akisync 3 is great its a little overpriced, but you know what the mini 2 is not an old drone, its not an old drone. You know if you go by cell phone terms, where they come out with a new one. Every single week, then maybe but down it, has better range. The mighty mini family is uh is really amazing, and i will tell you this. The mini 3 flies like a larger drone. It just feels like youre flying a larger drone. You wouldnt know that its this freaking big its a little bit of a breeze out here, but one thing i wanted to show you with this. If you can see it is how the props are not level theyre kind of at an angle. Can you see that that is a very clever way of giving it extra stability and the reason why it flies like its a larger drone? This is discovery park of america here in union city, tennessee and im going to use that tower over there for one last test, and that is the penetration test. I want to have a little bit of building between me and the tower. How am i going to do that and maintain visual line of sight well, its made of glass i can see through it, so ill just drop this down behind that observation deck. I am here and as long as i can see myself, then i know of line of sight so im going to drop down and watch the rc bars in the top, as i can still see, rc bars did drop a little bit all right.

So back up again, the depth of focus on the mini 3 is really cool. You can see its focused in on my shoe, while the background is a little bit blurry. You can also focus in on the background and have my shoe be out of focus back again just by tapping to focus back to the background, so lets see. Lets focus in on my foot: theres no tap to focus on the mini two. Oh mini two, coming in hot, coming in hot, put on the brakes, buddy; no, no! That was a close one. Okay, the mini three brakes better, oh by the way today, ive been using the dji microphone system. The wireless mic that charges in this case just like earbuds, would im wearing one of the microphones right now. So you can hear how it sounds and i will switch over to the sony microphone now that i usually use when recording video. I think you can hear that there is a difference. The sony system cost about fifteen hundred dollars and the dji system that were hearing right now cost uh a little over three hundred. Is it neato? Yes, it is neato its very compact. The receiver is small, its very well made, but the sound i think as compared to the sony isnt as warm. You can record directly to your camera or, in my case, im recording to a digital recorder in my pocket and now back over to the sony.

Ah, the sonys its a little bit of a wind out here and you probably cant, hear any of the wind noise very much with the sony now over to the dji. You might get a little bit of the the wind blowing over the dji, so you be the judge theres a link in the description, and i thank scott stoffer very much for loaning me these the very interesting product from dji, one of the great things about this Remote is that the screen is really bright and you can do screen recording you just put a card right in here and it records the screen its fantastic. By the way these shirts trees are dicks is available, theres, a link in the description. You know how the trees will just jump out at you, youre just flying your drone and boom theres a tree dicks you ready to do this im ready. I dont think youre ready im, probably not ready, im, not ready either Music.