Besides, the ministry might have a complete redesign too making it a perfect drone, for starters, want to find out whats coming more with this compact, yet robust drone, then watch till the end, as in this video well be showing you. The upcoming features of dji mini 3.. Talk about its design and also when we might get to see the drone so without any further ado lets get into it. A reliable leaker drone published a video on twitter that completely shows a dji drone with the name mini3 pro on its front arm. It also shows what mini3 pro might possibly look like, as we can see in the video and images that are posted by deals. Drone and jasper, ellens 27 leaks shows us. The ministry pro features. A redesigned chassis that still weighs 249 grams. Rumors also say that the mini 3 pro will come with an improved battery and dji managed to keep its weight under 250 grams, which is only a few grams more than the 242 grams mini too. If you watch the leaked video of the mini 3 pro carefully, you might notice theres a redesigned 3 axis gimbal to keep your footage smooth and stable. As you can see, the gimbal is placed off to the one side, which means you might be able to shoot vertical videos to post them on social media. Rumors also indicate that the mini 3 pro might focus more on electronic based stabilization, which might not be great news for dji lovers, whether youre a beginner or a professional lets.

Talk about the camera part were expecting to see the dji mini 3 pro. As a successor of the mini 2 with improved performance, however, the mini 3 pro might come with an improved camera system, as well as a high megapixel sensor. According to deals drone. This upcoming dji drone might feature a 1 by 1.3 inch cmos sensor with a maximum aperture of f 1.7. This can allow the drone to provide brighter images and better low light performance compared to the aperture of f 2.8 that comes in the mini 2.. Another thing were expecting from the mini 3: pro is the frame rate capability. The mini 2 can shoot 4k videos, but at 30 fps, which might not be enough for some users. This is why were hoping to see 4k at 60fps option in the upcoming dji mini 3 pro, the biggest improvement is likely to be a new obstacle avoidance sensor system and the leaked video shows that the drone will come with large front and ground sensors, which can Help the drone to avoid obstacles to prevent it from crashing into unwanted things. Coming to the battery section, the dji mini 3 pro might have an upgraded battery capacity compared to the mini 2.. Moreover, the leak indicates that the drone has an upgraded 453 milliamp hour battery, whereas the mini 2 has a 2 250 milliamp hour battery and 31 minutes of flight time. So we can say there will be a slight improvement in the mini 3 pro flight time, which is not bad, even if it delivers 2 minutes more than the mini 2.

. All of these feature upgrades and design improvements. Dji is willing to give, but for how much? Unfortunately, we dont have enough information about the price range, but were expecting. This drone might hit the market at an affordable price, just like the mini 2, which cost 449 dollars. But when we might see this drone getting announced based on leaks and rumors, the mini 3 pro has been activated on the 4th of march and were expecting. This drone might launch around april or may of 2022. overall, the dji mini 3 pro hype train is finally increasing with new leaked photos and videos that are showing up online. Those leaks suggest that the highly awaited drone might come with a lightweight upgraded body, design, improved camera system, sensors and battery life. So, with all these upgrades, the military probe is turning out to be a mighty drone and a compact form factor for both beginners and professionals. What do you think about this upcoming drone? We would love to hear from you, please let us know in the comment section below and as always, thanks for watching our video like and share with your friends.