The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by co host mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing everything that we know about the dgi mini 3, including the specifications, the options, the accessories, the prices, the release date and so much more so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. We as we segway into into the mini three here, one of the first things that i wanted to talk about and well get rons take on this here in a little bit. But you know im thinking you know and ive always been been to this persuasion that theyre already over here, theyre in the stores, theyre theyre ready to go okay, theres not going to be you know any any delays in getting this all right unless dji intentionally puts One out there i dont foresee that i think its going to be immediate stock, its going to be immediate ship and i think youll see it at best – buy um youll get immediate ship from dji um. I think accessories are going to be available because you know dji makes a lot of money, even though you know you get a good deal like on a fly market.

They make a lot of money on that. So – and i know you guys kind of talked a little bit about best buy last night and everything and i dont mean to step on barrys toes and you know, and you know he and he does you know – does bring up some good points. But i i do want to say this: is you know this is an opportunity and i think you kind of alluded to it. Last night, marcus is dji wants to have a successful launch and a successful release. Okay and best buy is a huge retailer for them. Um, i would say, probably nationwide outside of dji themselves, theyre, probably the largest distributor of dji drones in the country, because at every best buy you can find a dji drone right and you know how many best buys there are around the country. What are your thoughts on that? Well ill bet. Costco sells a few as well youre, probably right, but theyre, not theyre, not a retailer in the sense that you cant get any model you want at costco like you right best buy uh yeah, i mean you know. Uh, i know that there are a lot of folks that are saying that it that uh, that it wont be available immediately im, not even gon na hazard, a guest bill, uh theres, so theres. So many things going on right now from from covet in china to part shortages to gosh.

Who knows i im with you? I sincerely hope that on day one i can order it and get it shipped to me, but uh or or better yet pick it up at best buy, but uh were just gon na have to find out next week yeah and what were gon na do right. Now is im gon na go through some of the tweets that are out there and then were going to go to a couple articles, one for one um, i think theyre ones on drone xl. I think theyre both ones on two are drone xl ones. On drone. Dj so let me go ahead and bring this up here. All right, um, oh see the lav, no charger included, oh thats, so apple style, environmental, protective and then you get to see two of the accessory packs. Obviously, thats a fly more right there and obviously this is with with the rc pro. This is interesting, marcus because i think you know you get to see the gimbal protector on here, um and its all inclusive. I mean it really looks like its going to uh. It looks like theres a um inside there theres a place to hold the lens um and a good place for it to snap onto and its it looks like itll do a good job um. I i really kind of like that. Now this is jasper. Ellens um. Three things: first, i heard mini three pro is very silent.

Drone. Second, the image quality is far better than the mini two, maybe even touching mavic 3 with the now again proved f, 1.7 third, its spotted in wuhan and germany. We even received original pictures with info and im just going to flip through these right here, because im sure you probably have seen these its kind of a grainy picture of the of the remote and it looks like wuhan right there, and these are some pretty good Night, shots there marcus ill, tell you uh, you know thats the thats, the thing that every autel fan holds their hangs. Their hat on is the knight capabilities with that ryyb sensor on the new autel products, but uh i got ta tell you that looks pretty darn good doesnt it. It really does yeah um now, jesper allen said her dealer prices without tax are found, looks like all mini three pro accessories are sold as in as an option not included in dfe fmc um ill, maybe buy that last one for my wife i dont know again Mini 3 pro intelligent flight battery um, you can see these prices here and, of course, these are all european um dji mini 3 pro with the dji rc is apparently what theyre calling that – and this is the regular dji mini 3 pro without out the dji rc Um two way: charging hub uh mini 3 pro fly mark kit on dji care, refresh um, oh yeah, look at that.

So all right so lets go ahead here. Uh one thing were still missing and all these are the specific spec sheet. The mini three pro, especially thank uh, our quant for this, you want even more info, join the community on facebook, and you can see right here um. This is this is a spec sheet. Um. Does anything stand out to you that we didnt know already marcus on this bill thats exactly when i saw that i thought well, this is just everything we already know so yeah and thats. What i said too, theres really theres absolutely no surprises here, um. You know we get the weight of the now whats real interesting here is um. It has the weight of the battery, but theres nothing here. The only thing that i would have liked to have seen a spec on is is the extended battery. I i think that would have been nice couple open questions for me bill just like what you said. What is the extended battery doesnt put it over 250 grams. I suspect that it does, but we dont know that number two. I want to know how bright that screen is on the uh or what they call the dji rc right, thats important to me, and i also would like to know whether, because they are now selling the drone individually, you can buy just the drone without a controller. Uh, does that mean bill that it is compatible with the current rc pro? That would be a big deal.

If you like bill, you have an rc pro right. I did. I dont, i dont. Have it okay yeah i mean that would be. I know ron does hey, why would you you would just buy just the drone then, and maybe an extra battery and be good now were going to go over? I want to go over a couple of these articles here. Uh digital mini 3. Pro test photos promise much improved camera. You can see this picture here which is exceptional and then theres. Another picture here which i think weve already seen and then theres another one here and then were going to go here. Digital mini 3, pro listed on uk retailers website today, thats actually been taken down off of argos. I went out there thats no longer on there, but if you remember, when the mavic 2 pro came out, the big leak was argos had leaked it and it was in their catalog before it came out. I dont you remember that mark. I do remember that yeah yeah, and that was a big that was a really big big to do um that they that they had that um and then lets see right here. Okay, dj mini three prospects leak ahead of rumored may 10th launch and you get to see um again here we are with the specs itself and again everything that i post here just to. Let you guys know its out on build a drone of your facebook group and page, so you guys can go ahead and take a look at this at your leisure um and you can obviously theres some more picks.

Um interesting. The buying options listed on the leak, spec, sheen kit, dji myself fly more combo, also as an accessory, rather than an actual bundled kit with a drone has been the case previously. This also corroborates another leak by ellens today, where he claims all the accessories will be optional, buys marcus. What do you think of that? Uh, the the djis not gon na, put it as a kit with the drone, but as an accessory. I i love it. I love it and i because that just gives you more options, just buy it. Just like with the uh with the mavic 2, you buy it as a separate little kit and uh and and probably from djis perspective. It makes packaging easier and and more efficient. So im definitely bill. I will definitely get the fly more kit and i really want both kinds of batteries, the extended version and the normal version. Well, now, let me modify that if the extended version puts it over 250 grams, i will want to have some standard batteries as well right if it does not, if its still under 250, with the extended battery then ill, just everything will be the extended battery now See on the same way, you know i want to get the rc pro and i want to get the fly more kit, but i also want to get one of the extended batteries and you know – and i think thats going to thats going to be interesting and Im also real real curious, and i havent really.

You know this is going to take um a lot of testing on our parts, which i think is going to be fun. Is the sd card that you put in this okay youre going to have to pick youre going to have to get probably one of the larger size ones that this drone will take? Because if youre able to be up there – and you know – i know it says – 47 minutes but roughly you know ill subtract 10. so ill say – maybe maybe 40 minutes youll get off of this. Okay, just a real world kind of a thing: okay, if youre shooting for 40 minutes, while youre up there, okay and youre shooting 4k 60. Okay, you better have a pretty big sd card because its going to be eating up a lot of memory. I agree: hey hey bill, i i have a source in north texas. That tells me that the extended battery puts it over uh 250 grams yeah. I was kind. I was kind of thinking that um in australia. Here we go an australian, remote id is going to be starting. 2024. systems are in place already for drone identification airport flight path already. Okay, because i know thats another question that ive been getting ive been getting some emails and some in some um other posts on that about this being remote id ready and you know, thats a good question. We havent really seen a whole lot on that either thats one of the one of the things that i wanted to talk about.

Thats missing. You got you havent seen anything about that. Have you marcus? No! I have not okay. Well, you know one of the other things that i wanted to talk about. You know that we normally have by now is its out on the fcc database and its not there yet thats a real mystery yeah so but bill isnt, you that told me that they could just do that almost the same day. They did that with a spark. Okay, when a spark came out, it came out the same day as this park now. What was real interesting, though, was a lot of the leaked photos of the spark. Were those test bench photos that they do for the fcc? You know where that you know its on its on that that graph right yeah and you get to see how big it is and everything you know and, and that kind of bottled my mind that they released those pictures, but they didnt it wasnt on the fcc Database until then, now one of the things that a lot of people you know and ive done a lot of extensive looking on the sec database and one things you can find out from that is dji will list on there. How long you know how long of a time they can keep uh something uh proprietary, in other words, say like the the owners owners manual or uh data sheets, or things like that that come with a drone theyll list theyll, give it a period of time and Theyll have an expiration date on there lets say you know uh, you know itll start on.

May the 1st and you know itll expire on may 31st. So you know that that release is going to happen sometime between may 1 and may 31, because after may 31st its out there and available to the public, okay thats. What these kind of things mean, because i had to do a lot of deep diving into some of these to kind of figure out whats going on with it, and you kind of you kind of got to know what to look for um. It will list the communication systems and the frequencies that are used and the best thing you can do with that is compare them to previous drones and to go out there and look at current drones, and that will kind of give you a little clue as to Whats whats, going on as far as the communication protocols are concerned for the drone um. You know one of the interesting things that i saw marcus was in the spec sheet and this was real, interesting and and – and i really liked it – it said – um. Let me go ahead, lets see if i can find that again um. Where is it? It talked about range with signal, interference, okay, uh and i dont know if you saw this or not and um that really kind of piqued. My curiosity, because this wasnt something that id seen and i wish this could this – could get bigger. But it says right here: um range with signal interference, strong signal interference about 1.

5 to 3 kilometers medium signal interference, three to seven kilometers weak signal interference, seven to 12 kilometers, okay um, which uh you know. In other words, you know its really kind of telling you – and this is part part of the fcc test that they do. This is, to kind of you know, theyll put some interference out there and to see how long how how how long how you know what the reach is: hey ron. How are you, sir, what ron brown is here good night, everyone and and welcome into the show uh uh thanks for having me, i heard you talking about the uh signal, strength in and you know weak areas uh. They could just send that droid over the monkey to test in his neighborhood in philadelphia. If you know for signal strength, yeah yeah, you know – and this was one of the interesting things that i saw when i was looking at these stats, because we knew just about everything else um. You know this really says you know its out there on the fcc database. It has to be because thats, where this information comes from theyre the ones that im sure dji does their own in house testing. But the fcc has to do this kind of testing here. In the united states to see how it how it handles to signal interference, can you be the? Can you imagine lucky guyer of the you know at the fcc that gets to test these drones yeah, oh yeah.

Can i apply for that job bill id love to hey guys? I got ta interrupt you for just one second, i i saw something really important in the chat. Philly drone life is here im. Sorry i didnt mean to interrupt the show, but mikey is in the chat. He heard me drop his name as far as signal strength, yeah mikey. You need to be the one testing this um. You know a mini three out for signal strength, buddy yeah, do it in south philly! Well, how about that mikeys with us tonight, mikey good good to have you in the chat air photographys out there too? Oh, oh, my goodness and sean well welcome! All of these celebrities, we got all the celebrities. Well, you got the inside scoop on this mini three. You get them all in the house tonight. Well ill! Tell you what you know we got. We got the cream of the crop. You know, i know ray kellys out there and im sure johnnys out there uh we got michael wright out there. I mean we got we. We got the whole house here tonight: okay, no, they used to call it the creep of the crop right, thats, right, thats, right um, you know and and its its its its the real deal as they say. Okay, it is. It is absolutely the real deal here. So um, you know one of the things that i wanted to go back to um.

You know, and i know we kind of touched on it before you joined us ron and i kind of wanted to get your take on it. You know – and i know you guys talked about um availability of the drone um. You know. First of all, i think – and i know i dropped it in your chat last night, its going to be on the 10th. I you know, uh jasper allens has said djis. Never released a drone on a monday, i dont see it being released on a monday thats not going to happen. What are your thoughts on that? You know marcus wasnt there, a drone it wasnt released what they released. Somebody released a drone during the middle of drone nation yeah when i talked about that. What wasnt that the the air, the original mavic air ii, i i cant recall at this point: yeah yeah, but some drunken right out in the middle of the show, once yeah, yeah, okay, okay, i cant say it was dji, but i mean uh. You know uh hubsan and phoebe. Dont really have big releases, so it could have been them either right, no heck, yeah thats. What i was thats, what i was going to say. The other thing hey did you the follow up on that? I dont think. I said it last night, but i think somebody said in the chat a lot of people expected on the 9th and 10th for sale, but not the ship until the 28th.

Have you been hearing that bill no and thats going around a lot that it wont ship until the 28th of may now see if they do that and marcus, and i kind of touched on this a little bit here ron if, if they do that, i think Thats, intentional okay, because i think the product is in hand its here, its ready to go okay. Now what what may be the delay – and i was just kind of kind of sizing this up, because you know we talked about how the accessories you know its going to kind of be. You know the fly more kits, not going to be a part of the drone itself, its going to be listed as an accessory old school like the mavic pro right now. What, i think is what i think the problem is, i think theres plenty of of the rc uh of the dji um mini mini three pro and with the rc combo and the regular one. I think those are those are in stock. Okay, what i think theyre waiting to do is to get up to stock with all the accessories. Okay um. You know, i think the initial drones will be available and i think the only way dji holds these back is to wait to get because people will say well the fly more kits not out there. I wanted to get a fly more kit or you know the intelligent, the extended batteries not available.

Yet i want the extended battery kind of a thing, but the basic kits are and – and i think what dji may do – and you know this kind of makes some sense is wait till they build up enough inventory with the accessories so that people can order. You know their their mini 3 or mini 3, with a regular controller and and get get their accessories. The fly more kit uh the extended battery and in in everything else, once right, right, yeah, hey, uh sean over there photography says i you know, i really hope. Thats, not you know, thats, not right, thats the 28th because he cleared his whole month of may theyre. You know Laughter, yeah, im hoping well, you know what and sean i i i hear you about that, and you know one of the things now whats whats real interesting for us is, though, the weather down here in florida. It is so topsy turvy right now, its not funny one day its nice sunshine, clear, blue skies and then 10 minutes later were getting were getting what i would call the usual thundershowers, but theyre happening a lot more often than than than you would like, and the Wind is just too too much right bill bill, listen were forecasted for snow on mothers day, you know yeah and well. I remember we had one. May i lived in columbus, we had one may in columbus. It was a sunday. There was snow on the ground and im like yeah.

This weather is just completely topsy turvy and thats. The only thing right now, thats, even kind of holding me up because real quick speaking of ohio and columbus. I see the old cincinnati reds are off to a uh rough start this year, yeah well theyre, theyre, right, theyre, right in step with the pirates too. So sorry about the baseball. I think there, but i couldnt resist the ohio reference there. Oh theyre theyre theyre right right in line with the pirates. Now the guardians are doing well. Okay, you know who the uh – and i know if you can answer this question chat. Uh therell, be a free uh, build a drone. Reviewer uh a t shirt sent your way just kidding, yeah thats good dont get me started on them changing from the indians today i dont get it dont, get them riled up. Dont get me started on that. Okay, anyway, im gon na give it right back to the mini three were right back to the mini three okay, one of the things that i did see and i know marcus hat. You know thats one of his outstanding questions, but i did see this somewhere where somebody had mentioned in one of the in one of the tweets, and i dont know if it was one of the jasper ellen tweets or out on out on his his facebook group. Is that somebody had already stated that the dji rc pro or the dji rc is, i think, theyre going to call it is going to be at least a thousand nits.

Okay, thats a home run guys and still is only going to cost like an additional. Like 250 300, it sounds like a win win to me bill. It is, it is, and you know ive already, you know im like marcus okay, because you know im gon na get get the the dji or the the one with the dji rc. I want to get the fly more kit plus i want to get at least one of those extended batteries. Oh you want it all bill. I do, but you know its like heres the thing, and this is something else that we were talking about ron and i wanted to get your take on this youre going to need to have a really largest capacity, sd card. You can probably get for this drone in there if youre, if youre going to be up in the air for 35 or film, a lot of 1080p yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, youre gon na have to okay, because you know if youre, shooting 4k, 30 or 4k 60 With this, your sd card is going to get filled up in probably about 20 minutes. You know you said about 4k and 60. You know, even though i could i you know, as you always say, kudos to having 4k 60 main drum, but the one thing that well separate a little bit from the in the uh, our beloved uh mavic uh air 2s and our mavic 3 is, it wont, Have 5k video, like our bigger drones, mm, hmm thats, something nobodys talking about: they both lacked the 5k video marcus.

Has his uh marcus you better return after the 256 version yeah now that thatll be that i think 128 will be plenty, because that this is what i use in both the air 2s and the mavic 3 uh, and thank you, lon dennard, for putting me on To the this, these uh, this is a great card. Its the best samsung makes some great cards. I mean i i have them in my in both my phones, both my samsung phones and you know: theyre theyre, exceptional um. I really like them and im probably gon na get some of those for for the for the mini three when it comes out as well, too. Hey, listen, mikey, mikeys talking about the uh, the update for the gps issue and um. You know uh some of this waiting. You know. Maybe they want to get that final um firmware update to fix all the satellite issues if, if the mini 3 is using the same some of the same hardware and software issues, well, did you notice in the specs ron that it is not going to use glonass And i dont know about you guys, but i dont give a damn if i ever use another russian satellite, so yeah yeah at the selling point. As far as were concerned, right, yeah yeah, thats yeah – that thats yeah, we like the galileos who is the low salads u.s, no thats european, oh yeah. Well, we like the europeans.

Both europeans, good youre, yeah gps is u.s. Galileos is uh. The eu and everybody likes to say galileo more than glow and ass, galileo sounds cool doesnt it. I know i i totally agree absolutely its like yeah it does it does not it does. It does sound a whole lot better than that. Hey cliff cotton, saying uh to tell you bill that we have not heard anything about the the video bit rates uh or 8 bit versus 10 bit color thats a good thing to bring up cliff because you know a lot of people have been hard on the Nano plus, because it doesnt have 10 bit color and uh. I guess because they dont say they have it. I guess im going to assume this only has 8 bit. I i would im just assuming i dont know that you know and again you know thats. One of the thats one of the very few remaining missing specs that we dont know um, is if its eight bit or ten, but my guess, just off the top of my head, its probably eight bit um. You know because remember here – and this is something that i want to kind of get everybody to kind of understand here: djis really theyre going to do what hubsan failed to do: okay and what femi failed to do, and im gon na say and ill get and Ill get some ill get some smacks, and, and oh no, how can you say this about autel and what ill tell failed to do? Okay out of the out of the start out of the gate? Okay, this will be the mini drone to own all.

Right no question about it. I totally agree with you now bill bill, dont, dont, pre review. I say: dont pre review this drone. Until its out i mean right now its no its no better or no worse than anybody. Elses drone no pre reviewing on these shows thats a good thats, a good, well dont you, you are making a good point ron, i mean im. Getting aside, i mean i mean respect the specs. Look great ill. Give you that specs look great and im saying both ways: ive seen people out in the forums, theyll tell me that the mini three is the the best mini drone ever made. The camera is better than any camera made. Now the other people say that other drones, such all, tell are going to be much better than the mini three. Well, i i dont know how, without without actually seeing the footage uh, you know you can say anything. You want its a free country whatever, but id like to not pre review pre review until ive actually seen the goods. What do what do we say about the proofs in the pudding on this stuff right, yeah, whats, your name show me the actual video at pictures. Yeah and i agree – and you know thats something else – that we really havent seen weve seen some stills okay, some stills at night and and you know, and thats a good bellwether okay, because in order to get those kind of stills, it has to have some good Low light capability to do it like we, we experienced the first time with the mavic 2 pro okay um.

Having that low light capability and weve seen it in the pictures, but i think that one of the other things you know and were starting to add up a laundry list of a lot of things. You know, and one of them is seeing a bit good quality. Video from from the mini three we havent theres been nothing out there about that, yet yeah yeah hey before we lose it bill. I wanted to mention that londoner had mentioned earlier, that he believes it to be 8 bit because uh its they only have decent alike available, so that kind of makes sense. But right, yeah and cliff had a good point about the the eight bit it itll still be a mark like he said, good market device to keep the air 2s relevant for people that want to record a 10 bit and go full d. Log editing, yeah thats, a good one, uh michael wrights out there he got to clevelands question way back in the chat bill, so michael were going to say, were going to send you out a pre release. Mini 3 uh sit by the door all week. You see that deal the drone reviewer signed behind bill, its hidden right behind that yeah, its its back there, its ready to rock and roll actually okay, i got a holy stone. Sent me a drone, so im gon na be gon na, be reviewing that believe it or not. Oh its one of their more expensive ones.

Oh boy, go figure so were gon na help you thats funny yeah. I said that my my uh grandson when i was in seattle, i had sent him an hs175 holy stone that they sent me for review and his father took it really serious right, hes learning how to fly the thing he could not get the the the props To fire up on that drone for nothing it just wasnt gon na go, you know so yeah, so theres holy stone, yeah, thats yeah were gon na. You know well well, well, well, have some fun with that thats for sure that will that thatll kind of keep me occupied here, um, oh itll, keep you occupied Music, the mini three getting well well kind of, like you know, occupied like meaning getting you know filling You know filling the time uh you know put put putting that filler in to find pulling the rest of your hair out bill. Yep well theres not much left to pull out thats for sure, okay, yeah thats, one of the thats one of those deals but yeah um. You know that thats one of the things you know anyway. All right lets lets lets kind of lets kind of move on. Wait lets get off hauling stuff before we lose viewers, yeah yeah. This is not the holy stone. Uh preview show: okay, yeah holy release shall be a little bit later and then hey hey bill. I i i want you to know that were laughing at the situation.

Were not laughing at you? Oh, i know trust me. I i know that because i had to review it. I had the review of holy stone at the beginning of the year so bill its your turn now its my turn right now, yeah. Well, okay, im! Sorry! Everybody did their time, yes, everybodys doing doing their penance and doing their time with this. So yeah yeah. Sorry, if you have any holy stone fans in the chat i apologize well, i i also want to acknowledge lon dennards in the chat lawn um. You know another. Esteemed expert, along with cliffton, a man that would never fly a holy stone, drone. Yes lebron. We know that you wouldnt and with good cause phoebe. You might fly a few. You understand, hes a big hes, a big fan of femi. He is yeah. Well, thats. Good! Im glad im glad lons a fan of femi. He loves the horizon. Oh yeah, oh gosh, dont even get me started on that all right, dont even get me started on that um. So you know weve kind of touched base on on a lot of a lot of stuff here regarding the mini three um, you know weve seen just about every picture. You can see this um weve seen you know, weve seen most of the specs okay and one of the things i told marcus ron that im im real interested in one of the things that i dont. I havent really seen it and i dont know you know somebody in the chat has and and no can know this, the specs of the of the extended battery okay uh, you know beyond beyond just the um, just the run time on it.

I know its 47 minutes. You know how many milliamp hours it is um. You know that type of information bill one of the one of the leaks that came up this weekend, uh or last weekend i should say, is that the um, the you know, the extended light battery will actually be the same size and fit in the same case As the um standard battery, but it will not have that two for 249, a gram stamp on the back of it thats. What a lot of folks are saying in the chat, uh drone guy among them have all said that several of and and i think maddie said that in the chat so yeah it its. It seems like its pretty clear that thats going to be over two to five right because they moved the staff we were were almost gently worried that would it would be bigger and stick out. The back like remember, marcus and hubsan, made that instead of batteries, that would not be the case here. The battery would be the size, the weight may be different, but the exact size of the battery would be exactly the same. As the you know, the regular i mean im sorry, you know and im going to make a funny right here made that drone look pregnant, okay, it just it was so odd. It just was it it was. It was you know, putting a round peg in a square hole, kind of a thing.

It just did not look right, but but yeah, okay and whats whats real interesting here and you know, um the charging capabilities of this of the of the extended battery. You know youll still be able to use what dji gives you to charge it so um, it tells me you know the battery chemistry is probably still the same, which is which is interesting. So you know, and and also too you know – while this is probably going to be great news for us here in the states, because we dont have that weight restriction, you know over in europe and over in other countries. You know that 249 grams comes into play. So you know they wont, get the benefits of this extended battery. However, you know um well see um. You know im im anxious to find out how much it weighs im anxious to see the actual performance of that battery as well too, because normally, you would think with something like this. You know you could probably shave, and this is this is just me. You probably shave at least seven minutes off of that. Realistically speaking, you know because of of the environmental factors and um real world flight, and you know wind all that kind of good stuff um. You know at least seven minutes, im thinking, youre, probably realistically. Looking at ‘ to 40 minutes on that battery um, you know – i, i think thats thats, where were gon na, go with that its probably gon na put a little bit ahead of the mavic 3.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, which gets you anywhere from 35 to 40. Uh i mean unless youre flying, you know uh like marcus. What do you call that, when you have a full throttle, the whole flight marcus full stick forward, yeah, something like that unless youre flying full stick forward the whole flight or whatever you can usually get about 35 to yeah im heavy on the throttle? I dont know about you guys: the market is getting less than that, but im saying that mixed flying say using a combination of you know: uh normal um. What do you call the high speed boat on dgi sport, sport and city mode? If you use a combination of all three youll, probably eke out 35 minutes or better now, you know lon brought up a point. He talked about all the reviewers having having the mini 3 already and putting this through its paces, and you know theyre just waiting for a release date to put this up um. You know, and – and i have some good guesses who have them already im im gon na guess – kelly has one im gon na guess: rick smith has one im gon na guess: billy probably has one these guys have been real quiet on social media lately bill. Yes, basically billys probably got about five yeah yeah. He probably died. Hes probably had his since january, first, probably and and aldrin um, you know and and and i got ta you know and sean im glad seans in the chat im real surprised that they didnt send sean one um, you know hold it.

Oh, we got another superstar that just joined bill. John coopey is in the house hes in the house. You know, you know all the supervisors johns, actually thinking about getting the uh mini three. As his token camera drone among all his fpv gear, come on lets get real. He probably already has one right yeah and he probably see hes been under the table with this and hasnt said anything about it. You know, and he just was was was i mean he was talking a good storm good game on drone nation on monday night. You know, and he was real good, its always good, john, its always good, seeing you thanks for for showing up in the chat, but you know you you really kind of you know you had that poker face all night last night. You know, you know, we can tell you, know marcus and ron, and i we we know that kind of stuff, and we can see so just kidding back to your original point bill its hard to believe that dj somebody over dji is not smart to realize. If they said shawn drones like this after photography, how many extra drones would would would they sell like you know if he had him on launch day and he got it had the game on the reviews, you know and else sean you know you know, pat on The back well deserved because youre one of my favorite channels and and what i like about your reviews – youre, no nonsense.

You really stick to you really stick to your subject at hand. Um, you know you really are are focused on. You know. Whatever the title of your video is about, you know, and you tell us, and you show us and – and we really appreciate that with you um, you do such a great job, and you know you always learn something from those videos, though something you can actually take Out and apply yourself in the field yeah, you know because ive ive ive ive commented. You know in on some of your videos. Sean – and you know – and i know some other ones have too have said. You know theyve learned so much about these drones from watching your videos, okay, because you do very basic things with these okay um, you know you show you show a lot of the basic functions and features and everything – and you know i just it boggles my mind – The algorithm that dji has to go through or that they go through to pick people to give the drones to to do reviews on you know, and i know you know and ive, had it told to me several times. You know its based on subscribers and i get that okay and i understand that and sean sean got more subscribers than a couple of channels put together. Yeah sean has yeah yeah, hey i dont wan na interrupt though we got another celebrity barry marquis from the south seas just dropped in well, hey barry its good to see you thanks for joining tonight.

Um. You know its tonight tonight its just im star struck. I mean theres theres, so much so much everybodys in the house today bill everybodys here tonight, franks, probably getting ready to chime in oh im, sure uh, im, im, absolutely sure um and you know it would be. It would be really. You know seriously imagine what it would be like to get frank wang, obviously with an interpreter unless he speaks english, to have him on on a show, okay im under dna, but it would be, it would be really nice to get him and to get his perspective On things, i would really really like to be able to do that. Oh boy, i think that would be cool yeah i dont think hes. Afraid of is a whole bunch of people in the chat would ask if they could return their drones and crash or youve got youve got 73 watching right now, if you had frank, wang youd have 73 000.. I sure would i id? Have everybody everybody around the world watching me here, we crash youtube and – and you could do that, you know what do you call the tough interviews you could you could brow, beat them and say when is that drone coming out frank and you got to tell me Or youre under indictment, look what yeah look! What lawn dropped? Okay, frank wang does speak to his in english hes done interviews so yeah. That would be great well.

Weve got ta. Do one more interview over here: yeah yeah yeah it! It really is um. You know you know were is, is one is one of the famous cincinnati reds announcers said you know were rounding third and heading for home. Okay, that was that was one of the reds announcers during the 70s. You know, i listened to yeah yeah yeah yeah um. You know – and that was one of the catchphrases and we are were heading home with with this mini three i mean you know its were on the cusp of getting it um you know were going to get and as pete its the pete rose of drones. Laughter were going to get were going to get Laughter. Yeah were gon na, get that infamous email from dji. You know you know, like save the day, with the time um and a teaser, a shadowy picture and everybodys going to over analyze the picture and say say its this and this and this and this and this when weve, already seen everything. Okay, so theres, no mystery! You know its like im waiting for one of these days when dj, because dji knows dji knows we know everything. Almost everything there is lots of people have the blinders on like the horse. They havent seen any of this. They got blinders on yeah, okay, billy youre, making a good point, but, as weve all said in the past, they always give us something that we didnt expect speculate.

What do you guys think it could be? Go ahead? Ron um, you know uh yeah, some some new um, you know you know flight mode or whatever master shots version. 2. V2. That thats, exactly where i was going with it, ron some kind of an intelligent flight mode that we havent even thought of yet and then once we see it well go oh yeah! I have to have that and marcus. Basically, the fact is remember: the spark was released where they were the first ones to have the tiny planet thing on them: yeah, yeah, Music. It was the only tiny planet drone dj i had for for uh uh, its probably a short time, but at a time yeah drone guys said acro mode. Well, maybe well, you know john cooper mode, yeah yeah and you can use your dji goggles with it. Oh thats, another good rule. Oh look, look lonza! Good! One gestures, controls point two bill. Remember you still have to make the crazy gestures that make your spark. Oh, my gosh, you know i did get a little. What was anyone ever got all the gestures down right? I did get it to work once okay and i have it on film somewhere its in my archives. I did get that to work once lon thanks for putting that in there yeah. I agree with you guys as far as, as far as the surprise is concerned, i think thats what well see it will be an intelligent flight mode that we havent, even thought of that will be in there.

It will be. You can almost guarantee at this point. It will be software related. I guess i got. I really got it now bill its not only going to be a new. You know mode like you know, mesh tattoos, but its going to only work on the vertical video camera, so it can make you overnight. Tick. Tock the station, not only do you get the vertical video, but you get some cool master shots type of thing in vertical video ive got a bill, ive cracked, it as uh. They say now. You guys remember when i had on that photo journalist who uses drones. Gails her name um. She lives over in the uk, shes american and you know, and shes been on in a lot of these countries, afghanistan or whatnot and everything. Well, you remember you had some. You had some trouble that showed some. I remember some audio yeah well. Well, she she didnt, she didnt click, the stream yard, link and um, and i was just having all kind of issues, but we finally got got to connect, got her connected and one of the things that she did talk about with the anathey that a lot of The military like and i dont want to say military, but but you know how they doing or inspecting for bombs under bridges is. You know the anathey, with the feature of being able to look up okay and go under these bridges to be able to see things like if there are mines or – or you know, explosive devices under there and they use those a lot and um thats.

One of the drones that she said that she used was, it was wasnt an enough believe it or not, and you know, and she liked that capability as well too, of being able to look up uh with that, and that show was a couple years ago when The nafi was more of a current drone right right, you know and for her you know and its interesting. You know ill just digress for a quick. Second, you know finding out what it was. You know what she told me what she had to go through. To get to be able to use a drone was just crazy. It was just off the charts, and you know my hats off to her for her great photo, journalistic work and id like to. You know what id like to get her back on again for to you know on a weekend, and you know, spend an hour or so with her and talk to her again and see how things are um charles in the chat is asking whether the new rc Be compatible with the mini 2 build and, and – and you know, thats a good question charles, but heres. What i know is bill when i put a video up about the main three, i get more questions about the the dji rc control that i do. The drone uh um, you know, i almost think i got to order that new – that new controller, because thats the most that seems to be the most interesting component of the whole kit for a lot of people.

Do you find the same thing? Marcus yeah big interest in that controller, even more, even almost more so than the drone itself yeah yeah exactly. I totally agree with you ron. There is a lot of interest in in that controller, so theres a lot of facets. To that whole controller thing, you know what im hoping ron is that youll be able to use your rc pro with this mini three date on day, one not not absolutely later, thats my point on day, one and and uh. You know that that will help somebody like you, youll just be able to buy just the drone only and uh and go from there. I i wonder whenever we do see the official release and they put out that that great promo video, where they have great shots from all around the world and they give you those specs. I wonder in those that night, when we see that that great promo they will say for for certain in that in that promo and the specs, you know what what what rcs this drone will work with and, conversely, their new dji rc. I would like to know what it will work with it. Well could i use that with my air 2s and with my mavic 3. thatd be cool. Hopefully we have to build well will we know that, but we know all these questions. I think so the night that that comes out or where they kind of keep, that real, vague and – and you know, work so loosely that we wont have a good idea until the i think earlier from your aldrins and your kelly shores yeah.

I think well find out right away, and i think what theyll do is because they did this with the mavic 3 release like they started the video like at 10 oclock and then it wasnt available. You couldnt hit the buy button until 10 30 because i know because i kept while i was watching it. I kept cycling, the page okay, to try to get and the links werent still working. It was much earlier from market side to hampton that night. Thats been up yeah and our good friend michael ray, who was in charge of uh the affairs at night. Mike wright did not hesitate. The guy he he is decisive. Hes got a quicker buy button than marcus. Does bill thats, pretty fast, okay, thats, pretty fast hes. The fastest gun in east, texas, yeah absolutely absolutely absolutely um. I wanted to kind of wrap things up when i get your thoughts and then you know um, just i just want to put in another um shameless selfless promotional plug here you know were going to have the cream of the crop on um come you know the Release party um, you know my two esteemed co host right here, johnny alfonso will join us. Captain ray kelly will join us, matt cundiff will join us, you know were going to have ha, have a great crew here. You know and were going to were going to die champagne and uh expenses for for the backstage people.

You know phillip, mignon, phil, phillip mcnaughton and you know um asti, spumante and you know, were just gon na gon na caviar were not gon na hold anything back. Here, hey hold on mark fisher says we cant end the show now lettuce: oh okay! Well, you know, and you know what in order to entice mark fisher, okay mark well have shirley temples for you, okay, yeah and and your and and a free review of the mini three for you listen mark fisher with his ends with dji. He probably already has the mini three and hes, probably im sure he does yeah im sure he does so marcus any any closing thoughts for tonight. Hey, listen! This is an exciting time, anytime theres, a new drone like this, its really exciting but – and we all say it – dont wait for whatever that new thing is get out and fly. What you got were getting into the really perfect time of the year to fly drones. The springtime weather and the fall weather is always my favorite, so folks get out there and fly them and have fun absolutely absolutely wrong. Marcus yeah, you know um all im gon na say is you know the same thing lets you know what its its nice to get excited about this drill. We know all the specs, but please dont pre review. Wait until you actually see the you know, the you know the the proofs of the pudding wait until you actually see the the video and the photos from it, and even more so i cant really tell for sure.

Until i have my own hands, i see it on my own computer that i can tell you definitely how good something is or somethings, not so um. You know thats my you know things you know, get excited but temper. The excitement a little bit and make a wise buying choice when it does come out um. You know uh, so so thats it. So i hope maybe next time we gather together, we can stop talking about leaks and rumors and we could talk about. You know uh uh yeah, you know the actual, you know specs so uh. So what do you? What do you think bill all right? Whats, your final preparation – i i agree, you know um, we weve weve, digested, dissected, um, depicted and shown you all the pictures that we that weve seen um. You know all the specs that we know about um. You know theres very little left to really find out about except you know you know just you know the the actual you know date and time it will be released, which you know we should. That should be forthcoming real soon and also you know when the when they will ship um. You know thats kind of still up in the air just a little bit, but you know well find all this out and i dont think it will be a large gap. I really i really dont personally and like marcus says you know, number one dont be waiting on a drone to get out there.

If you have one right now make sure you get out and fly because you know the the weather will get better. You know, i know marcus said hes expecting some snow up there in may. Yes, you know just just crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy stuff, but you know if you get a get a chance, get out there and enjoy your drones and fly them because thats what thats? What this is all about, thats, what you know. We have a lot of fun here. Um, you know in rotor talk live drone. Nation has a lot of fun. You know, i know the other shows they have a lot of fun as well too, and you know thats the name of the game for us. We want you guys to go out there and really quickly that it. What dares, though, a mini three release day bill. Absolutely absolutely okay and make sure you stay tuned to us for the release party. Okay were gon na have a great time. It will be a lot of fun. Make sure you guys tune in to that. You know this is this is shaping up to be, in my opinion, one of the best launches and one of the best drones that dji has ever had um.