It said altitude too low, so were going to go up a little bit because it wants what it wants. That is loud all right, it should be. If i get that we got this, it says its doing it lets. Do it Music its difficult to hear me over the engine, but the mini 3s active track did recognize the tank from behind as a vehicle until it turned sideways and looked more like a tank im wondering how smart the tracking is exactly. Is this by design? Will the active tracking software not lock onto military looking targets after it lost the tank? I put the drone into manual flight mode and tried to catch up to myself. The fpv quads had no issues locking onto the tank, because their intelligent flight mode is an actual pilot Music. The mini 3 is a very capable camera drone, but you shouldnt completely depend on active track, just practice flying and eventually you can get even better cinematic footage than any intelligent flight mode offers. As we rounded the last turn on the track, i put the mini three into sport mode and followed my ride back to the starting point. By the way. If this looks fun and trust me, it is, you can come to combat park in eastaboga, alabama and ride or even drive a tank along with many other unique military vehicles. A link to this incredible place is in the description below oh Music, Music. Oh geez, nice landing, so it didnt track it all that.

Well, i dont know why not sure, but you know who did track it. This guy right here. Fpv drone lets see that all right, heres try number two with a totally manual acro quad. I will track this track: vehicle Music. There were about five different drones in the air for this run and it was the highlight of my day: Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music holy – oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, my god that was awesome. Let me see if i can land it im gon na land. It right in front of you, man, you ready you ready, Music and then fly high. Fpv dave checked off an item from his bucket list. Oh my gosh daves. Taking a practice lap and then once he gets that down because you know hes never driven a tank before once he gets that down hes going to crush this car comment below. If you know the name of this car make and model – and i will pick uh somebody to win some freewell filters – oh yeah, that was awesome – lets crush some cars. Tell me how you really feel oh dude. I am in my happy place right now. Here comes daves, dream come true: oh yeah, oh yeah, drones in the air tanks on the ground, its been a good day: Music, yeah yeah, oh my god, Music, thats, so freaking, awesome, Music Applause Laughter. Then i thought id try tracking a smaller tank im in an fv 103 spartan.

I think this is like a personnel carrier type thing and im gon na fly the mini three in here for this mission, four of us were wearing the holy hollyland solidcom c1 headsets. These are full duplex, with a thousand foot range, its an excellent communication system for field work link in the description. First, i got ta turn it on. The problem is launching it from this point. I want to see if i can hand launch it how about that ready to go Music. Here we go Music. I had to put it in sport mode, oh damn its so loud. Oh no! I lost my image. Okay, i lost my image. Stop stop sorry bud. I know you cant hear me: i lost my. I lost my uh, my drone youre just hovering. Am i just hovering? If its tell me do i have control? If i go up, is it working its going up? Yep, i see you have control okay, theres, something interfering with my signal here. Is it a giant? Metal tank could be a giant. No, it wouldnt be this. It wouldnt be this okay youre. Almost there all right. I got it im back now: okay, good yep, yeah, youre, right behind you, yep all right, so im gon na try, uh active track uh, so im just gon na draw a square around the tank, and then that comes up – and i want to active track now – Were going to active track from the front lets start up the noise machine im ready Music, its doing is it following us? It lost us, i dont know.

I dont know why its not i dont know why its not uh, maybe the tanks not big enough. It could be, it recognizes it as a car. Its not a car were gon na, do active track and go there. We go all right. Luckily, i can use a hand for myself now, so it is tracking us were going a little fast, so im imagine its going to try to turn around and find us im going to track it from the back here. Nope hold on just it turns around. Oh yeah, that was me doing it. I dont know why its not im curious if dji has intentionally programmed active track to ignore military vehicles, although historically motorcycles and other non traditional car looking vehicles have confused active track all right, i think its doing it now. Yeah. Just dont get in front of the sensors, it lost us, it lost us, it lost us its looking its looking all right, its tracking us go at the end of the day. We took a moment to celebrate this unique opportunity by playing with fireworks. Music Applause. Keep in mind, we are trained professional adults. Please dont! Try this at home with your government surplus tanks, Music Laughter, the buttons on top of the sticks. Dont touch those buttons: okay, okay, theres, an injector, so youll throw the two guys in the back smooth outside a little paint be good as new. Oh, you bet buddy Music. Thank you bill.