that makes pretty much the whole of djis consumer line and now that im talking, i just remember that early last year um dji released the fpv rom, so i may be changing the mavic 3 upgrade for a newer fpv version as its been a tradition. Each january im posting this like guest, video or wish list for the upcoming year about dji drones and, of course, its scannery, and this video is here. But let me quickly see how the last couple of years went: the mavic 3, the phantom 5 and the fpv drone. Yes, those three drones, i believe, may be happening in 2021, who have renewed is a mavic air. A lot has been talked, you know about the mavic 3 or phantom 5, but i believe there is a segment where the mavic air is. That needs to be thought of earlier, hmm im starting to feel like a guru or something. No but honestly i dont have any insights. I dont have any top secret infor, so these videos are made with my guesses and my pure personal opinion, theyre, not right or wrong. I mean i just say whatever i feel that we need to expect for the upcoming year, so lets start off lets go baby, a minute three. I do think that the next big thing in the next big war in the drone business will be in this up to 50 gram category i mean, of course the bigger drones will still be important, but i do believe the mass consumer, the mass user, will be Purchasing a sub 250 gram starting this year, and let me tell you why i mean, with all the regulations and restrictions coming, especially here in europe, where this year is supposed to be a revolution, its going to be really hard and tough to fly a drone.

That is above 250 grams. This is why this category becomes so relevant and dji knew this a few years ago, and they decided to release the mavic mini, but remember that drone had no 4k. It had no manual video mode. He did a few things that were replaced by an amazing mini 2 that we still have right now with 4k with manual video with ocusing 2.0 and a few other things. But i have to say that right now there are also other brands that are really pushing hard and one example is a hotel with its nano plus, which is also as up to 50 grams, a little bit more expensive, but with amazing specs too. This is why its a good time – and i think, its the right time for an upgraded mini three, probably with a bigger image sensor than uoq sync and a few other specs that well talk in a sec, because first, i quickly wanted to talk about a specific Step that dji took a few days or a couple of weeks ago, which was updating its sdk to make it work with the mini 2, the mini sd and the air 2s. If you dont know what that means. Well, it pretty much means that they enabled third party app developers to include non native. Oh my god, im getting crazy non native apps inside your drones, which means, for example, the famous lychee app or drone harmony or a few other apps.

That, for some people are really important, are now being able to be installed in those drones, and this is a very interesting step, at least to try to understand why dji is making this and why they are trying to recover that market leadership inside the sub 250 Grams because, as im saying, the market is getting stronger and to talk about specs of the mini 3. Our big friend, osita lv, published this image a few days ago and it included, for example, a new skeleton made out of carbon fiber and also the arms being a little bit lower, which means we could have no bigger propellers on it. A new wall in one frame or chip so called soc, which means that the system and all the circuits are inside one single chip. A bigger image sensor, jumping from a one 2.3 inch sensor to a one 1.28 inch sensor, which is the same as 0.8. Each sensor being able now to have better dynamic range, better in low light and an aperture of f 1.8 and 50 megapixel. These are exactly the same specs that the autel drone has. But the most important thing here is how both brands will be processing that image and what we as final user, can use and can make out of that image. I do think that there is a super amazing war coming in this up to 50 gram. Category uh, with this two brands and um its gon na, be really interesting.

I really cant wait to test them all out and osita still talks about a bigger battery with extended flight, with no buttons or lights, and also probably the image transmission with an orchestrating three oauth. Oceta is most of the time right, but in the past year weve seen some bigger mistakes of him, so dont take it like a hundred percent. This is gon na be happening. Lets see what happens by the way, guys if youre enjoying this video, please leave a thumb. This helps a lot with the algorithm and everything and if you wan na comment even better and also follow me on my social media, i post insights on how i make my studio iphone with my drawings and everything and also join the live stream. They are coming weekly on this channel too, and were creating a nice community out there so make sure to check them out as well. Lets talk now about the air 3.. In my personal opinion, the r2s is still a great drone, and the air 3 can wait with the release of the mavic 3. We again have a gap between the air to s and the mavic 3, which means that i mean last year with the mavic 2. Pro and the r2s we didnt have a gap anymore, and it was quite confusing for the final user. Hey should i buy the mavic 2 pro or the air 2s, and i mean some people were also claiming that the air 2s was already a better drone cheaper than the mavic 2 pro, so it didnt make much sense to purchase mavic 2 pro now with the Mavic 3: we have that gap again and its much more clear whether you want to go for one or for another one.

It seems like everything is back in its natural position. We have the mini the air and the pro for completely different purposes. We have the mini 4 and 3 or beginner people, or just people that want to keep that self to 50 gram and still have a good quality. But dont want to spend too much money. The air 2s, which is the solid average and good drone for the price for me, probably value for price, actually, the best of those three and finally for the higher end and prosumers and pro filmmakers, and all that we have the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 Cinema, but we get again to this issue. What would you upgrade on an air to s in order not to kill the sales of the mavic 3? I mean its complicated because if you make a bigger image sensor and jump from the one inch to the micro, four thirds and, for example, increase also higher frame rates in 5k, like 5k 60 wheres, the point of purchasing a mavic 3, i mean the two most Important things that the r2 is missing is the manual aperture. The adjustable aperture, in my opinion, is very important and also higher frame rates in 5k. But again, if you upgrade those in the r3 theres, nothing really left for a mavic 3. However, on the other hand, i do think that its finally 2022, the right year for having every single drone in its third version mini 3, air 3 and mavic 3.

, and no plus ss minis pro platinums or whatever. This makes my life so much easier, and this makes djis marketing life also much easier and for the final consumer that is new in the drone business. Also much easier. You have the mini 3, you have the air 3 and you have the mavic. 3. weve had names coming and going like the mavic minivan mini 2 and air mavic, air and air to s, and i dont know what and mavic 2 pro and zoom, and this is so confusing for a brand make it easy mini air panic and all in The third version – and finally i wanted to talk about an upgraded mavic 3, but i just changed. I mean the mavic 3 is still alive. For me, its an amazing product. It is solid, it works. It is as good as a drone can get this day for a consumer theres, not much more, that i can expect out of this drone. Apart from these missing firmware updates that were still waiting for. For me, the drone is still kind of alive right. They have to upgrade it and maybe well have a few surprises along the way. I have no idea, but i dont really expect a mavic 3 pro with bigger and image sensor and a longer flight time in the future i mean not in the future, but this year it doesnt make really sense. So this is why i changed it for an upgraded fpv drone, because its been almost a year since that drone people had been complaining about a few things, such as the frame of the drone that can be improved.

I mean theres a lot of potential, its the first version of a drone theres still a lot to be improved and to be discovered and a great carbon fiber or enhanced. More solid frame would help definitely a lot, but the thing i do care more about that drone would be a tiny bit bigger image sensor at least a half inch image sensor would be amazing and im, not even talking about a one inch sensor. Imagine that that would be great or, for example, the same sensor as the mini three. This point eight image sensor would be amazing on an fpv drone. I think that would be great for an upcoming, fpv plus or fpv pro version of dji. Nothing really to say guys. I hope that you really enjoyed this video leave. A thumb. Tell me if you agree or disagree, we can have a nice fight and we can punch each other and nothing rather to say you know that i always answer so.