If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by very special guests, mr matt cundiff and captain ray kelly and also very special co host. Mr ron braun, we spent the better part of the evening discussing all the latest regarding the dji mini 3, including a detailed discussion regarding pricing availability and features, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. I want to spend some time talking about the mini 3 here now there. You know one of the things that i noticed last night. All right, um is lauren was talking about something thats imminent, okay and i think whats imminent is i and i was hoping we were going to get get it today, was it being on the fcc database, okay, thats, the thats, the big thing, and i think thats, The thing were all kind of waiting on. I think thats going to be going to be sooner rather than later, and i know a lot of you guys go out there who have who have looked successfully before for stuff and havent been able to find it. You know ive gotten a lot of pings on that um. You know guys, go out there daily and do due diligence to this, which is great and its still not out there.

Yet it still hasnt hit. But i think the one thing that i think were all going to be aware of and – and i know uh, that our good friend up north shared it with us – is that the pricing on this is gon na, be north of what of what he had been Telling us um, you know its not gon na be 649.. I think i think, were probably looking 675 695 um for for a base package. Guys, do you think thats yeah? Do you think that, first of all – and i got to ask you guys this question – is that something thats doable, i think so yeah its a brand new drone, newer technology, you know its uh a mini drone, as they say people seem to like and especially newcomers. You know um, so i think its going to be a total success. I really do lauren says 699 in a chat, uh bill, yep all right, heres. My question ill ill direct, the captain right here. A lot of people bought the mini two, not not not for the k, not because of the camera, not because of you know the range of this that they bought because of the price point they you know or well. You know, i think what was the first one was ‘9, the mini one. Maybe two is four nine that, but the price point was the number one draw: they wanted a drone, they wanted a reliable drone and they wanted that price point.

Now, if, if youre a v2 voter and 449, was your price point, will you be willing to pay 250 dollars to upgrade? I think a lot of people that bought the mini, because the price point was their number one thing: theyre going to say with the mini 2, because a lot of those people dont care that it will have a slightly better camera or or that it may have Front obstacle void: sensors that you know its not that those people dont want those features, but the price is their number one issue here. I agree. I agree. I agree ron with you. I dont see much of a reason to upgrade. If, especially, if the price points that much more – but you know for somebody like me that sold my mini to months ago, this is just this is a no brainer for me right right and i have the original mini the mini one and uh, not that its A bad drone, you know not at all i enjoy flying it. I flew it the other day out of here for a sunset flight and uh, but the wi fi connection its. You know. The newer drone has occu sync right and uh. You know its a its better, so you know this ones going to have 03. You know for a fact: it is its going to have a better camera, its going to have obstacle avoidance, its going to have tracking and all that spotlight feature stuff yeah.

This is a definite for me and i havent even seen it yet im going to ask that interesting, probably released, maybe djis ever had as far as okay, okay, we all sold the picture of the diagram with the smart controller and whatever, and we know uh a Mini a mini through smart controller is going to be over a thousand dollars minimum a thousand dollars um so that that probably will be there. They probably will not only they probably wont just release the model, with the smart controller, so were going to have two different models. So the big, the big question is whats the price difference between the models and are there any feature, differences between the models outside the controller theres? So many unanswered questions in this one that this will be a release. I dont think its going to be an actual smart controller. I think its just going to be a telemetry screen like a fly, app thats it i dont, think youre going to be able to do much with it. You know hdmi outputs, youre, not going to be able to run side, apps youre not going to be able to side load stuff. I think its just going to be just a plain, simple, regular controller, with a screen on it like a five inch screen. Its not gon na have full thousand nip brightness. None of that crap just gon na be strictly fly up, thats it so so a a kind of a dumbed down version, exactly yeah exactly and i dont see i dont see them kicking over a thousand dollars for this combo, no matter what it is, because once You start stepping on the toes of the air 2s, then youre in territory, where youre like.

Why would i buy a mini three when i could buy the air 2s for the same price? These are all these are awesome, its bad, but i mean you know what people say if they, if theyre putting the screen, if theyre upgrading this controller, its got to add to the bottom line at some point: oh yeah absolutely – and i i hope i hope beyond Hope that for 699, as lauren just said, you get uh a mini three, you get a controller. What it doesnt be a smart control, a controller with a screen in you. Dont have to use your phone even if its not a thousand its whatever. If its 500 nits or whatever that that now that would be a knockout that would be a knock the rest of the competition dead prod, absolutely absolutely well. You know one of the things that it kind of reminds me of okay, the original mavic pro um. You know it had that that monochrome screen where you know you got your telemetry on there, which i absolutely love that, and i would just i was hoping against hope that dji was going to carry it on with the mavic 2 and they didnt, and i was Really bummed about that, because i thought you know, that was a really good thing to have that yeah, i mean theres a lot of bills: the mavic 3 that lost it. Yeah yeah state of control had the telemetry too yeah yeah youre right ron.

You know i was, i was hoping against hope that we would see it, but we didnt, and you know that that really kind of bummed me out i mean i was. I was really kind of bummed out by that, but you know with something like this: a dedicated you know fly up like like matt was saying, you know, just you know, not side loading, anything, you know nothing just it and it just works. Okay – and it gives you what you need on there all right and keeping that price point the way it is, and im gon na tell you this guys, okay for 6.99, if it includes something like that, that is a winner thats, something i would buy. You know if i was going out there looking for a drone right now, and it had something like that, and i said you know what i wont have to use my phone with this yeah its a pleasure to not have to use your phone. Oh, my gosh see im a tablet guy so its different. For me, i got ta. I like the bigger screen. I really do. I love it yeah i love it yeah. I use my my fold and see the nice thing about using my fold. Its really two different ways: yeah, you know – and you know – and i got to thank mr steven ewing because he has a fold and he clued me in and he says, hey you can use this holder for it and boom ive been doing that and ill tell You what i havent looked back since ive done that that was that was one of the best things ive done and i had and i had the tablet.

I had the um uh whats my call, but you know, for me the triple tech was too heavy. It just it was, it was just it was too heavy on that controller and even with the lanyard on it still, it was just too dang heavy. It was great. It worked phenomenally, especially out in the sun. There was no problem with that, but ill. Tell you what, but the other thing that i didnt like about it was i tried the screen recorder on it and it was screen. Recorder was kind of funky on it and thats one of the things for me. Thats a must have okay, whenever whether i have a tablet or a phone that that screen recorder records flawlessly, because in case i have god forbid. I have an accident with my drone and i lose my drone. You know, and i got ta have some proof of of what went on you know uh. You know for not only for me, but what? If my insurance company asked for something like that, you know – and i dont have that i dont have that or you know, and always you know it always is good having that video, because you know its for me. I absolutely love it because you have all the telemetry. You have all the information. You know whats going on the whole time and you have that that great fpv view on it. So so yeah i mean you know.

A good screen recorder is worth its weight in gold to me, but yeah this price now lauren was talking like he. He uh, dr ted, asked a guest on a fly. More combo and lauren was guessing about 8 25 or so for something like that. But if it includes this okay on here its a game changer for me, i i really think so i really do yeah. I i agree uh because uh you know i i like using tablet two at times when i, when i you know, when im really have a lot of time, but its its its its a pleasure when youre out in the field. You know you go out with a smart controller and you just turn the drone and controller on you. Dont have to hook any cables up. You dont have to attach the device attach a tablet. Youre just upping. You know youre up in the air in in in seconds of whatever, with that kind of setup, you can bet that things going to end up being compatible with the rc pro, especially itll itll end up with oxygen with o3. In it, you can guarantee theyre going to make it compatible with the rc. You know something that brought up a good point and i kind of wanted to jump on that because you know dji does not spend you know and ive always said that since day one since ive started the channel dji does not waste technology, okay and the technology With this rc pro okay theyre, not just going to use it for enterprise drones, okay, it will youll, see it on the inspire 3 and it will trickle down.

I know what their their spokesman said and their statement and everything but ill tell you what okay! This is a thinner, um uh, the rc pro. If you take a look at if you watch russells video okay, it is thinner than the than than the than the normal smart controller. Okay, i think its much easier. The sticks are in a much better position on this that than they are on the on the original smart controller in this in the second iteration of it, and you know the clarity on it, it just it look the look and the feel and everything on this Rc pro is a winner and they invested a lot of money into into it, and i think that you think youve been there. I was referring to the rc pro the second iteration, not the rc, plus the rc plus, is the big one. Yeah im talking about the rc pro thats compatible with the mavic 3. Yes, the five, the new one yeah, the five inch screen yeah that one will be compatible with the mini three yeah end up being yeah, and i think i think bill the new. The new rc pro with the big screen thatll be compatible with djis whole enterprise live enterprise line, yeah and, and the and the you know the smart controller. I mean the rc pro that came out with the mavic 3., eventually, hopefully, thats compatible with all a djis consumer line of drivers, consumer line, yeah earthquakes mini three mavic 3.

If theyre successor to the air 2 s, you know absolutely absolute controllers that thatll control, but all you know, consumer drone and then another controller for enterprise general projects, perfect sense from uh from a a manufacturing standpoint, absolutely yeah. They only have to concentrate two controllers, but but back to, but the mini three. If it does come with a control with a built in screen, i mean anybody whos a budget conscious enough to buy the the mini, the mini three, because they have the moneys not going to go out and pay the money for the rs. Not pro work with it, the only people that are going to do that somebody has the mavic 3 yeah somebody thats got all the drones, they might use it, but but if youre, if, if the only drone you own is the mini 3 youre buying that, because The price youre not spending another 12.99 for the you know the rfc pro absolutely. I know one thing i am just so so so happy and content with my ipad mini 5., and i i love flying with that. I dont like flying with the phone. My iphone. No, i mean, if you forget, your ipad mini five. You have to fly with the phone, but yeah and i got ta give ron a lot of credit because hes the one that mentioned that with on the really affiliate branch, though way back when and i went out and bought one right after that.

People like captain ray and maddie who live in florida and build two you you guys have more of a heat issue. The problem with usually in your phone is well android. Phones, i think, are better, but the problem with using your iphone is um. If you keep the case on it, its going to overheat quickly in a warm environment and its going to dim your screen now the ipad, the mini 5, even the mini 6, not that theyre, you know they may have the same processing chip in, but they have More uh ways of relieving the heat theres more holes in them, theyre bigger they. They they relieve the heat inside the device easier than the phone does. So you dont have to worry about that dimming down as much as you do, thats on the five and above because i had a four and a half. If i shared this with you guys it shut down on me. Okay, it overheated the same issue and ill. Tell you what ray that that was a scary time, but i was lucky because you know. Obviously i always keep the drone in sight. But i i had it coming back on a return to home uh and it was nice because, even though i lost i lost lost that view i was still able to control. I had no no problem with that, but yeah it completely. It just completely shut down off yeah, no im, not saying it wont happen on the five, but what im saying it wont happen as quickly as it will on the phone right right.

You know the five five years you just shut down me the five shut down on me two times since ive had, and that was in the middle of the summer in brooklyn, when i was at the those guys meet up, but it was a hot hot day And you know i dont know i think and ive seen it because a lot of a lot of private airplane pilots they use, they use the mini and and its invaluable to them, for you know just a whole host of an apps that they run. I follow a couple of private pilots channels on youtube and what they do is theres a device uh its its it like has like six fans, cooling fans behind it, and it keeps that thing cool all day long and it doesnt draw a lot of current from It okay, it makes it ball its bulkier, but it works okay. This was specifically developed for private pilots, but a lot of guys its about 199. But you know if this is something that you really love your your mini uh going out there and flying with your drone. This is something that you should highly look into. I highly recommend it yeah. One of the other things that i wanted to talk about before we wrap up things tonight is, i think, were gon na. I think the fcc information. I think this is imminent. I think its going to drop any day now and i think, were going to look at a mid to late april kind of release.

What are your guys thoughts on that? I hope so i really do yeah. I really do hey im gon na im, actually gon na bounce out of here real quick, okay mike, i start up in 10 minutes, so i want to get in there. Okay, yep ill, see you guys in a little bit. You got it yeah yeah! You know. I i hope youre right too, i mean um, you, the sooner the better thats, how i look at it, the slower its released, the better yeah i mean were seeing more leaks all the time, and what will happen is what is well, it wont you know. Messily love really comes with heavy, with the leaks when hes really throwing out details. You know youre only days or weeks away or a week away a week or day wait when he throws out at some point. He will throw out 95 percent of what this drone has. Oh, absolutely, you know, then its coming real, soon, yeah and, like i said you know these leaks from acetylene. You know theyre theyre not officially sanctioned by dji, but they might as well be because they directly come from there. I mean you remember. We knew we knew 95 of what was going to be in that drone about it. What a week before yeah before yeah, i dont think there was one mistake in his leagues yeah he was hes been you know what uh, since the that was yeah thats thats, where ellens kind of got ahead of him on the mavic 3.

. But josh has been a little quiet lately on the many yeah i havent seen anything from jasper on this thats. He he has been kind of well in the ministry, and you know when you know he likes it. You know its coming. Yeah yeah its coming and, like i said guys, you know its going to hit on the fcc database any day. Now it will, it will be out there and you know and its exciting, because i think you know for the first time. I think a lot of people might realize after hearing us tonight and talking about it, you know that having it having being able to buy an all in one inclusive package: okay, for example, ill give you guys a quick real quick example. Here a lot of radio control planes they sell them is what they call rtf ready to fly, meaning it has a controller. It has a battery, the servos are in it all. You got to do quick, put together charge the battery youre up in the air youre ready to go okay, and this is the same kind of thing with a mini three. You know having that built in screen having that app already, you know built in there and and ready to go. I mean its just it its its a real winner and uh about the three, the 600 pound girl in the room too. If um, you know, we get um remote id what in the fall november, im just its somewhere later this year, if that hits, and it hits without any changes and a bit important changes that anybody will be able to see where you are when youre flying the Mini three will not have re require remote id, because so at that point the mini three, which will already be selling quickly, will become the best selling drone of all time in in no.

You know because a lot of people wont want to do the have a remote id and theyll go right to the mini three thats, a good point. Absolutely right! Yep were on your absolutely right and it will sell like hotcakes and one of the other things i wanted to say before we kind of wrap things up here is, i think – and i mentioned this when i was on dronation a couple of weeks ago – its already Here in the united states – okay, because i know that yeah, i said well all that that uh, the shutdown in china, because the code would yeah yeah – and you said most of the units – are the first round of units are already here and we talked about dont. If you want to dont hesitate, because when that first im going, then the delay may start, yeah dont hesitate. If you want to buy this drone, you know whenever it hits if its like at 10 a.m in the morning or 9 p.m at night or whatever do it get out there, and i got to say this – and this was something that was really kind of funny When the mavic 3 hit, i think if the announcement was like at 10 oclock at night, it wasnt actually available for sale. I mean you know their video started at 10.. It wasnt over till about 10 30 thats when it was available for sale hitting refresh on a couple other browsers that i had and it still was cycling.

You know its not showing up not showing up and then, as soon as it was over, it was ready to go its ready to be able to buy it. So heres a key question im glad you brought that up and, of course, the battery it was available to buy online, but it was not in like best buy or store or best buy for weeks. Like i dont know how many weeks it took, but it wasnt soon more than me heres the big question: will the mini three be available online only when it comes out or will it be invest by the next day? I think its going to be invest by because i hope i hope its in best buy yeah kind of its a price leader for them its a its a its a its its their best seller um. It gets people into the into drones, like never before um its its one of those things that you know you you cant, ignore it. You absolutely cant, ignore it its its going to make it have a big impact, its going to be big sales, and you know its going to be its going.