. Now i know that sounds like heresy, because i love new technology and i cant wait for new things to be released, so i can get them review them and talk about them on the channel, but im also a cheapskate and im a frugal buyer. So what i like to look at is what the current generation product offers compared to what might be in the next generation, and then, when i see what that delta, what that difference between those models are, i can make an informed decision as to whether that new Generation brings enough exciting features to the platform im flying to justify the cost increase of that new drone, and i dont really know what the mini 3 is going to look like. I mean theres a lot of speculation out there and thats, probably the first reason not to wait for the midi 3, because we dont really know what its going to look like now, ive seen some leaks of the frame and ive heard people talking about what they Expect to be in the mini 3., and if youre asking me, i think the mini 3 is going to have a couple of improvements over the mini 2. things like crash avoidance, maybe itll have a little longer flight time. Itll certainly have follow me mode built in because crash avoidance and follow me mode kind of go hand in hand because you cant, really you cant really build a follow me mode into a drone thats, effectively blind when its flying, because its going to try to follow You but its not going to recognize the tree off to the side its going to crash into the tree.

Now you can get by that today by using lychee on the mini 2, the sdk was just released, lychee already jumped on it. Theyve got a version of lychee out. You can use with the mini 2 to follow you and theres a couple of hacks to get it to follow you as well, but my question there would be if youre, going to enable that or youre going to use lychee to follow. You make sure youre in a wide open space where there isnt any possibility youre running into anything or youll, destroy your drone. But anyway, back to the mini 3.. I think theyre going to build in crash avoidance, sensors, probably front back and down, but again the challenge. There is thats going to draw energy from the battery now. One of the main advantages having a mini drone in general, is that youve got a mini drone thats under the 250 gram weight limit, but those are two different things. Quite honestly, some people buy this drone because they want a small drone, thats easy to bring along its portable. It takes phenomenal video and takes you know long flight times up in the air. They dont really care about the 249 grams. They dont mind throwing five dollars at the fa to register the drone, but then theres another camp. That really cares about that 249 grams. Now in the united states, its not that big a deal because the cost is low and theres no testing involved.

But in other countries, if its over 249 grams youve got to register the drone, you may have to take training. You may have to get insurance, so the 249 gram weight is really important. So for those buyers, if the mini 3 is under 249 grams, its going to be a home run for them. What i think is going to happen. This is again just speculation, because normally, when a drones coming out from dji every now and then theyll invite me into an nda group, thatll actually get the drone early ill test it here under nda and when they release it. Ive had a couple of weeks of use out of the drone, so ive had a lot of experience that i can put clips particularly theyre talking about it, unfortunately, with the mini 3 im starting to hear release dates, horizon dates of around april may something like that. If, in fact, any of thats, true and again, i dont have any inside information on this drone and if i was part of the nda group which im still hoping to be included in ill, have to stop talking about it completely. But as of today, this is uh lets see march 19th, im not involved in that group, so i can speculate to my hearts content. So the one thing you think youre going to see with the mini 3 is because dji realizes that a mini drone like this serves those two audiences. It serves the audience thats.

Looking for a drone, thats, small and portable, it doesnt care about the weight and the other group that really cares about the weight. I think youre gon na see two versions in the mini three coming out. I think youll see them in the same airframe, but theyll be increased battery capacity. Maybe theyll call it a pro version, but theyll have one version that will be under the 249 grams thatll fly 31 to 40 minutes, something like that and itll be a pro version or an xl version, whatever theyre going to call it. That has a larger battery capacity that fits in the same airframe thatll put it over the 249 grams weight, but itll allow it to fly a lot longer. So that way you can serve both of those audiences simply by using a different battery. But beyond that, those features are kind of important. The camera too itll probably have a better camera. You cant really put a big camera on a small drone like this, because when youre engineering, a drone like this youve got features and weight and the third metric in there the third vector is battery capacity. So when you add things like crash avoidance and you had a bigger camera that has higher resolution has to be processed inside, it needs a bigger chip to process that video feed coming back crash avoidance again is a real energy drainer, because its got sensors all around. Looking at things, making adjustments and making calculations about where the tree is so, it doesnt run into it.

So the challenge is, when you add those features, you typically get less flight time out of it, because there are more circuits that are drinking electrons out of the battery. So i think itll probably have like i said the 249 gram lower weight. Thatll have all those features, but itll be a limited flight time, maybe 31 or 35 minutes and probably 40 or even 50 minutes with the larger battery style. But again going back to those original conversations. I think if it has those features, do those really matter to me? Is that something i really want to buy a new drone for like if you look at the mini 2, today flies 31 minutes. It flies an insanely, far distance again. Youve got visual line of recite requirements in the u.s, its based on occu, sync, too, and even if i could fly at five miles, i cant fly at five miles unless im breaking the faa regulation, so 31 minutes and the distance. This can fly and keeping a visual line of sight is perfect for me and using ocusync 2. I know the drone has a perfect connection between me and the controller, the drone and the controller, so im never going to lose that connection. The mini 3 will probably operate in ocusync, 3 or o3 plus, which are used in a lot of their new drones, so you get a better distance out of it, but who cares until they come out with some kind of beyond visual line of sight regulation where You can actually fly further and you can see it im paying for something im not going to use.

Can they really improve the camera? I dont know theyre a one over 2.3 inch sensor. Here they could go to a one over three. I dont know how to get a bigger sensor in a drone of this size and keep the weight under 249 grams. So maybe the xl version will be a different airframe with a bigger camera. A lot of companies are looking at coming with different versions there, but do i really care because the 4k 30 frames? A second is perfect for everything i do with the mini three ive taken a the mini two. I take it on vacation all the time. Im capturing amazing footage out there honestly most of the videos i shoot are 2.7 or 1080p. This does all of those and again with 31 minutes of flight time. I have plenty of time in the air. The occasion 2 makes it a rock solid connection, so everything i need in a drone is built into the mini 2 today going to the mini 3. Those advanced feature sets are great for somebody whos never flown before. But if youre going to wait till april or may or if it slips into june and then its released with some of the features not working until a firmware release comes out, you could be into july or august before you get full functionality in the mini 3 And thats my fifth point: i dont want to wait. Why would i waste all these beautiful spring days where the trees are starting to butt up and the birds are coming back and its a beautiful skyline? I could be flying this drone for four or five or six months until the mini three hits.

So i get all that enjoyment. I dont waste a summer of flying waiting for some product that none of us know when its going to be released and never understood what the feature sets are gon na be until its finally released. I know what im getting here its a proven drone its been out for two and a half years. This thing flies like a dream and its rock solid up in the air, so giving up things like crash avoidance and follow me mode. Not that big a deal for me because, if youre a decent pilot youre not going to run into stuff, if youre a cautious pilot, you know theres a tree over there. Just dont get too close to the tree and if youre really concerned about crash avoidance and follow me, you can install lychee and have the thing follow you all over the neighborhood. If you want but again, keep keep an eye out for those obstacles. Do i need a bigger camera? I dont think i do do. I need 31 minutes of flight time or longer than that ill, just swap a battery. So all those things that may be there in the midi 3 are things that are cool to have, but theyre not must haves like. If you go back a couple generations there were major changes between the revolutions of the or the iterations of drones. Getting up to the mini two, but when they released this product two and a half years ago, i was blown away by it because i love the mini.

The midi is a wonderful drone, but this was such an improvement over the mini. It was well worth the extra dollars, the mini three thats, something i havent talked about yet is going to be an expensive drone, its not going to be cheap. So if i can buy this one today for roughly 450 with the with the fly more combo or whatever, whatever kit you get for the 450 and put this thing up in the air, ive got a drone, thats functional its proven, its rock solid technology and im Flying tomorrow, as opposed to waiting for the mini three, which again im speculating, could be 599 649 somewhere in that price range. Is it worth spending another 200 to get to that drone? When all the features i need are on the mini 2 today that i really care about so those are my reasons again im a big fan of flying what you can afford, but im a bigger fan of flying something today so find a drone. A used drone borrow drone. You know you probably have friends that are three or four drones in their flight uh their flight pack. You can borrow one from them and put it up in the air and see if you like, the hobby and – and the last thing ill say, is that if you make the move on a mini two today youre gon na drop 450, you can walk into an Apple store and buy it charge the batteries and be up flying that afternoon.

You can always sell it. Theyre going to be people that are looking for, used, mini twos down the road with mini three hits. You could easily sell this on the secondary market and get most of your money back, that you can apply towards the mini three if thats something you really want to do because a lot of times you get into the hobby, i dont understand it, but some people Get into the hobby they buy the drone, they fly it twice, they go yeah. This is cool but nah its not for me. Now they get a drone that they spend a lot of money on thats sitting on a shelf someplace, so im hoping youre gon na fly and love it like. I do because man im telling you i was out this morning with it its the first beautiful day. Weve had new jersey with blue skies, clear blue skies, nice warm weather, i was so excited to get out of bed this morning, charge my batteries and get out in the field and start flying this to explore all the areas that i remember from last fall. Youre going to fall into that category, i think you will but again dont spend too much getting into it. This is the perfect drone to get started. The mini 3 im sure is going to be an amazing drone. A dji dont hate me for this because you always come out with really innovative cool products, but um waiting for it fly this guy tomorrow, mini 3 comes out.

Lets take a look at it ill. Do extensive reviews on it um and im sure its going to be amazing, but this is a great drone for flying today, so hopefully those things made sense if youre really not buying any of this and youre thinking. No, i need the crash avoidance. I need the 1 sensor. I need 4k 60 frames, a second, the mavic air 2 or the air 2, and the air 2s are wonderful alternatives. Theyre a little bit more money, a couple hundred bucks, more especially the r2 right now theres a lot of sales out there in the air too, and the air 2s. If youre really not enamored with this, and you really need those bigger features like crash avoidance and follow me and a better camera longer flight times, jump up to the year 2 or the r2s, but for all you flyers out there theyre thinking of getting in the Hobby, this is a home run and i cant say enough nice things about it so anyway, thats all i had for today. If youre interested in this ive got a link below where you can go, find the drone and check out the specifications and do your own analysis to see if its right for you, but that was pretty much it for today, so dont flame me, i love dji. I love watel, i like hubsan. I fly older drones. I like parrot, i like who did i forget skydio? I fly them all, but i get this question a lot man should i wait for the mini three, or should i go with the mini two go with the mini two buy it fly it and have fun thats it for today.