This is the hubsan xeno mini pro, and it is the first mini drone with obstacle avoidance thats right. This thing is less than 250 grams, which means you dont have to register with the faa, if youre in the us and if youre in other countries, there are other benefits as well. Now, chris and i have been flying this thing and comparing it to other similar sub 250 gram, drones dji has three options, but really only two that you should consider. We have the mini se, which is 299 dollars, and then we have the mini 2, which is 450 xiaomi put out this a while ago. This is the femi mini and its about 350, as well. Now ive seen this one closer to 300, but, generally speaking, it checks in about 350 bucks. These are a couple of other options. We got the bugs 19 and the zl a mini. This is the 108. I dont think these two are really viable comparisons, because the cameras on these just arent up to par so well skip those two in the comparison and well see how the hubsan xeno mini pro does against the dji drones and the best non dji drone in the Category the xiaomi fimi mini now like i said this is the only one that has obstacle avoidance, and this is also the most expensive starting at hundred dollars or 499 dollars, depending on where you buy it all right lets get after it, Music, so spec wise, the Hubsan xeno mini pro is the clear winner right uh, but its not always just about specs, but lets go over that first.

So you understand this is the only one with obstacle voice. We have two sensors in the front two sensors in the rear, and then we have a bunch of sensors on the bottom. Weve got some ir sensors here, as well as an optical flow camera. Youll notice this up here thats an led light, thats, actually, really nice itll light up your landing spot at night. This is the only one of the drones that has that as well. The camera on the xeno mini pro is a 4k camera on a full three axis gimbal. It does have a larger sensor than the other drones at one over 1.3 inches. So that is nice, and it should allow you to get a little bit more detail, especially in lower light situations. Now, the bit rate on this is up to 200 megabytes per second, which is also the best in the class by default. It records at 100 megabytes per second, which is what most of these drones do, and thats probably sufficient, but you can bump it up to 200 youre going to get a pretty big file size, but it will give you a little bit more detail to work with. In post it is just under 250 grams. My scale said it was 250, but you know its not exact, so well give hubs in the benefited out at 249.. This has the longest flight time of 40 minutes now that is under ideal conditions, nobodys getting 40 minutes on this drone, but you should be able to see over 30 minutes of flight time now.

We will do our classic flight time test on this thing. So if you want to see exactly how well it does and how it compares the other drones, youre gon na have to check back in make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss it now. The transmission system on this thing is 10. 000 meters. Thats over six miles and it is pretty darn strong now i did get good signal fidelity when i was flying behind obstacles, so i do think that it is pretty darn legit now im not flying my drones six miles away, but you do know you have good Signal strength there, thats provided by their synclis 3.0 system. What does that mean? Who knows, but it does a nice job. This guy has a top speed of 35 miles, an hour which is comparable to the other drones as well, and you do have a handful of different quick shot abilities, theres an orbit mode. There is a follow me mode. There are waypoints on this, so it does have some things that some of these other drones do not. The camera will shoot 12 megapixel stills and they say through a firmware, update youll get 48 megapixels later on now. What does that actually mean its? Not a 48 megapixel camera, no, its probably something similar to the quad bear sensor. We saw in the old mavic air 2, where it kind of splits the pixels into 4 12 x.

4 is 48.. Okay, so lets talk about flying the hubsan xeno mini and how it compares to some of the other drones okay. So this is the xiaomi fini mini and its pretty comparable. Some things to keep in mind has less flight time by about 10 minutes uh. The range is about 2 000 meters less, and this one has the smallest sensor of the group at 1 over 2.6 inches. This one does also have follow me and waypoints, so it does also have some of the things that hubsan xenomini did as well. When we talk about the dji mini drones, they are basically the same thing except for the transmission system and the camera capabilities right, so mini 2. Here is the top of the line. 450. You get a 4k camera and a 10 000 meter range. The video bit rate is 100 megabytes per second, when we compare that to this guy 300 2.7 k, camera and a range of only 4 000 meters. It also only records at a bit rate of 40 megabytes per second, so keep that in mind. But in terms of how they fly theyre pretty much identical the hardware on these two drones is the same: its the software pretty much that keeps this guy, the s e back from the mini 2., all right! So what chris and i did is we flew some patterns with all four of these drones that were very similar, so you can kind of compare the camera quality now i think camera quality is the most important thing in a drone.

Then we get into things like reliability and then features and well talk about all of that. All right. So first lets take a look at some of the videos coming out of these drones. Okay, so well, take a look at video coming out. All four of these drones, starting with the hubbason xeno mini pro uh, were recording that 4k for all of them, except for mini sc, which only shoots at 2.7 k. So this is for 4k, 30 frames, a second and uh. What do you think ill? Let you kind of make your own conclusions now. All these flights are happening on the same day, obviously not at the same time, but relatively similar time frame now were looking at the uh xiaomi feeney mini this again is 4k footage were gon na fly a similar flight, so you can kind of use it to Compare now keep in mind, youtube does compress the heck out of these things. Okay, so now were looking at the dji mini se, the least expensive of the crew 299. Now all of these are done with stock settings. We have messed with anything in post, we havent messed with anything in the settings right, so this is these are videos right out of the box for every single one of these drones. Now here we have the last one, the dji mini 2 right. This is 4k video, yet again, um the only one remember that was in 4k was the mini se and thats, because well it doesnt shoot 4k.

So hopefully you know you can kind of make your own conclusions, but remember youtube is going to compress the heck out of these videos. Now here are all four drones ill tell you, which is which, after the flight here again stock settings for all of them, 2.7 k on the se, but all the others are in 4k. Now keep in mind. We are, of course, making them smaller um. So there is that to kind of consider now, did you guess right upper left hand corner? Is the hubsan xeno mini pro below that is the xiaomi femi mini upper right hand corner we have the dji mini se. That means the lower uh right hand. Corner is the dji mini 2.. Now lets take a look at some still photos. All right. This first photo is from the hubsan xeno mini uh, now were looking at the xiaomi femi mini the next photo here is going to be the dji mini 2, which means the last photo here. Is the mini s e now im going to put them all on the screen at the same time, so you can take a look at it then im going to zoom in right here two times right. This is a two times zoom cropped in. Maybe maybe this helps maybe it doesnt um, but you can kind of see what were looking at here. Okay, so lets talk about how they actually fly. Now this guy, the xiaomi femi mini, was my least favorite in terms of controllability.

It just didnt seem to react to my inputs on the sticks, as well as the other drones did. Both of these dji drums were rock solid, all the time and they had the best hovering ability right. If i put them in one place, i was pretty confident they were going to stay in that one place the whole time they were there. I couldnt say that for sure about the xiaomi knobson was okay, but definitely not on par with either of the dji drones. Okay, so lets talk about flight modes. These two probably have the most were talking about: the xiaomi femi mini and the hubsan xeno mini pro. They both have follow me now. Actually i get the edge to the xiaomi for the follow me. I had some glitches going on with the hubsan. It kept losing signal it kept going in and out of addy mode, but thats kind of what you tend to get with a hub syndrome. This, i think this hubs and zeno mini will be an excellent drone. Probably four five six months from now, as they continue to push out firmware, updates, thats, pretty consistent with most of the hubs and drones. They just kind of suffer from lack of quality control or maybe theyre just not polished, and they throw them out to the consumers. To figure out whats wrong with it and give them feedback, and then they push out firmware, thats, just kind of par for the course with a hubsan drone.

There was a point where i actually lost connection to this thing and had to return home. I was not able to get it back connected. Even it was like four feet from me: it had to return home, it had to land, and i was able to power it off power back on. We were good to go, but just kind of some random glitchy things that hubsan needs to fix. So im going to give you an example of the follow me working right. So first were going to talk about the active track following which is okay, but youll, see here that once it loses you its its not going to find you right. So you drag, you drag a box around your subject. Uh, you click go and then it will follow you right, thats. What we got going on here. This is a screen recording to my phone and im just going to kind of walk here along along the path um until it, for whatever reason, cant see me anymore, right its doing. Okay, doing all right im, you know im just kind of walking along here and weve got a little bend in the road um its gon na. Follow me around the bend. Uh here comes someone else approaching: oh its starting to lose and hes starting to lose me gone right. You know i was not moving fast, theres theres, no reason why it shouldnt have. It should have lost me here it just it.

Just did um its not gon na find me so were gon na stop. It were gon na go into uh the follow mode, but gps right. So in the gps mode. The follow me here. You know you kind of set some parameters. You execute immediately. So you you set the distance im going to bring a little bit closer to me and im going to do more of a top down view for the gps follow uh that you know seems to to work well and uh. You know i set the altitude, i set the distance from me and then it will follow now i have control of the camera. So if i need to move it a little bit, if i need to push the drone up in the air a little bit, i can do that and its not going to lose me here. It doesnt matter. If i walk behind an obstacle or not were going to have no issues with the follow me in gps mode, so there are two modes right. So if the active track just isnt working for you um, you know then switch to the gps mode and, and it will right but its not going to necessarily center your subject. Youre gon na have to do a little bit more work with the gps, follow. Okay, so here were going to do a quick, follow me with the xiaomi femi mini. I think it does a little bit better of a job.

You know the process is pretty much the same. You draw a box around the subject and you click the go button and it will follow the subject. Yeah. You can see the app here again theyre pretty darn similar. I mean these drones are pretty comparable. I do think it does a better job in terms of the the active track following so theres that you know im im moving a little bit quicker here around the bend. Oh, is this tree going to trip it up? No, no, its its doing all right, and even i can change direction im going to do that here in a second and its going to be okay, look at that back pedal, so graceful didnt even fall, but yeah its its a decent option. If you need follow me right, look at that coming right back at it and its moving backwards, but remember no obstacle avoidance here. So if you use gps, follow its just gon na follow the gps on your phone, which again its gon na, be pretty dark good, and then you can control the gimbal the camera. What you want to do with it so yeah. So both of these have follow and waypoints, which is not something youre going to get with either of the dji drones. I do like the quick shots that you have with the dji drones. They work well and theyre super easy and intuitive, but there is no follow me and there is no obstacle.

Avoidance lets talk about obstacle avoidance here, ive got a video talking a little bit more about the obstacle avoidance, but you need to know a couple of things. One you have to calibrate it and thats a process which ill cover in my other video and two its not really that great out of the box, and you cant just push a button to calibrate it so that it is either its a process. Keep that in mind, so the beeping does work right, itll, sense obstacles, but in terms of like stopping no, not always, i kind of messed it up. Here i found that it performs a little bit better in slow mode versus normal and it does not work at all in sport mode thats, pretty consistent with most drones that have obstacle avoidance. I think in time itll get better with firmware updates. But actually i really wonder about that, because i know that this xeno mini was delayed because of the chip shortage, and i wonder if hubsan had to rely on a different chip to kind of get this thing off the ground now something that is a little odd Is when you fire this up, you dont get an fpv feed. I dont know if thats to conserve battery or if its, just because the processor gets hot too quickly when its on the ground, so theres that its not a deal breaker but just kind of an odd thing. Also, this hubsan xeno mini youll notice has two sd card slots, but not really you dont put an sd card in here um.

It has an internal hard drive, so 64 128, i think maybe even a 256 option and it costs a little bit more each time you add memory to this guy. I have 128 gig option and theres plenty of storage on here. I dont have to worry about. For getting an sd card, although its not quite as easy, i cant just pull the sd card and throw it in my computer. I have to connect it via this micro, usb connector here to my computer and then transfer the files that way now it does create two files. It creates a low res file and a high res file and thats actually a good thing. Some people are like why. Why do i have this file that just looks bad well, you can use proxies, and chris has done a great video to show you how to use proxies, especially if youre recording in 4k 4k will a computer when youre editing unless you use a proxy file and Then you can kind of replace it at the end. So if you want to see how to do that to save space, your computer isnt the best when it comes to video editing, you can get around that with proxies and hubsan creates one for you every time. So the question is which one of these would i buy if i had say 500 to spend on a drone. My answer i dont know if i need something that has follow me.

I like the light on this. Yes, i would opt for the hubsan, but i probably wouldnt spend money today, id probably wait to make sure that hubsan gets the firmware correct before i pull the trigger on this guy. I dont see many scenarios where i would opt for this guy. This xiaomi femi. It just isnt as reliable. I dont like the way that it flies, and i dont think the camera is as good as any of the others when it comes down to the best bang, for your buck is the mini s e this guy at 300 dollars is absolutely capable of everything. These other drones are, with the exception of the modes that it doesnt, have right: theres, no obstacle avoidance, but does that matter if the obstacle avoidance doesnt really work? Theres no follow me, but also you could get follow me with a third party software, something like lychee. If thats something youre really interested in, but the reliability on this, the camera on this, the rock solid feel in the air um with the dji mini se, makes this the best bang for your buck, but that mini sc does have range limitations. It is by far the most limited of this group thats, where this comes in the mini 2 is probably the best and will be the one that i recommend you get right, 50 less than the hubsan. This is the way to go. The camera is, i think, the best the software, i think, is the best.

The stability is the best i dont think thats debatable and you know youre getting a good experience with dji listen. I would love for one of these other companies to take the throne from dji, but they just keep making really good drones. Companies like hubsan and xiaomi are making strides and they make a good drone. But why settle for good when you can have better so kind of depends? You have 500, which one of these do you want well im, not going to tell you what to do. If you really want obstacle avoidance? Yes, if you want reliability, dji it doesnt matter. Heck buy both dont do that. You only need one mini drone, which ones it gon na be make sure you subscribe. So you dont miss videos coming your way and if you havent already check out our patreon, we give away a drone once a month to lucky.