So ive done a video recently where i reviewed the fimi x8 mini were going to put it up against its number one competitor and the reason why this drone is probably even here and thats, the dji mini series – and this is the dji mini 2. So is this fimi x8 a potential problem for the dji mini 2, or is it no competition whatsoever? So, im going to go through some of the points today and then let you know what my decision is at the end, whether you should buy this drone or not lets go so if talking price, the drive mini 2 is currently round about the 419 pound. 449 mark thats for the standard drone to the dji mini 2, with the controller and nothing else, whereas the fimi x8 strangely comes with two different batteries. The standard is round about 330 pound in the uk, so roughly around about 400, but that battery is 258 grams. So you cant fly that restriction free in a lot of countries. So its really bizarre. Why that even exists for me that shouldnt exist, so you have to then buy the pro version, which is around about the 370 pound mark still cheaper than this? Yes, but not by much so, which would you buy if youre going to want this drone, and you want to fly it under that 250 gram category. So less restrictions youre going to want to pick up the pro version, which is what im testing today.

So, regardless of specs, what are the similarities between these and on paper? The fema x8 mini youll see has some really interesting and good specs, but just like i mentioned with other drones, which are coming out its like the xenomini pro. If that ever releases its. Not all about the specs on paper, its about how that actually performs in real life, so specs wise, weve talked about price. So lets have a look at some of the other specs, so both going to be around about the 30 minute mark both have a very similar range. The weight weve already talked about 238 grams for the mini 2 and depending on which version you get youre going to be wanting to get the pro version, which is 249 grams. Both have a max speed of 35 miles per hour. Neither of these have obstacle avoidance and then the high resolution mode, so youve got 4k 30 on both of these megapixels. Both gon na have a 12 megapixel camera. Both have a very similar sensor, size, both able to take jpeg and raw images and both have a maximum video bit rate of a hundred megabits per second each so very similar there, but the fimi x8 mini also has the follow me mode, which is like a Quick shot mode and hdr video, where the dji mini 2 just has dji quick shots. So, on paper, the fimi x8 mini there is a clear winner by having those extra features, but, as i discussed in the earlier video where i talked about this and reviewed this, its not great, which well talk about very soon so were going to go through.

Some of these features ill show you some video clips as i do this, but relation to these drones. They are both small drones, so they need to have good wind resistance, so today was a really windy day outside on the beach. So i took both of these drones up and you can see both did okay, but the femi x8 mini. Certainly doesnt have the same wind resistance. It was moving about a hell of a lot up and down side to side and it wasnt really secure. Now that doesnt give me a lot of confidence to be able to fly this even in strong. It was around about 30 miles an hour winds today, and there was some severe gusts. The dji mini 2 was a lot more stable in the wind which given gives you more confidence to fly and are able to be able to fly for longer in different scenarios. So wind resistance, the dji mini 2, is a clear winner there. For me, video quality both have 4k 30, but when i look at both of these through the memory card, the dji mini 2 just looks more natural straight out of the gate. Im not saying its perfect. The 1.4.8 current update on this drone as it stands, does over saturate the footage a lot, but nowhere near as much as what the femi x8 was. That is just so oversaturated that every single clip has to be brought down significantly. When you look at both of these through the actual app as well, the mini 2 just looks really decent quality, whereas its really poor looking quality, even though its meant to be 720p feedback that when youre looking at it through the app it doesnt look the best Its only when you see it through memory card thinking, oh thats, actually, all right it doesnt have different fps modes like the x8 mini thats good.

You can record at 90 fps, which is really great to see. The mini 2 tops out at 60, but the slo mo on the mini 2 is by no means bad. If youre really wanting that slow mo footage, but youre willing to sacrifice some of that video quality, then the x8 mini is there. But for me its a close one, but the mini tooth video quality wise is certainly the best picture quality. They both have 12 megapixel cameras, so you would think thats the same again through the apps. Mini 2 has photos, panorama mode has ab bracket photos, whereas the x8 mini doesnt have as many options and again its really similar to what we just said about the video the photos coming out of the mini 2, with especially with the raw photos as well. Even though both can do this just straight away, if you want to just go and put them onto instagram theyre, just ready to put on and the photo quality is normally spot on with the mini 2., the x8 mini again is good its nothing bad. To say about it, but it is not as good as this so ease of use ive thrown this one in because its not all about that actual video quality up in the air. Its about how quick we can grab one of these drones get to that location and start flying the x8 mini, certainly isnt. My ease of use contender for the year no way by the time you get this and put it up in the air.

It does take longer, you know the app isnt as intuitive. I wish i could show you through some of the screen recordings, but for some reason, whenever i do a screen record with this, it doesnt work all the time or it crashes, the app. So the actual ease of use of from, from my point of view, ive been able to screen record this for youtube thats, a non starter, because i just cant screen record and show you, but its also about getting the thing set up. So this you know it takes longer to get a satellite connection, so we cant get it in the air as quick and the ease of use in relation to the app everything on the screen on the dji mini 2 is nicely laid out. You know it. Doesnt. Take up the load of the screen, we have a good image of the screen and then the options at the top and bottom, its all nicely laid out and set up, and we know where all the different functions are and theyre quick and easy to get to. Whereas the menu system on the x8 mini is a bit of a minefield, although there are loads of settings and options and thats great theyre, all a bit over there, its a bit like the sony cameras, the menus are just to take you so long to find One thing: if i want to activate sports mode ive got to go through one menu to the next menu scroll, all the way down to find sports mode.

I just want to be able to just flick on the switch on the remote controller and get it and i cant so the ease of use the flying experience in the air, the enjoyment of flying it. The mini 2 wins yet again so extra features they both have the quick shots modes theyre, both very similar, the x8 mini, as ive said on the first video. If you have not checked that out, go and have a look, its got pretty much exactly the same. Quick shot as the mini 2 and thats great to see, but they are not as good im, not bashing this at all, but theyre just not and hes a firmer update, and they will be great so its good to see that what i love to see on The x8 mini is that theyve gone forward and pushed forward to get this quick shots mode. This active track mode, so weve got a front and a side of his active track now in paper on paper, that sounds great, but again i cant show you the screen. Recording but i did on the first video and where it did work on that occasion, its not the best. You know if theres any object that i was showing you ill just put a video on the clip here. So i was walking, but there was some actual rocks just underneath me and some steps above me and trying to get it to lock onto me was really hard, and i think my seventh attempt to actually manage to lock and then follow me same with my daughter On the beach, because there was different obstacles behind her, you know it doesnt, lock, youve got to get the height of the drone spot on you, get it too low.

Itll say you know, the altitude is not high enough. Get it too high its not. You know its got to be spot on and then it says the camera angle isnt right, so its not brilliant its not easy to set up its, certainly not like dji 2s, where you just find there. Somebody automatically registers them click plus and thats them tracked its not its very fiddly, its great to see – and i did say my first video – that it has really good potential that that this could be better, and this is the best selling feature for this of those Options 100, but the moment theyre, just not there theres 60 of the way there. The the ingenuity of it is great the option to have it there is great, but it has to perform at the moment it doesnt perform so for extra features wise. This wins, but it needs to be better all right, so flying experience. So the experience with both manufacturers, so the femi and dji, are both great manufacturers. Ive had dji drones a hell of a long time going back to the phantom series sparks their pros. So i just love being able to get the drone in the air using the app be able to put it onto my phone or laptop and then edit it straight away or show it off its its so easy to use. Whereas this ive talked about in the first video every time you put memory card in unless its a u3 memory card, it wont work and then once you do put memory card in you pretty much have to format it every single time and the first time i Did that all the footage, when i put it onto my laptop wasnt there it was, it was just error – error error on every single video.

So just imagine that ive gone to a video shoot like i did during water recently so from stunning videos in a brilliant location. I got all the way home hours later. I put it on. I cant wait to see that footage and its all not there. You know that for me, it would just put me off id be like this. Drone is gone so the confidence to fly that that just knocked it straight away after that its worked a few times all right, its been okay, but all that needs to happen is one time for it not to work and that could potentially cost you a lot Of money or you lose all that actual memories, so also when the drone was in the air, you get some random messages through the app giving you warning messages when there isnt really a warning. You know telling you things when there isnt, really there, the apps crashed on me a few times, so the dji fly app is certainly as if i told you not perfect, but its a lot better than the femi app, so that experience of flying the drone. Having that confidence again, the dji mini 200 wins okay, so just to wrap it up. So if i was in the market for a drone under 250 grams and were looking at price as well as a big dealer in this so 419 for the mini 2, 360 370 for the fema x8 mini, remember, youre gon na need that pro version – if you Want to stay under that 250 gram limit, so is there enough difference for 50 pounds? Yes, if i was to buy one of these, the dji mini 2 would 100 be the one for everything i just pointed out before the spec of it, the flying performance, the 4k quality just be able to ease of use, get the memory card out of the Drone or use the fly app put it onto your editor program and away you go youve got that footage theres too many glaring little niggly issues with this.

Currently it could be better. The firmware updates on this could make this drone better. If this has better active track performance and it can track things better – maybe the revamp the app and make the actual app look better. Then thats also good. There was one other thing i forgot to mention when i was flying this before this has a 30 minute actual battery life, but this thing here so, although it is intuitive because you move it put your remote control in it, doesnt have any way in there. For the same battery capacity as the remote control that comes with the dji mini 2., so when i was flying this this drone earlier, this actually went flat before the before the actual drone. So after about 15 minutes, i started to get a low battery warning and this was fully charged so again, no confidence in flying this drone over this drone, its not a bad drone by any stretch but out the two. This one wins so the elephant, then in the room, is the dji mavic mini. I no longer have that drone because its quite dated now, but it was a fantastic drone. The signal did, let it down. But if youre going to be flying quite close to you and you just want photos and video drones for your family on holidays and youre wanting something out of budget for less than what this drone costs, i would probably still go with that.

It doesnt have 4k 30 was 2.7. K is the max resolution. So, if youre really on a budget, the dji mini 1 mavic mini, i would still pick or the mini se in a few countries. If you can get it, i would get that rather than this, but for 50 pounds extra, the mini 2. For me i would 100 get that rather than this drone, so i hope you found that helpful guys. Let me know in the comments down below. Do you have this drone? What do you think you know? A few people have said you did get this, and but you sent it back its, not a knock on this drone it just it needs extra work, it needs some firmer updates and this good could be really good. Its got potential, but at the moment this is the best sub 250 gram.