Um uh, Music, Music, facebook, Music fly more combo first before we open, so i bought this from santa del very ph. So this is a thank you card. So thank you for so much for your order, and this is also my contact number and facebook page. So later on, i will be disclosing the price or of how much is this one so ill put the facebook page and number of santa wph on the description box below, so you can able to check it out and also we have here a warranty service and For the factory defects, if they have so victorian uh its my second time to order in santa delivery, page and suritas website or facebook site more combo, so according here supply, more combo, we have aircraft apparel, shoulder bag, screwdriver remote controller rck ball. So we have three spare propellers. We have also three flight battery. We have cusb the manual and the two way charging hub and also we have spare control sticks so in case a control sticks. At least we have another one: um specs dji mini 2. So, according to this, we have ultralight and for the ball, so less than 249 grams base ceremony uh for 200 footer incomes, you dont need to have a paper parameter so about 250 grams. Next, we have 31 minutes max flight time, so 21 minutes maximum capacity. Drone for aluminum next we have 10 kilometer aqua, sink 2.0 hd video transmission and 8.

5 to 10.5 millisecond level, 5, wind resistance. In our drone. We have three axis: gimbal, camera and 4k to 30 frames per second, you at the end, dji mini 2. So we can able to uh Music and also we have panorama, quick shots and one tap videos upon opening the box, Music, Music, Music and also my string bag and hes inaudible guys and i think its water resistant, but not waterproof. So next, nothing in the check is young drone itself so upon checking the drone Music burditon, Music, Music Music before first time use. So before we use this, we need to charge it so to unfold it. If this is your first time guys, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music for drones so well see. So this is our batteries. We have two extras here, and this is our charging hub, but well see well find one drone so well check later on and this for our cables. This the is – and we have the additional c type – and this is the 3.0 keyboard in this – for our chord c type as well: Music, a few moments later: Music, guys, Music, Music, Music bag, double check; screwdriver, okay, remote controller rck, ball pair propellers, Music check flight Battery check usb cable check manuals, check two way: charging hub check and spare control stick spare and check guys Music, and this is for only for 28, 491 pesos from santa delivery ph and the ground around for almost 29 to 30 000.

The new price nila formal price, so 2 000 pesos, because this is free shipping the month before ordering aman cassettes, reviews and then website and the site, santa delivery, page brand new, never been never been touched, never been opened and drawn attend originally from their suppliers, Music. So im happy today because and finally im i got this – i got this one, so it wont even cutie, Music, Music adventures. At least we have another um different angles: different shots to be shown, uh ill, be showing to you guys and guys so later on. Let us drive nothing and Music if you want to check santa delta, ph ill, put the facebook page and face uh the account or the accounts on the description box, you can check it out and also this is only for 28 hours and 491 pesos, so its Its the price, you will have your own dji, mini 2 drone and i think thats all for today guys thank you for watching and um im happy to have this one, because Music dont forget to like share and subscribe and always stop that notification below so youll. Always be updated every time i go upload.