I make videos about travel, real estate and documentaries, so today we are going to be doing the review of dji 2 mini drone and if youre new dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe, make sure you leave a comment and let me know youre new On this channel lets get straight into the review Music, so this is the box it came in, and this was delivered by ship shop share this video, you know anyway, sponsored by them. Well, you can check them out ill put the link below so lets. Unbox. Quite a red box, though this is the propeller guard and the drone itself, the dji to mini quite small right so were gon na open it, okay, so out of the box, what you see you get fast is the drone, quite small. Okay, you jump fast going to remove some stickers from it and then a manual as you can see here a manual quite much lots of manner that im not going to read. Then you have some extra stuffs. First of all, you find the sticks. Well, i think this is across sticks for the remote control. Then a screwdriver, some propeller, i think two extra propellers, then your wired cable for different phone is regular usb and i think there should be one more okay. Then the controller which is here you can see the controller quite big, i think its quite heavier than the zoom and a little bigger than this you can see.

This is quite bigger than june, so um, the controller uh silica, do not eat away so thats. All in the box, so you can see june. First of all, you start by removing the first the legs from up this way and then the one below okay, then the gimbal guard see quite small. So you can. I dont know if you can see the gimbal from here, so its written 4k on it so um. Basically, then, you have to put here one for a type c charger and then the other for um micro, sdi, yeah an sd card, and then the battery goes in here. The battery is quite small, well its heavier safe than the drone. I think i dont know. I dont have a scale id have with it, so so i guess the the remote controller now from the minute. You have two sticks here, so theres one extra speaker, you can see here so in case just in case you missed this. Anyone extra six so lets some sticks and type c charging points. I like the fact that they are all type c charging points so um from the top from top here, um Music, the top you have um a light which shows the battery level yeah. You can see it so um, i think, to turn it on. You tap once and then hold tap once and hold. You can hear the sound so um, then the next button you have um cine mood, thats, a good, slow, super, slow, then normal and then spots very fast and then the next thing is the return to home button.

I will show you in the flight test, which i did ill link the video up here somewhere here once i do it well, ive recorded it actually, so once the video is out ill link, it there and then fly thats for flying thats for return to home. Rather and then to post your flights, just in case youre in the air to pass it okay, so lets turn on the controller one and hold just the way you turn it on and then lets fix the sticks. So, at the top of controller, you have a gimbal screw for the gimbal to rotate up and down. I think its about 90 degrees, rotates 90 degree degrees up and down. Okay, then next youll find the the bottom two. I think this is take a shot. Oh, i think yeah. This is to take a shot so, whether youre on video mode or camera mode, you can just take a shot and then whats here the phone holder. Okay, so you can place your phone here just put it here and then it snaps snaps. This way, as you can see so, depending on the phone youre using now, there are different lighting cables so for this phone is a regular usb cord, so lets lets. Try lets try quickly lets try some ill put the regular usb lighting cable, which is here yeah connect with your drone quite easy. So you press this once and hold it on the drone youre on the sorry, the remote control and then to turn on the drone.

So the same thing make sure you spread the legs spread the legs. Applause start from the up usually and then just as you turn on the controller you hold and press see, you see the gimbal rotating and they mix very. I like the rainbow lights. So lets connect, but without the app now so ill show you that so once you turn on june and the remote control it automatically control and connect – and remember you have to this – actually came download ship shop share this you can. This is propeller guard for june um. I think this was a gift, because i didnt want that for this. Well, this is a propeller guard, ill show you how to how it works. Okay lets unbox this too. First of all, oh you find the manual inside which im still not going to read and then um, oh yeah. The rope is in this room for a carrier for propeller and then the propeller itself, so im going to show you how it works. So lets turn on lets. Turn off the drone hold the simulator on turn it up. So for the legs fold, the legs Music for the legs so lets cover our gimbal. The gimbal cover okay, its quite tight, so you can see the propellers flicking around. So this is the guide for it so make sure you fold it this way like this, and then this one this way, so you open it this way, and then we put put it this way.

We insert it so you can see a pocket friendly. Doom is a pocket friendly drum you can put it in your pockets and just go around. So that is all for this. If you enjoyed this video, please dont forget to hit the like button and if you watch to this extent, just drop an eyeball emoji lets confuse the rest. I didnt reach this point so doing a flight test soon so ill link the video up somewhere so ill, see you in the next video bye.