Back last week, video was a little longer than i probably would have anticipated, but that was important that was necessary. I kept that one along i didn’t want to take too much out of it. I wanted to leave as much as i possibly could in that video, so today, i’m gon na try and make something a little bit more concise and get straight to the point you might have heard me say in the last video something along the lines of how Great, would a drone shot be just straight through there. I wan na buy one i’m just gon na have to get one so yeah we uh. We did it so that’s. The plan for today’s video, i’m gon na go out and test. This drone never owned one. Before and i’ve flown them before, so it will be interesting, it arrived yesterday and i have it all charged up. Have it all ready to go i’ve got it all set up already. I just need to go and fly it and i’ve watched a few videos and i think i’ve got an idea of how to do it. I’Ve got the settings set to how i want them as well, so yeah, hopefully uh. Hopefully, people get a plan right with that said: um let’s go time to head out right so far, not off for the best of starts uh. This location didn’t work, because the drone knows what location’s in of course, and it can also tell whether it’s in a space where it can’t fly.

Unfortunately, this specific spot is just a little bit too close to the leeds bradford airport. Unfortunately, so i can’t fly the drone here, which means i have to go to the second place: um. Hopefully, that place will work it’s, not anywhere near the airport, so it should be fine. I probably should have just gotten there straight really shouldn’t. I maybe this is a complete waste of time. Anyways yeah yeah, not after the best start. First fight didn’t, really work enough. My nd filters at home it’s all right, we’ll make two we’ll make do right. Okay, we made it to location number two, as you can see, the sun is right in my eyes, it’s a really nice day out. Hopefully, this time i should be able to get going. I think everything should be fine there’s, no one here, there’s, no one here and it’s completely open should be prime it’s, prime location for good signal transmission or whatever. The word is for that and there’s. No one around no aircraft, we’re good let’s go okay. It’S there. You ready right, Music! Thank you, Music, so Music. So if you hadn’t already noticed, this was footage from the dji mini 2, which was the drone i purchased. That is this one right here: dji’s tiny little 250 gram, drone that is way smaller than you might think. It is i mean when i got it in the post and i pulled out the packaging i just was yeah.

I was really surprised at how tiny it really is and it’s super super light in terms of being a beginner and being completely new. To this i found the whole process of connecting everything up. Getting everything set up really really easy. There are plenty of tutorials online, but dji’s app offers you sort of like a walk through process of setting the app up setting the drone up and getting everything going and there’s. Obviously, the paperwork in the box that you can read through if you’d like, as well and being a beginner flyer and never flying a drone before. I think the reason why dji or is one of the reasons why dji owned the market in drones is they’ve just made drones that are so easy and intuitive to fly. Everything about the drone makes sense, it’s, simple and easy. Everything feels intuitive. The app is intuitive and makes a lot of sense. It’S really really simple to get going, and i think if you are someone who’s looking to get into flying drones simply for flying and if you just want to get some footage and you want to get some aerial shots – you’re, not too worried about it and you’re. Not a professional, this is probably the drone for you. I will talk about sort of the image and what i thought about the video that it produces in just a moment. But i think that in terms of a cheap drone or a cheapest drone that you can get really really solid footage out of and you can fly really really easily and get to know really quickly.

I think this is the one in terms of footage and the video that you can get out of this drone. I think it’s about as good as it costs. I don’t think you could probably do much better at this price point. Obviously, comparing it to the bigger budget drones, the mavic air and the pros and those big boys, probably not as good. I personally don’t really know what it would look like side by side. I don’t own one of those drones. This is the only drone i own. So i couldn’t really do a side by side comparison, but the footage straight out of the drone looks okay. I wouldn’t call it perfect. There are a few things that i’ll mention in just a moment, but for the most part, if you want to go on holiday and record aerial footage and film, you and your family, your you and your partner on holiday or wherever you are just having a good Time i think this is really really good. I don’t think you can really complain at 419 pounds in the uk. There are a few things that if you are more sort of into professional video, if you want to think about getting top quality footage out of a cheaper drone, there are things that you need to think about. These sort of things stand out to me, particularly because i want that camera that can do those things bigger drones, aren’t quite within the budget.

Just yet so something like this, i mean it offers 4k, something that can shoot really really well as easy to get used to is perfect, but the main tour drawbacks that i found were one. Whilst there is a manual mode in the camera settings within the app, you can choose the iso and the shutter speed and that sort of thing you can choose those, but as a videographer or someone that produces video content, you want to stick to that 180 degree. Rule and you want to make sure that your shutter speed is twice the frame rate, which is not always very easy to do, particularly if you’re shooting in bright daylight. Obviously, the solution to this on regular cameras – and i think other drones too, is to get nd filters. Personally, i don’t own any for this drone that’s, something that i need to look into. Maybe maybe i could check this out for a different video if you use the auto mode, you kind of get this weird shift in exposure and shutter speed and it just kind of looks a little janky very unprofessional. Doesn’T look great, so i definitely consider nd filters if you want a drone like this. Another thing i found is that the footage requires a bit of time in the color grade process. The colors aren’t perfect, and i felt like some of the contrasts – can be a little bit off um. There were just a few things that felt a little flat looking at it from just sort of like a first glance, and maybe you you know uploaded on social media really quickly.

You might be all right, but if you were to do a proper shoot and to do sort of a proper project, you would want to take the time to really color grade it and take the time to work with those colors and fix any of the issues That come out but, like i said, for the casual uh person that just wants to take video. This is probably too far of a step or it’s just an unnecessary step, but as someone that does and wants to do more professional work, this is definitely something to consider because it will take up time and obviously time is very, very important. But overall there is nothing too much. I can complain about about this drone i mean for 400 pounds uh 420 pounds. I think it’s pretty much dead on what you really sort of have to sort of consider is how careful and how much time you want to spend with the drone in terms of how much price you’re willing to pay or what price you’re willing to pay and For me, i think this one hits a pretty good mid level spot so yeah the dji mini 2, even though i’m a few months late to the party it’s a thumbs up for me, i think it’s a pretty solid piece of kit. I look forward to continuing to use it and you’ll definitely see it more and more so that brings this review sort of video to a close.

This was a fun one to do, it’s, always fun when you get a new piece of tech.