So i just caught my very first drone, the dji mini 2. i’m already in love, and it was the best decision of my life and i’m going to tell you why, but first do me a favor hit that thumbs up button and let’s get right into it. Music, so first things first, this is my mini 2 by dji it’s, the follow up, obviously, to the dji mini, which was very well received when it first came out because it is very small, compact, affordable and the specs on. It are great now, as far as drones go most places and with most drones, you’re going to need a pilot’s license, which is a three day course in most places, it’s fairly expensive and i’ve heard that it is a pain in the ass to go through there’s. A lot of questions and apparently it’s harder than getting your driver’s license. So unless you are very committed to being a drone op, it might not be the best option for you, which is why the dji mini and mini 2 have become so popular because it is actually under the 250 gram limit. So the mini 2 is actually 249 grams, which allows you to fly it legally without a license, so it’s, very consumer friendly and is actually the reason i decided to get this one in particular, so i could fly it without taking the course now. I know all you nerds care about is specs let’s jump right into the specs, so for the mini 2, you can shoot at 1080 at 24 frames per second 25 frames per second 30 frames per second 50 frames per second and 60 frames per second.

It also shoots at 2.7 k at 24 frames per second 25, 30, 50 and 60 very similar to the 1080, and finally, it shoots at 4k at 24 frames, 25 and 30.. So, overall, a really good selection. I really am a fan of how you can shoot 60 at 2.7 k – it’s, not 4k, but it is still better than 1080, which is very helpful. So even my sony that i’m shooting on right now can only shoot 60 frames at 1080. So this is a huge jump up and i’m very happy that it’s part of this drone. So the iso on the drone goes from 100 to 3200, which isn’t a crazy range, but i noticed even at 3200 shooting at nighttime. I didn’t have that much noise, which is really nice and even the bit of noise. I did have at 3200 iso i felt like could be taken out in post, so not a huge deal there and still very workable. The drone’s camera itself has a 24 millimeter equivalent with a f 2.8 aperture. I believe, which is all really any of us, need for a consumer drone. That is perfect. Let’S, be honest, so straight out the gate. I had honestly no problems learning how to fly. The drone it took about a minute or two for me to get comfortable, so you have two joysticks, the left one will let you go up down and rotate left and right and the right one lets you go forward backwards, side to side and then as well.

You have a sort of rotating trigger that lets you tilt up and down. So super simple takes five minutes even less to get comfortable with it, it’s very similar to playing any sort of video game. Honestly, the white balance is also fully customizable and as well. You have the option of using auto white balance for those very rare occasions where your color will be shifting. I don’t use that or recommend using that very often, but it does come in handy in certain scenarios. Now something i found pretty cool is there are three shooting modes native to the drone, so there’s a cine mode, a normal mode and a sports mode. Cine mode is a little bit slower on the joysticks. So if you’re going to be going up or down it’s a little bit slower, so you can get those smooth, slow, cinematic shots. Normal is exactly what you would think it is normal speeds, and sport mode is a little bit quicker. Now, in terms of distance, the dji mini 2 has been maxing out at 120 meters high and in terms of distance just under a kilometer. So honestly that’s all you need, because the battery life is a little bit low. So you get about 30 minutes per battery. So i would suggest getting multiple batteries. I got three with my flymore combo and it’s been perfect, thus far. So really, the only negative thing i have to say about the drone is because of its small size when you’re taking off it’s very low to the ground.

So if you’re in somewhere with a lot of high grass, you will end up chopping some of that grass, but it’s not too hard to find a flat surface, whether it’s a picnic table or a basketball court, or something like that. In order to take off, and even if you are in that bit of high grass it’s, not a huge deal, you’re just going to chop some of the grass and your drone’s going to go up in the air in a matter of a second or two other Than that, the drone is equipped with some pretty cool features. My favorite one so far is the follow mode. So you can select an object on your controller and it will automatically follow that object. So you don’t have to focus on controlling it, it’s kind of like if you’re in a car – and you want to follow the car. But you don’t want to drive distracted because you might kill somebody that’s, a perfect mode for you, wow all in all i’m super happy with the drone it’s very portable, fairly affordable and it suits all of my music video travel, video and corporate video needs. So no complaints thus far, and that concludes today’s video. If you enjoyed the video hit the thumbs up. Button i’d really appreciate it. Let me know in the comments below, if you want to see more drone content i’m going to be shooting a lot in the upcoming months.

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