You have your smartphone with you to take fantastic videos like this out of a smartphone, which is incredible, but you also have a special drone with you, the dji mini 2. So how are you going to be able to get those drone shots to make this area? Look as good as it looks in real life? So, first of all, get this drive mini 2 im going to be showing you today the essential drone shots which you need to use time and time again, Music before taking off think about location. I always take off in areas where its not too busy. This will mean less distractions, less people coming up to you asking you about the drone and that will make for better shots once youve got lined up. The first shot were going to talk about is the sideways, slow left or right in this one were going to be doing it left and then a slight increase in that altitude, and this is a timeless classic. All of these are classics, but the sideways shot is one of my favorites. None of these shots have an nd filter on. I did this purposely for beginners out there and then well talk about them at the end, but this is the rise shot straight up with that altitude. No jerky motion whatsoever, nothing left or right. If you hit it accidentally, stop and start again straight up, and this is a fantastic shot. If you start nice and low, then as you climb, you can start to introduce a slight camera down hand motion just by decreasing that gimbal like were doing here.

It is lovely the circle fast involves, pushing left or right simultaneously on both sticks, either inwards or outwards. To get this fantastic circular motion the top down shots is one of my favorites, nice and slow sideways up or down. This is one of the best shots that you can do with the drone. Music and dont forget photos too. The ddramity 2 takes some fantastic photos, either top down or straight on make sure you experiment with your photos. The forward reveal involves having that gimbal pointed either straight down or angled down and then, as you fly forward with that drone, you rotate that gimbal smoothly to establish that landscape Music. The pan down forward involves you to get set up properly beforehand and then camera angle straight down forward on that right, stick and then no movements and this one is phenomenal Music. Then we can use the two time zoom on the mini tube, to get a close up top down shot of these waves crashing into the rocks. I am playing with your mind using sound effects, sound effects play a massive part, and then we can introduce some motion as well going forwards and then zoom out. If we wish the top down shot is one of the best out there. This straight forward, or straight back, involves just one movement on the stick. This is a great shot as well for establishing a scene, especially if youre at a coast anywhere where theres some motion, some separation between the sea and the actual landscape make sure everything is nicely framed out.

This will take practice, but you can see here: the waves crashing are directly centered. Ive got a bit of the cliff at the very top, but then the c is still the main focus point, its a fantastic shot. Again. These are simple shots to use. Time and time again, this shot is a fast gimbal down motion, whilst traveling backwards as well, and it gives that illusion then of a free falling drone. But what if you had a focus point, a landscape, something which you wanted to focus on one particular area here is this bridge so im lined up my only adjustments are going to be altitude im not going to change left or right at all. I can pick my own altitude and how i want this shot to end. Please enjoy this its a fantastic shot in a fantastic area areas: Music, Music. The motion is smooth and steady. Now weve passed the bridge i want to end with that reveal shot from Music in the before id, give the hole of my heart if it means Music – and i the landscape, helps for sure, but you can do this. These are essential drill moves. The drill moves. I use all the time pretty much every single flight so master these perfect. These different types of shots, slow fast downwards forwards, different motions and you will establish a fantastic travel shot, but this is what it looks like without nd filters and without any color grading.

When i add my own lot, which is the dm pro looks coming out soon, i can bring some of them colors back, but if you use an nd filter, you will reduce that glare and youll have different nd filters for different lighting conditions. So today it was bright with lots of glare on the rocks, so nd filters would have been so much better. I wanted to show you this straight out of auto for beginners, just what it looks like, but if you are interested in some nd filters, i use freewell linked in the description below. I also played, with your mind, a lot using sound effects which are crucial. The drone, obviously cant, take and record any actual sounds so by using sound effects on any travel. Videos makes that quality so much better. So i use soundstripe. I have my own playlist, so if you like the songs, i use theyre all there. If you want to give this a shot, then you can check it out also in the description below. So thanks. So much for watching guys if youre new around here like and subscribe itd, be excellent, its great to be back in the driving seats again, and i cant wait to show you some more videos. Ive got using both of these dji drones. Take care guys see you soon.