We’Ve got a bit of an issue with the mini two batteries. If you have left these in the drone or in the charging hub that you get with the fly more combo, and if you do then do this now get your drone and obviously just a quick press of the power button. And you can see the four lights light up. Likewise, with the charging hub, you’ve got a little power button, there press that and it shows the charge status of the battery so all well and good, and as you can see that both the batteries in the charging hub and in the drone are fully charged. But the issue is that i haven’t used the mini 2 in over three weeks since filming my smooth gimbal settings video i charged them off after that, and then i left them, and this is the huge issue, because these are intelligent flight batteries. They’Ve got electronics on board to auto discharge them slowly when they’re stored at full charge, because they’re lipo batteries, lipo batteries, hate being stored at full charge or less than 50 charge. They last far far longer when stocks stored at around 70 charge and that’s. Why dji have invested so much time and effort with the electronics built into each of the batteries to start auto, discharging them after just a few days without use? Now, according to the manual, they should start auto discharging by around five percent per day from day.

One of being stored getting down to around seventy percent after five days. This is to prevent serious damage to the batteries that really does occur when they’re stored at full capacity for any long period, there’s a great article that i’ll link below to on how and why. This happens, but the bottom line is that these batteries are supposed to look after themselves, but they don’t, if you leave them connected into the drone or connected inside the charging hub, which of course is what most of us do, and this is why i’ve been finding My batteries at full charge when i’ve gone to use the mini 2 after a week or two when otherwise i’d have been expecting the batteries to have been slightly discharged. So, for the time being, your only option is to make sure that you take the batteries out of the drone and out of the charging hub when storing them. This is the only way they’re going to look after themselves and start auto discharging, and this is important or they will run the real risk of damage and they definitely won’t last as long meaning at some point in the near future. They will suddenly stop charging and you will find yourself having to buy a replacement. I have to say i’m a bit unsure whether or not dji can fix this by firmware upgrade. But i will keep an eye out and i will let you know, but to be clear, it is only the mini 2 that seems affected by this.

All the other models handle being left in the drone and the mini one doesn’t even have lipo batteries so that’s. It for today, ultra short video, but a very important message only put the batteries in the drone or the hub when you’re traveling out for a flight when you get home, obviously charge them up, because they don’t like being stored at uh with no charge. But the moment they’re fully charged then unpack them and leave them be, and they will thank you by lasting an awful lot longer anyway. That’S said very quick video feel free to send this on to anyone that you know that owns a mini two, you can.