Stop watch this first Music. So what im going to talk about in this video theyre? Not rules as such, more guidance from my relatively short experience in flying my first drone, which is the mini 2.. I would recommend, especially if youve got the fly more combo get gigabyte, sd card that should last you for three batches and obviously, if youve just got one battery 32 gigs should do you fine. I also recommend having a spare card with you. Sd cards are not the most reliable; they can get corrupted and be unusable. One final recommendation: as soon as you turn the drone on or as soon as you take off press record, Music first guidance i can give you is keep it smooth, keep it steady. If you have any jerky movements, then it just takes the viewer out at the moment i mean im going to assume that you are recording all this footage to show someone whether it be your family or friends, so we are trying to take them on a journey. So we want to cut out any jerky movements that might take the viewer out of the moment. If you do any jerky movements cut it if the shot is too short, just shoot it again. So when youve found your sweet spot when youre flying the drone hold it for as long as you can, we dont want to linger on shots for too long either, and i find that for linger for too long.

I start getting bored myself. If you really do love the shot cut, it insert another shot, then go back to the rest of it. A bit later on ive done that a few times Music in this video im pretty much going to be concentrating on maneuvers. That only require one joystick movement. So it makes it nice and easy for everyone. Obviously, when you get a bit more confident, you can start introducing camera movements at the same time as a joystick movement, i like to try and start my films with an ascending shot. I think its a good way to take the viewer, from their usual point of view, up to the drones point of view or birds, eye view and then again right at the end of the film give them a descending shot to bring them back to earth. So to speak, completes the journey. I think my best to send ascending shot by far is the portland bill shot as i ascended and revealed the lighthouse it couldnt have been timed more perfectly. I could have tried that 100 more times and never got the light to come on as the drone came level with it and then, when i was editing it added the music and got that wonderful, piano chord. As light came on, it gives me goose bumps every time just wish that piece of music was a bit longer Music, so once were in the air, we want to start moving around and we do want to be moving all the time.

Well, when we edit our film together, that is so, the simple act of moving backwards and forwards helps to keep things dynamic. There are a few things to be aware of, though, obviously the higher you are, the slower it looks like youre moving, also when youre high over the sea. It can look like youre not moving at all, as i found out fairly recently so to combat this, you either need to fly lower or you can stick it in sport and see if that helps as well. It always helps if theres a point of interest that youre flying towards and when youre flying backwards. Its always a good idea to reveal something of interest, but just a word of caution make sure you are watching the drone when youre traveling backwards, dont just be looking at the screen uh, as i did again at portland bill. I nearly hit the lighthouse when i was traveling backwards, because i wasnt watching where i was going. One thing you can do to avoid accidents is actually film going forwards and then reverse it when youre editing. The only problem is that if youve got birds in your frame, obviously theyll be flying in the wrong direction, then once you start getting a bit more confident, you can start adding camera movements Music. This is some of my favorite footage to get the top down shot. Its quite a unique view on the world, and you can get some amazing, contrasting colours and textures.

This is something im not doing often enough. If im completely honest with myself, i think wherever you go, theres always some interesting lines. Some interesting patterns that are on the earth – and you just dont, know theyre there until youre, 100, 300 400 feet in the air with the drone. So take a look around. Have a really good look and experiment something while youre looking straight down as well, is something i did again portland bill. I always use portland hill as an example, because ive got some great shots from there, but um. I was directly above the lighthouse and i literally just rotated the drone on the spot, so thats. Another way you can make top down even more interesting. Something to be aware of is that the drones speed is reduced when youve got the camera pointing straight down. So you can lift it just a little bit to get the speed back if you need to, especially if there are gusts or winds, stopping you going anywhere. That did happen to me and i didnt realize until someone commented on the video. So thank you for that. Whoever it was another thing you may need to watch out for is because i always use 180 degree wall and shoot at 150th. A second i use filters when youre shooting top down the lighting may decrease quite a bit, so you might have to raise the iso if you dont want to bring the drone down and take filters off Music.

So the last simple maneuver im going to talk about today is the side scrolling maneuver i like to call it. This is good when youve got roads and cars traveling along these roads, when youre tracking along the road make sure the car is not going at the same speed. You do want to go in faster than yourself, thats, more than likely when youre, using the mini 2. But when you get to more powerful drones, then they can get up to 45 mile an hour, maybe even faster than that. This is also good for beaches and along cliffs, so experiment definitely a shot that i need to do more Music. So i hope this has shown you how easy it is to get cinematic footage a lot of its done in editing, as i keep mentioning portland bill ill mention it again. I came away from that. Not thinking id done a very good job and it ended up being my favorite video that ive done so far, so please check it out if you havent done so yet. Thank you for watching hope to see you again next time. Music every day is a struggle. Every day is a trial. Every day is a failure. I have to walk another mile ill go wherever you go. Music every day is a heartbeat every day. Another moment every day is a gallows. I can feel it take me home Music as you make the bed Music, so you must lie Music every day is a rabbit trap and a walk.

The lamb. Do you think you can sue me for that, as a judge of the land ill go? Where do you go this life doesnt go well with me im, not a member of the band. Do you think you can like me, despite that sitting on gods right hand, im alone, Music, take me home Music Applause as you make the bed Music, so we must lie Music. No one knows Music where the life force flowed. No one knows Music Applause. All i know Music is that ill. Follow you every day, its a mouth bite and a gun to the throat feeling, like a wing clipped kite floating in a boat Applause that i feel causing a chill to my neck. Do you cause me to kneel feeling im? Just a speck: oh, the heavy north winds Music. So you must lie Music Music.