Do you guys ever like hat wearers out there? Do you ever like go through a phase where you like, wear the same hat for like a week or two, but then, like a hat that you’ve worn the previous two weeks you put on you’re, like i don’t know, it’s like something about it, not not looking Like perfect well, that was happening to me today. Anyways what’s, going on my name is kyle poole and i’m, a photographer and video creator. Today, we’re talking the mavic mini 2 we’re doing an unboxing we’re, taking it on its first test flight and we’re, sending it over a frozen lake and into a snowy waterfall it’s going to be badass. So, stick around to the end of the video to see that footage, but first we are starting with the unboxing. This is the box that comes from dji and, i think it’s a pretty aesthetically pleasing box. It is a matte color white which looks great. They didn’t cheap out on the packaging, which is nice also. I have opened this so that is a precursor to this. I have opened this box because i had to see what was in it i wanted to. I wanted to test it out. I wanted to look at it, we’re opening it up. Normally, it has a little bit of plastic that you can slice with your cool edc knife. We don’t have that right now we have this nice leather bag.

I think that this is, in my opinion, a very nice looking bag, especially for a beginner flyer or if you don’t have like a big camera bag that you’re bringing a lot of equipment with. This is probably a good substitute because it’s a nice little camera bag. It has a strap that i personally wish i could take off because it doesn’t have a feature to take it off, it’s locked on there permanently until you cut it open her up so inside we have the controller pouch, we have the charging station and then we Have where the drone sits and on this top little spot here, this zipper actually opens up and there’s spare propellers your screwdriver that you get and then some spare joysticks for, if, if you lose them, if you lose your joysticks that you need to fly this device, There’S spares and if you crash and ruin your propellers there’s, spares first things. First we’re just going to pull the drone out, so you have the drone. The drone virtually looks exactly the same as the first version other than with the fly more combo. You do get this band that holds your propellers, so i assume that’s, because when you put this in the bag it has to go vertically. It can’t sit flat, so there’s a better chance that you ruin your propellers and you need to go in and get your spares. So i think that is a nice feature because it you know you can like move it around and the things aren’t flying around everywhere.

So cool great on great on dgi, for that also does anyone feel like dji is hard to say and dgi is way more convenient. I don’t know maybe that’s just me, but i just feel like this. Drone is like so ridiculously small it’s, so cute and cool. When you pull out the controller, the controller is actually bigger than the drone and it’s actually heavier. So i don’t, i don’t, know how that makes logical sense that the controller is bigger, but i like that the controller is bigger, because for one i have big hands and the other one i felt like my hands were just taking over the controller. So i like that this is bigger, let’s, just tuck this back in with our propeller guards on there. So when i take a look at the front of the controller, a few things stand out right away this tangible button that is here now for the different modes. I think is an amazing feature that dji added because seeing it on the screen, sometimes in like a really bright situation, you couldn’t, really tell and like i feel like this is just an easier way, you’re already using the controller, so just switching between them, i think, Is a huge benefit, so i like that at the bottom you have where the joysticks are actually stored, so you can just screw them right in and you’re good to go when you’re done with them, because you are putting it in a top down bag.

I think it’s good, that you can take them off screw them back on other features that are on this, that are nice on this left hand side you have this little wheel here and that controls where your camera looks, it’s really ergonomical, to where your hand sits On the right hand, side is your shutter button, so when you’re taking a photo or recording a video, you just push this button and that’s super handy. You don’t have to touch the screen at all. Now we have the charging station, so the charging station, i believe, is lighter, like it feels lighter than the previous model, but that could just be because there’s one battery missing out of it but and it charges with a usbc. I think that’s a benefit because most phones and everything are using usbc now, so anything that needs to be charged should come with a charging device for it. So well done so many things don’t, so congrats dji that you made a charging brick for it. That is all the contents of this bag overall, first impressions for everything is, i really appreciate the buttons on the controller and how the controller is actually bigger. Other than that, i think everything would say pretty much the same for me. I don’t see too much of a difference. I think the only thing we have left to do is just to go test it out. So let’s go test it out just as soon as you have an iphone, so you can see the iphone cable it’s hard to get in there.

The moment of truth, this is like the biggest phone that you can possibly get. So that looks pretty gangster it’s cool. How it has a like the setting right here for like the speed of the drone it’s like 10 right now, Music looks pretty good it’s way quieter right. If you remember that from the other one but it’s way quieter Music, it would actually gain kill like any of the battery we’re still at 94. Okay, this is way faster than the other one yeah i’m, having a hard time keeping up Music. Apparently, this thing can go 10, kilometers away, Music, Music, Music, first flight, not bad okay. So, looking back at the footage, the only footage that i took was in 4k 24 frames, a second um. I think it looked pretty good. I think that it looked pretty sharp overall, pretty happy with it. I didn’t try out the 2.7 k or 1080 at all, because i’ve been using that on the previous model, and i think that it’s, probably the same so i was just excited to try out the 4k and overall was pretty happy with it. So i think it’s a great purchase, i think it’s a great beginner drone. I like that it’s 249 grams, but i think it’s super sneaky that it’s under 250 and i think, it’s a great investment for a lot of filmmakers and creators because it’s something that you can just fit into your camera bag.

Send it up in the sky, get a cool shot and i think it has a lot of practical use to it. In no way am i affiliated with dji by the way, as always, thank you so much for supporting the channel and showing me so much love on my instagram. It genuinely means the world to me and it encourages me to keep creating. So, thank you guys for that, and i will catch you guys.