. So guys i have unboxed its smaller brother 2, which was the dji mavic mini. So i have uploaded a video on it. It will be available right here on the i button, so you can go and watch it. So the box for the mini 2 is quite similar to the box for the mavic mini on the basis of its looks and what’s written on the box, except that this box is smaller because they have not provided that carrying case, which you get with the mavic Mini instead, they have provided a sling bag with the mini 2, in which you can carry everything, including the drone. So if you are looking to buy this drone, i have provided a link in the description of this video. The link which i have provided in my video description is to a trusted seller on amazon, so you can use that link and directly buy this drone from that trusted seller, and then you don’t have to worry if you’re going to get a damaged or a used Product so that’s it now let’s unbox this drone Music. So this is a completely sealed box, so the seal is right here: let’s open it up Music, so everything is inside the slingback. So now this box is not of any use as soon as you open it. There is, there is a small pocket right here. First of all, let’s take out the drone and let’s keep it aside. Next, we have an accessory box.

These must be the user manuals. This is the controller. You open this small zipper right here. We have three propellers, a screwdriver and two joysticks for the controller, so that’s it that’s all you get with the sling bag. You also have a piece of foam and a packet of silica gel, so let’s keep that aside now so guys. These are all the things which you get for the flymo combo, so first let’s open the accessory box. So here you have the cables for connecting your phone to your controller. You have a usbc cable to charge your drone. Next, we have the charging hub, and this has two batteries in it. The third one will be inside the drone. Next, you get a adapter by a dji you. We could not get this with the first mavic mini, but now they are included for india too that’s. It for the accessory box Applause, so you have a pretty thick book. Then some chinese charging hub and no stickers, that’s bad, so i’m going to ignore this as no one reads them, including me. So but if but if you need any information on the products, you can read them, but for now garbage now let’s open the charging hub. So this comes in a gray color, and these are batteries. They are heavier than the drone fun fact now: let’s open the controller and now the drone. This comes with the mini 2 comes with a strap.

Just remove that, and just like the previous version, the arms unfold. So yeah like this and this and you can – we can remove this red thing right here, and this is the third battery. So here you have a micro, sd card slot and a usb c port slow charge. So this is a tiny, yet powerful. Three access gimbal – and this is a 4k camera, so they have clearly mentioned it right here. The previous version was 2.7 k, so guys taking a closer look at the controller for our dji mini 2. As soon as i hold it, i can tell that this is a very ergonomic controller just because of these things right here at the back, they provide a very comfortable and a secure hold on the controller. So at the front here we have the on slash off button for the controller. We also have the return to home button here and a slide switch through which we can switch between different modes of the drone. So we have three different modes here, so the first is sport mode. The second one is the normal mode and the third one is the cinematic mode. At the bottom, we have a usbc port through which we can charge the controller, and we – and here we have the storage space for the joysticks, so you can remove them like this and put them right here to control your drone. Looking at the top, we have the camera controls right here, and this is the phone holder.

So it comes out like this. You can put your phone here or a mini ipad. Then, if you look here, we have the connecting cable through which we can connect our phone to our controller, so you can directly store it here. Only after flying, you don’t have to take it out every single time and connect it.