I’Ve always wanted a drone for like the longest time. I’Ve been really excited to get this and the folks at great hobbies, pei in uh stratfor, prince edward island, near where i live um. They helped me put this together. So i figured why not share the enjoyment of pulling back the cellophane plastic and digging into what it is. We’Ll do a bit of an unboxing here we won’t go too deep into this um yeah let’s let’s dig into it here. I guess so. The whole idea is, you know: i’ve been wanting to get a drone for like ever um but i’ve always been hesitant and i’ll. Tell you why? It’S, because you know i haven’t really flown drones before i mean i’ve flown like toy drawing drone models. Like you know, the things is, you can buy like toys, r us, but i usually get one for christmas every once in a while um, just because they’re just super fun, let’s move the old coffee out of the way. Here i want to spill that so i figured i’d go for the dji mini 2 and i have my eye on the the mavic mini the original version of this. But i didn’t pick up on it for one because of money and uh and two because of money anyway, one of the things i’ll tell you right now: uh, i did get the fly more option and i did take uh some advice from the folks at great Hobbies because you know i’m new to this, but this one is, you know i feel like it’s it’s, a really good starter drone.

If you’re thinking about getting a drone, i would definitely recommend getting the mini 2 just because you know it’s under the regulation weight it’s like less than 250 grams it’s, actually like 249 grams let’s, put that on a calibrated scale and see if we can test the Facts no just kidding, i don’t have any kind of tech like that um, but it makes so you don’t have to register it and it can fly under a lot of stuff, but some things i like about this. I love that it comes with this whole fly. More kit i mean you can purchase the drone on your own on its own and get like the the controller and you can get the drone body itself, but uh. The fly more kit comes with some spare parts. It comes with three batteries, so that’s that’s critical. So let’s dig in this case is really cool. Lots of pouches gear pouches for me have become very essential. The books of things look at the cables, yeah usbc to all sorts of everything, so we got the two extra batteries and there must be one in the chamber and the way this is laid out. It almost looks like it’s a battery charger itself like it. Actually. Maybe holds storage itself else. We got uh, yes, a controller. I was a kid i played so many video games like stop playing video games. Now, who’s ta, who’s laughing all right, cool, there’s lots going on here, um that i have no idea about.

Like i said. Oh need it, like you, put the little things in the thing and transfer them to the other thing: that’s neato, i guess that’s, where your phone goes. Eh yeah there’s, like some sort of cable going on in there i’m sure, like you, hook your phone up with this like cable business, and this is the business end of it by the looks of it let’s see. Is there anything else in here, there’s little pouches, all sorts of like places to store stuff? This is going to be like a just great overall camera bag. I think Music, okay, more stuff. You know i think i’ll just make this a camera bag. You know i already have like a few different, like places to store, like my my camera equipment, for example like this is my my audio. This is my audio bag. Like i have my audio recorder in here – and i have a whole bunch of like microphones and things like that, but i carry it all in separate bags. So if i ever go out, i usually have a battery bag, a camera bag and an audio bag. And i take all three and i’m usually set, but if i could consolidate that into that one bag that’d be great. Please use the propeller holder to protect the propellers when storing all right sounds good. Was this magnetic no still cool, so that was there’s numbers number one and fold the front arms forwards.

Number two um pull this down: wow! Okay! I would have thought. Ah neat, oh, what just fell off! Oh! Is this thing? Okay, nifty! Look at that cool thing! So that’s one and two where’s three um, no worries. What one is this did i break it? No right just say no guys, i didn’t break it right all right. This obviously comes off and just chills like that. My i’ve, like grade great one million, nervousness right now handling this thing. Yeah i mean, i think that is, i think, we’re there right, yeah it’s, pretty heavy stuff. Well, not heavy isn’t weight, heavy isn’t, yeah, okay, so lots to digest lots to go over. I am going to play with this for approximately five days and then i will get back to you guys with maybe some footage and some imagery with it, because really i you know there’s definitely a learning curve to this stuff and i’m gon na. Take it pretty slow um, but we’ll see how that works. Um there’s a lot to this anyway. Hang tight, we’ll get some cool photos once i figure out how this thing works: Music, uh, just a heads up when you fire this sucker up for the first time it’s gon na, have to update, and that takes a while Music Applause, Music. So it’s been about a week, i’ve had about five or so flights with the dji mini 2, and i really like it it’s been super fun um for me not having owned a drone like a real deal drone you know before um.

This was super easy to get into super easy to to fly with and uh. I really enjoyed the shots that i got out of this. The filming that i got out of this, the the stuff was just really really neat and i think it’s gon na add a new element to the videos that i shoot with the klr 650 uh here on island adv um, because you know it’s it’s neat to Get the camera videos from the bike, but it’s also cool to get that other. You know aspect of things as we’re riding too so i’m excited to put more videos and more angles like that. Up as i can um as far as answering the question, should you buy a drone? I think you should. I mean, follow your heart. If you’ve got the money to do so, and if you’re interested in drones definitely go out there and explore a little bit about what kind of drone you should get. But if i had to recommend one for someone who hasn’t flown a drone before wants to get out there and get great shots right off the get, go the dji mini 2. I definitely recommend it and, if you’re interested in picking one up here and you’re in prince edward island, definitely head over to stratford and prince edward island to great hobbies, they can set you up with a dji money too. This fly more package and they can give you a little bit of insight on what it’s like to fly a drone and answer some questions for you.

There really walk you through the whole process anyway, until our next adventure on island adv here and until we see each other again take care if you’re riding your bike ride safe and if you’re venturing around definitely enjoy the adventure and take care.