What is going on everyone welcome back to the channel. My name is michael cronk and today im going to be testing the dji mini 2. ive. Had this drone for roughly two weeks now and i have been enjoying it im gon na show you what the 4k footage looks like give you some specs of the drone and just show you how well it can record and how stable it is, even though its Not super windy today, so without further ado, let us jump straight into the review of the dji mini 2.. Now here i have the drone all packed up. It comes wrapped around with this little kind of thing that holds the propellers down. Also, it has the gimbal protector, which is nice, its really compact, i dont know if you can see it, but i can slip it straight into my pocket. If i wanted to like its very small, very compact, im gon na, take it off unfold it and show you what that looks like when its all opened up as well, so to open it up, you just have to take off that strap that is holding on The propellers flipping them open on the top here and then flip the bottom ones. Over and its done, you can keep the gimbal on before takeoff when you want it to fly. Of course, take it off, so the gimbal can calibrate and everything. So this is pretty much the drone unfolded.

It is amazing. It shoots 4k at 30 frames per second 2.7 k up to 60 frames per second and full hd at 1080.. So this is pretty much the gimbal here. If i take this off, you can see that as well right, everythings inside its very compact, very lightweight, and it shoots amazing footage. Now what i did when i picked up this drone is, i got the fly more combo, which came with its new dji controller. Not the smart controller, just the normal controller came with a charging pack of course comes with three batteries, and it comes with all these extra little things in here that, of course, you have your extra propellers, you have a set plus an extra one as well. You have these two connecting wires to the actual controller and, of course you need your tool and for when you lose, your thumb sticks in the grass two extra set, or one extra set of the thumb, sticks and joysticks as well, so to simply set it up. You open up the back compartment where you slide the battery in just to click close it down. You have your micro sd right here and you have your usbc connector there as well and like any other dji product or drone. You just click once and hold, and youre youre live youre ready to go. So i have the controller here simply to set it up. The joysticks are in here you pull them out and twist them on so thats.

All we got to do twist, both of them on all right im going to fly it without the phone just to show you how loud it is because im recording on my phone right now so now once its connected. If you dont have the phone, you can just hold the joysticks down like this. It will get ready for takeoff and then to simply take off just push up of course. So, as you can see its really not that loud of a drone im what i dont know three foot from it: five foot from the camera and its pretty quiet – i can still talk to you. You can still hear me over this drone and im, not even using a microphone so thats, pretty good. It weighs 249 grams, which is under that 0.55 pound limit, so you dont have to register it with the faa, which is great as well. Is this drone worth it in 2022? I actually believe it is its still a very, very intelligent, uh, its its a very high quality drone for the price point and its very compact, which i love also the battery life. I have been getting maybe 25 minutes per every flight so per battery, so you know thats roughly 75 minutes because you have three batteries, so 75 minutes per shoot. So enough talking about the drone, let me show you some of the things that it can do so. Im going to switch over to the phone screen right now, all right, so, as you can see, the drone is looking at me im over here, im recording on my phone screen, and this is the actual dji app that were going to be recording through tablets.

Take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map, so, if anything disconnects, i have it to where it will come return right here or at least within six feet of this area. So this is pretty much the drone also. I do have an nd filter on its the n8, so lets take off ive done my pre checks, just gon na show you what it kind of looks like out here before. I even start to get some footage right this. These are the apartments over here. It looks great i mean this isnt even any of the footage. This is just what youre. Looking at on my phone screen like i said, the specs on this drone are amazing, im just doing some flying around just so i can show you before. I actually get some really nice footage. It works great guys like this is one of the most beautiful drones you can get like shot wise for its price point. Let me point that out because its price point is still, you know decent its only 549 dollars. I believe for the actual flight combo, which is what i got and, like i said it works, beautifully shoots great 4k footage which im going to be shooting in that 4k footage here in a second for you: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music. So, Music, so one other thing i was going to mention before i end this video is that this drone with the actual range it varies.

I have gotten it just up to a mile and a half away that was out in the open, with no wires no houses or anything like that to really block you know the signal it does run as i can show you. It runs 2.4 or 5.8. I keep it on dual band, just so it can decide. You know whether it should be running on 2.4 or 5.8, but it runs on those frequencies. Um, like i said, i have gotten it that far, but you know flying it in between these apartments, which im only probably the furthest apartment, which is the third one down, is maybe 200 yards away and im getting interference down there. So it all depends im going through a whole bunch of layers of bricks to get there because ive been standing in the shade because i do live in florida currently and it is hot, so thats one other thing i wanted to mention about the drone, but like I said it is it can, you know, go for so they say up to. I dont know six miles, maybe in the open, ive gotten it to a mile and a half on a windy day still had full bars. I just didnt want to take it any further, because there were 15 mile an hour gust, which was actually my previous video. So if you want to check that out, you can see what im talking about, but other than that that was really the video.

I hope you guys did enjoy. The video, like, i said, leave a comment down below. Let me know how you like the footage, hit that like button as well, i hope you guys did enjoy subscribe if youre new, because there are going to be more drone, videos and just adventure style videos.