I think that everyone should have definitely beginners the dji mini 2.. As many of you have heard dj, i just dropped the new drone, the mini 2, and this drone is their travel line. This drone is under 250 grams. That makes it lighter than an apple. With that i had to get my hands on it. I want to see what this little drone could do and not to say this is the first one. There is a mini one version, it’s just as light, but it has 4k in here they’re giving us 4k in the mini 2.. So, for me it was impressive, but i want to see. Is this 4k really good? I mean you be the judge check this out. Yes, that’s all shot on the dji mini 2. let’s get started with. Why we’re here for this video? Just to give you my opinion on this drone and my first takes on using this drone for the last couple months, but before we get started, make sure to subscribe to my channel if you’re into film gear, tutorials or tech. This is the channel for you and hit that bell notification, so you don’t miss any of the upcoming videos, the specs on this drone, the things that i think are very important. So this drone has 31 minutes of flight time 4k video, intelligent flight modes, and it can go as far as up to 10 kilometers with video transmission did, i mention four times digital zoom.

This drone also has level 5 wind resistance, which means it can fly up to 18 miles per hour wind. So one of the biggest things people are going to ask is this drone for filmmakers? Yes, this drone is definitely for filmmakers. It does 4k at up to 30 frames per second, for me, i’m, usually shooting most of my drone footage in 24 or 30 frames per second, depending on the situation. So to me this is the perfect spot for this drone and from the images that i’ve seen. The sensor holds up very well there’s, a lot of dynamic range when i’m, exposing for the sky and trying to see the details and the trees below. So one thing is very surprising: is the controller is actually bigger than the drone, which i find very good? For me, i have bigger hands, so i do like more of a massive controller. I feel like my mavic pro 2 controller is sometimes a little too small and i don’t really like how the handles fold out to put your phone. But with this new controller, that the mini 2 have the lightning cable hides. Underneath the phone holder – and i just like the size of the overall controller now in this drone there’s three modes – cine normal and sport – and on top of the controller, you can switch it right there, these three modes, basically control the way that the drone flies. So you have cinema normal and sport, the cinema mode helps you keep that drone steady and smooth at a slower pace, so your shots can be framed up and you can take your time.

Sport is very good to play around with, and also i use it a lot of times just to get the drone back when the battery is going low. So when i posted the picture of this drone on instagram, i did get a question. Is this drawn for beginners or professionals? My answer to that question is it could be both? So this definitely is a beginner drone. It doesn’t have some of the specs and some of the control that a professional would use, but i think professionals could really get a lot of use out of this drone if they’re going to be traveling and need to stay lightweight and if they know that they’re Going to shoot at the right time of day, but enough on the specs let’s talk about pricing, so there’s two packages, you can get there’s the base package that comes with the drone, the charger a battery and controller and then there’s the fly more combo. That comes with the drone three batteries, the controller, the charger and a bag to carry it in. I think this is the kit everyone should go with, so i hope this video was helpful and informed you about the dji mini 2.. If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment below or if you want me to review another thing about this drone go ahead. Send me a message on instagram or reach out to me via twitter. Remember. This is my opinion on the drone and i will be doing a follow up video as i use this draw more to keep you updated.