If you dont know what that is its a really nice drone, and you know i have gotten a drone before but lets just say the camera quality isnt super great, but it also is pretty cheap. So lets unbox this, and also i got just the drone itself. You can also get the fly more combo, which comes with the extra bag, some extra batteries and a charging hub for the batteries, but i got this case with it and also id like to point out that for this i am using this sd card. It is the san disc, 128 gigabyte sd card. Its worked great. I use it in my gopro, so i want to point out that drones are not cheap, but this costs 450, which is a ton and youre, probably wondering how i got all that money. I actually gave up my seats on a plane and got paid before we get this unboxed. I do want to point out one other thing, as you can see right here says 249 grand now. If you want to fly your drone without getting registers, it has to be under 250 grams, so this drone just makes the cut. This is so satisfying Music, um, Music, Music, im gon na go out and fly it, but first we have to connect the sd card. So open it up, these things are hard to get out, but i would highly recommend this kind of sd card, its a micro sd card.

You make sure you get microsd card. It comes with an adapter for if you want a regular sd card, but get the microphone Music now were going to plug it into the drone. Just goes right in like that Music, like that, like that now it should say, Music, video, take it off. Recording 4k 30.. Well put it right next to it, on the left side well put the video Music and then, with this drone. You can angle it camera down and keep in mind were flying this in snow right now, so lets throw it as well.