It is tiny but it’s mighty. What is up you guys, lizel here and today’s? Video is gon na, be a little different from my past videos, i’m gon na be talking about this new baby that we got addition to our gadget on making videos or vlogs. Now i don’t have experience on this thing, but i’m learning we are learning okay. I just want to make that clear. I hope you enjoyed this video let’s get started i’m, going to be straight to point here into the main topic, and i won’t go too much into details all right number one why dji mini 2? Why? Because it is perfect for entry level, drone it’s very good for beginners. Like me like us, i would say, because my partner will be flying it most of the time and i’m just going to be watching and maybe take over sometimes here and there so perfect for capturing beautiful sceneries, like landscapes, cityscapes or permitted, because you have to check Your location number two, it shoots not only 1080p but 4k as well, so clarity is pretty awesome. Number three, the dji mini 2, is a compact drone, very tiny. It is small and very cute easy to carry around like in your small purse in your pocket and your jacket number four. It is easy to use, you can launch it within a minute, and that is why it is beginner friendly. Number. Five dji mini is collapsible with arms fold into palm size, very cute, all right so number six.

It weigh less than 249 grams, which means you don’t need to register it with the aviation agencies in the us number. Seven dji mini 2 controller is very easy to work with very simple number: eight. It has reliable stabilization. It is steady and a windy day. It is very impressive for a tiny drone number nine. The battery is pretty nice as well. You get 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge. Number 10. Finally, the price you get what you paid for overall quality is awesome. Standard package price starts at 450 dollars to 550. We got ours for 520. that’s with the bundle here we just unboxed our dji 2 mini drone. We are so excited and we can’t wait to fly them so yeah. I think we’re going to go with the following day: oh we’re, in the park yeah. What do you want to do here? It is a beautiful day. Is warming me up nice and cool and sunny at the same time? Are you cold? No? No. Where did it go? Oh it’s, coming uh, oh what’s, going on tell the little birdie to come down all right. Oh, do we are here at berkeley park and we’re gon na try to fly the drone today it is pretty windy cloudy. I hope it doesn’t rain or even drizzle a little because we’re trying to get a good shot here at the bear creek park for the soccer field, big playground, golf area but yeah we’re in the soccer field, overcast very, very cloudy and it’s kind of windy.

But we’ll still manage so we’re going to do the boomerang. Is that what you’re, trying to do? Yeah bye, see you later alligators me and clowey, but we would still try to fly this little piece right here. Where did it go? The only thing you can watch out for is that’s like a big bird up in there. You might try to snatch it so right after i dropped my device. Actually, i didn’t drop it. Someone did yes, my device is now muddy, but i am still recording otherwise. Otherwise, i won’t get any nice footage of this beautiful forest. We have here – oh that’s, not forest it’s, actually just a park very muddy park right now, because it’s been raining, probably for the past two days and um that’s what we get a muddy park, it’s, not sunny. I want it to be sunny but um. This is what we got so we got pretty good shot today. I think i hope i will leave soon come and fly away with me come and fly away with me.