Yes, i remember you, you want me to test your drone, okay, which model dji mini 2, okay yeah, but i can vouch that it will survive you’re fine, with this great send it in hello, people paul tomrowski, here, it’s unbelievable. How such a small, tiny drone can have such a great fantastic set of features. First of all, it’s small and ultra light it’s, only 249 grams, which is great if you don’t, want to carry a heavy back with a drone and also to fly this drone. You don’t need a license because in canada and usa, licensing for drones started 250 grams. So if police will ask you hey, do you have a license to fly this drone? You can answer them it’s, so good, it’s, a toy. The flight time is amazing. Up to 30 minutes, which is on par with the bigger mavic 2 pro, which is completely enough for most application, and it means that you don’t need to carry a full bag of spare batteries. And i learned it the hard way flying to this factory and back in the winter, when batteries die right away, not knowing that i can just drive little bit closer Music and this drone actually survived. So i was very happy with the drone with the flying time. Of this amazing drone. Dji mini 2 has level 5 wind resistance, which means it can handle wind up to 25 miles per hour. Even i can do this.

Can you believe guys? Dji mini 2 has 10 kilometers of video transmission. You can fly even sitting at home. Melee 2 has a set of cool, quick shots that allow you to create cinematic sequences and shots, even with a minimum amount of drone flying skills or if you’re, shooting yourself, Music. Um, Music, foreign Music – this drone would be great for any kind of youtubers, vloggers, etc, and all this up to 4k 30 frames per second for less than 600 bucks. I definitely can recommend this drone for everybody who’s. Looking for a small, tiny drone with amazing flying time with the good quality of the footage for reasonable price and link to this, drone will be under this video. So guys, if you like this video, please press the like button.