The unboxing will be at the end of the video today and today were going to be reviewing the dji mini 2. uh. This is just a quick, simple review showing the quick shots and the panoramas alrighty. So you can see here that theres, a new one from the mini 2 called the boomerang. It just goes up and down and thats about it. So here you go Music, bye, Music, okay, so right now, im just kind of testing the performance of the drone in fpv mode uh with the dji mini se. There was an issue where the drone wouldnt turn correctly. It was strange it happened suddenly, but now with the dji mini 2, that issue has been resolved. Um so enjoy Music, Music, alrighty and theres. One more thing: i want to show um thats, the quick transfer, so you hold the button on the bottom of the drone. You connect it to your phone and boom. You get quick transfer. Basically, it goes two three four times as fast as it usually would um. So ive seen it sometimes reach up to like a hundred somehow for like split seconds. So it goes very fast and it is very helpful, especially when downloading large videos, as you can see its moving very fast. I dont even need to add music because of how fast its going unboxing will be at the end of this Music: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music.