. I got this drone back in the summer and ever since then, its been amazing, its been one of the most essential things in my camera bag. Mainly because of the image quality you get out of this thing, its got a 12 megapixel sensor, so youve got top quality images and it also can record 4k video, and it can also do 2.7 k in 60 frames per second to get that smooth, slow motion. If its right into my camera bag, because of how small it is and dont let the size of it alarm you in any way it does not move from the air, it literally stays there it it when its a bit windy. It moves around a little bit, but it doesnt fly into trees or anything it holds its ground and its absolutely amazing. One of the main reasons why i love this drone is because i can take it anywhere of me, even if i dont plan on using it its there just in case i need it its that small, it fits so neatly into my camera bag with the remote That it comes with, and all the external batteries, its not heavy, its under 250 grams, so its not like its gon na be a big load on my back when i carry it around every day, whenever i feel like using it, i just get it out and Off it goes one huge reason that made me buy. This drone is because i found out it shoots in raw now, if youre a photographer, and you know how important that is, because it captures every single bit of detail in the shadows and the highlights.

So you can have more room in posts when you, edit your photos, and when i found out this shoots raw, i was all over it. I had to get it because a different perspective you can get from aerial photos is amazing and the fact that this can shoot raw blew my mind. It shoots raw right into the sd card and it shoots jpeg as well onto the sd card, and it also transfers straight over onto your phone instantly. So if you wanted a quick jpeg while youre out to upload on instagram or if you want to quickly send a friend or relative a photo of where you are, it goes straight onto your phone just like that, and you can send it off straight away. Today were going to be going to pittsford reservoir and testing out some of the modes on it were going to be testing out the image quality and the different shooting modes in 4k and 2.7 k, and then well have a look at the results after Music. Its a great beginners drone, especially if you want to get into it and youve, never done it before the best thing that ive done with it is taking landscape pictures and videos of it from my instagram and ive also done some jobs with it for some clients, Ive got some aerial photos of the house, theres, also a pro combo edition and thats the edition i got. It comes with two extra batteries, as you can see here, and the charging a little brick for you.

So you can charge all the three batteries at once with this thing, so an hour and a half battery overall youre never really going to go wrong, like youre not really going to run out of time unless youre properly doing a massive shoot for someone, and you Need basically unlimited drone footage, which is not really the case really, so this is fine for a day, i would say if you go out in the day, this will be sound for you. This is the remote that comes with it. I think this is the new remote they put on every drone now, so all the pro ones. I think i think you get this one with it as well the little joysticks if it focuses on little joysticks on the bottom, the joysticks arent on it its underneath. It so it doesnt stick out, so you can like slip in your bag really easily, which is what i really like about it as well. Uh theres, the home point button that i mentioned earlier. You press that drone comes straight back, lost signal or anything. It comes straight back to where you you took off then watch some of the things why i love this drone. So much is why i highly highly recommend it to you. If you dont want to get the pro combo version, i think you can get it off. Amazon for about 400 pounds and for the top quality content and picture quality video quality you get with it.

I think its a no brainer to be honest, uh, think about how long ago how people used to have to get aerial photos. I had to like go in a helicopter and then get the telephoto lens out and then do it. That way, and i wonder how much that cost each time they went out to get aerial photos with this one, you just boot, it up go, fly and its fun to use. So i think its a win win its amazing. What dji have done right so the way you get the dji setup is: first, you got ta download the app the app youve got to download is called dgi fly. You click it once and hold it to turn it on and then youre ready to go. You turn on your controller. It should connect to your phone and start it off. You pull these two things down and then youre off Music fighting guards, so that was the dji mini 2.. I had a lot of fun using this im, hoping weve got some great shots, so lets go back to the studio, see what we got right now were back in the studio. This is some of the photos and videos that weve got with this thing. Look at the amazing detail in the sky and the clouds you can get with these photos that 12 megapixel camera really really shows how good it is. Just on a small little drone like this, what the image quality you can get.

The 4k looks beautiful, and this is that slow motion video i talked about in 2.7 k. This drone is great for videographers photographers, if youre a hobbyist, and you want its your first drone, you can do professional work with it. It can go on your youtube channel. Its unreal and for the price at 550 pound with the free external batteries, i dont think you can go wrong with it and i highly recommend it all of that image. Quality packed into a small size like this is a reason why you should pick up the dji mini 2.. So then guys that was it. That was a little look at the dji mini 2 and why i think every photographer and videographer should get this drone when theyre starting out. Thank you so much for watching.