ive only flown it twice. Uh but ive got to say its an amazing piece of kit, its um, the shots. You can get from it im a content creator, obviously – and this is going to add a whole new dimension to the way i film youtube videos, and so i cannot only you know film on the ground. I can do overhead aerial shots now, which is going to be great for the channel so um. Should you pick this up if youre not a content creator, if youre just a hobbyist, it depends on obviously what your needs are, but if you want a cheap drone, a cheap entryway in to maybe film your family or if youve got an interest in you know, Videography or just having the cool way of having something you can fly, you know its its just amazing um, ive, never flown. You know any um other drones before and im still really giddy, as you can probably tell so theres a few things to consider in the uk. So you have to um register for an operator id which costs nine pound for the year um. You can get a fly or flyer id which um isnt required, because this is under 250 grams um, so ive not bothered to be honest. The so yeah all youve got to do is go on the caa. You know civil aviation authorities website register for your um operator, id thats all thats required for this drone.

If this didnt have a camera, you wouldnt even need an operator id um, but it does so. You have to do that. The other thing ive done for now. Im waiting on um some labels to come guys, but ive, just put my, i wont, show it off, but my operator idea put it inside there on a sticker, so yeah you have to label with the operator id um somewhere on the drone in the uk. So um it says in a battery compartment or you know, a compartment that can be opened is fine, but yet its illegal to fly it without it being labeled with the operator id, i presume thats if the drone flies away or its not retrievable or just if Its i dont know inspected by the caa. I presume okay, so yeah anyway, back to the review so yeah its just an amazing little thing, so its um built really toughly. Ive not crashed it yet, and i dont want to crash it. Obviously, but it feels like um, you know its well built the controller itself like its like a tank. Its like you know, really really sturdy um easy to mount phones in here, im gon na get a tablet mount as well. So i can mount my samsung tablet, which might be a little easier than looking at a phone um. I recommend the fly more combo because you get this battery pack, which is, is awesome, so it doubles as a power bank as well as you might have seen on my other videos and it charges intelligently.

So just show you this actually guys. So if we remove the battery from the drone, which is really quick, im, not gon na edit, this ill do it in real time boom. Put it in there like a feels like youre, putting in a cartridge for a gun or something okay and then input and then watch this battery. So this one ive just put in so it knows these two are fully charged and this one must have lost a little bit of charge in the drone, so it will charge the one thats um got. You know the least charge or um say these were both dead and this one had 50. It will charge this one first to get it up to 100, so you can go and put it in the drone and fly and then itll begin to charge. These two then so really clever bit of kit and, as i say, its got an output. So if you want to charge any devices on the go, you know its um, a good power bank, also at the moment, from heli guy in the uk, im, not sponsored by a heli guy and by the way its just. This is where i got the drone from and i really recommend them to anyone in the uk but um. You get this free at the moment and the display case, and it looks really nice in the display case ill just put it in, for you guys so ill put this back in reverse, okay.

So with this as well its magnetic, so i find it easiest to put fighting the drone line it up there and, in fact, ill put my battery back in because you can see what it does when the batterys in there oh right. Well, when it detects the drones in it flashes so thats what it does when the batterys in actually as well so exactly the same thing and then youve got you know a really cool display case for your drone and – and you know that is sitting on my Desk for all my headset reviews now it just looks awesome so yeah, just just a quick one today, guys, like i say um, i have only flown this twice but im totally addicted ive, never flown drones before, but its absolutely awesome. This drone uh the the 4k footage you can get from it. Its very like my uh dji osmo pocket that im filming on now um it does 4k 30 at the maximum, but its not really too much of an issue um. You can do 2.7 k 60. If you want to do slo mos in post, so you could record at that and then double to 100, obviously or reduce by 50. That would be 100 frames per second. So you know then youve got slow motion which i need to explore. Ive not done that. Yet um, obviously the bigger more expensive drones are going to have 4k 60. So you can do the same.

I know so hes just falling off my desk um. Sorry guys its a bit slippery this desk, um yeah, so so yeah, sorry, the bigger drones. They can do um 4k. 60. So obviously you could do the same in post with those but again youre gon na have to pay more money. Youll have to take the proper drone courses, whereas for this guy you just got ta register that operator id nine pound a month put the sticker in it with your operator id. So you know um you, you legally yeah in the uk, you cant fly any higher than 120 meters or 400 feet. That is, and you cant go any further than 500 meters, which is, i think, its about 1600 feet that so um might be different in different countries guys. But you know im just speaking from a perspective of where i live. Obviously um but yeah like i say. If youre a content creator a photographer or someone whos just interested in drones and wants to fly drones and maybe capture different images of your family, you know its a no brainer, its its so cheap for what you get. I cant believe this costs 419 pounds for the quality you get from it um. When i get a bit better im im like considering probably creating footage um for companies, you know for commercial use. If you start using this commercially, you do need insurance as well. Thats. The other thing to consider guys um, i think you may need the flyer id if you start using commercially as well um ill check and put that in the description, though.

Okay. So just like, i say a first review, its not a total review because ive flown it twice but im glad ive got it. Ive not got buyers remorse and sometimes you get with tech and you get this lovely bag as well. For you know, storing everything in and if you watch my unboxing review, get extra accessories as well like um extra propellers screws, screwdriver um, so yeah, like i say, cant recommend this enough and id really recommend getting it from heli guy in the uk a great website. They really looked after me, so let me know what you think about this in the comments guys as always, ask me any questions. This is my drone, its not a test one or anything that im sending back and um. You know if youve enjoyed the content. Please watch my other drone videos um im. Basically with this because im a novice im gon na uh make videos from a novices perspective. You know learning how to fly the drone and hopefully youll, learn with me ill learn from my mistakes.