Currently we were running on version 1.03 and we have got a new firmware update, which will be of version 1.04. So before getting started, let me show you guys the current version that we are running on so in the about session, you will be able to see that in the aircraft firmware we are on zero, 1.03 version, so guys with this version, if you go in the Unlock jio zone, if you are using drone hacks, then you will be able to see the drone hack certificate with which you will be able to fly your drone more than 15 meters, so lets quickly update our firmware and check whether the drone hacks is working. Fine and whether this certificate stays or it vanishes so basically guys. This update has a optimized safety for your drone, so im suspecting that this might remove the certificate and there will be a minor changes in the map as well. So here we will click on update and this update is of size 49 mb. While updating you need to keep your phone connected to your internet guys, while updating your firmware make sure your drone battery is more than 70 percent now, as you can see on the screen, the download is complete and the firmware is getting installed to our aircraft, so Guys, basically, this firmware installation to your drone takes around four minutes to five minutes. So once the installation is done, your aircraft will be turned off, so you need to manually, go and turn on your aircraft and get it connected with your rc.

So guys, as you can see on the screen, we have established the connection of our drone to the rc and we are able to fetch the data on our dji flyer. Now lets quickly go into the about session and check out our firmware release. So here guys, you can see that aircraft from where is now at 1.04. So now, when we go to the unlock geozone, the certificate has been vanished, so guys with this firmware update, will not be able to use the drone hack certificate and fly a drone more than 15 meters. I have tried the hack once again on the drone, but the certificate did not appear on the djif lab so guys if you are using this drone hack certificate and if you have already updated the firmware so lets wait for the next video. I will be updating the solution in the next video now lets use the drone hacks back button, pressing method and check whether the back button, pressing method is working or not so guys. Here on the screen, you will be able to see that the max altitude has been stuck in 15 meters. So now we are using the back button, pressing method, as you can see, on the screen, so guys. Those who are using this back button, pressing method might be knowing that when we press the back button when the hack gets activated, the drone front led turns to red. So here the led did not turn to red and even on the screen, we can see that max altitude is still stuck in 15 meters itself.

It did not go to 500 meters, so guys now lets fly our drone and see whether it crosses 50 meters or not take it on the map maximum flight altitude reached. We have reached 15 meters and our drone is saying the max altitude has been reached, and here even you can see that certificate is not available. So with this, we got the confirmation that drone hacks, both the methods, are not working the certificate method, as well as the back button, pressing method so guys. I recommend you not to update until i confirm connect the aircraft. So, however, we have tested the drone hacks. Now lets test this firmware with the rainbow application so guys, as you can see on the screen, we have started flying our drone and even with the rainbow application, we are not able to cross 15 meters with the 1.04 version. So guys with this, we got the results of drone hacks, as well as the rainbow application. Now anyways lets test it with the leach application. So its once you open the leach application. You need to go to the settings in the aircraft. You need to go to the max altitude okay, its here, and we need to change it to something around 500 or 100. Anything that you desire more than 15. So, for now i will be making it as 500 and lets fly a drone and test it out whether it exceeds 15 meters or not. So, as you can see on the screen where in the altitude we have been crossed 15 meters without any issue.

So with this firmware also leachy application is working totally fine. The only uh thing is, we are not able to fly with the rainbow application and with the drone hacks, so guys now lets use the drone, hacks companion application and see whether we will be able to reset the max altitude from 15 meters to 500 meters. So guys in this video ill be not explaining each and every step for the hack process, as there is already video, separate video i have made for each and every hack processes, so you can find the link in the description you can check out the particular hack. You are interested in so guys now we have opened the dhcompanion and we have pressed on 500 meters nfcc and lets open our dji, flap and uh lets disconnect and connect the cable so guys uh. Here you can see that max altitude has been changed from 15 meters to 500 meters. This means that drone hacks is working with the dhcompanion application, only so those who already have the license and uh who have upgraded the camera for now, you guys can use this. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map totally fine and we are able to fly our drone more than 15 meters, so guys in this video. We have tested drone hacks all the three methods and the first two methods that is certificate and back button. Pressing method are not working rainbow, application is not working, uh, dh companion is working and leach application is working.

So i recommend you guys not to upgrade your firmware, so those who have already updated your firmware, you can use lychee or th companion application so guys, one more thing to add is uh. Dji flap will force you to update the firmware to 1.04. So after few days it will be compulsory to update your firmware, so we will bring up a solution for this also in the next video, so thats it for this video guys. I hope you have liked this video and found this video informative.–vRzi0