. What if your best friend had told you that, in less than a decade, you would have a flying camera to choose high resolution photos and 4k video, a camera that flies fast far and perfectly stabilizes every image, and that this flying camera would fit in your pocket? And cost less than 500 dollars. How would you have responded to your friends claims all those years ago? What that's, crazy, Music foreign Music? You Music welcome to ready, set drone if you're new to this channel. I hope you'll hit the subscribe button because we cover a lot of different drones, including this one here the dji mini 2.. Now, what i have in front of me is the flymore combo pack, which includes a case three batteries, a triple battery charger, some extra accessories like the cables you need for an android phone, two extras joysticks in case you lose one extra propellers, a screwdriver, the cables And this remote control that looks an awful like like the mavic air twos remote control, same ergonomics, i mean essentially, i think it is the same remote control with the built in space on the bottom, the store, the joysticks, the phone holder on the top, the ability To switch the cable out quickly in case you have an android or an ios phone lots of cool stuff built into this. Now this drone may look familiar because it looks a lot like its predecessor, the mavic mini, but the mini 2 has a lot more going on under the hood than the original mavic mini.

First of all, it has occusync 2.0. What is ocusync 2.0? Well, it is a proprietary transmission system that dji has that allows you to have a very clear signal, even with lots of interference around in high wifi areas and also gives you greater range and stability than the enhanced wi fi that the original mavic mini had that. Just means that you're going to be able to fly it farther safer and have better visibility without worrying about dropouts on your remote control, some other enhancements that it has over the original mavic mini is that it's faster and it has more flight time now. The flight time difference is pretty small it's, just one minute, but it's still, 31 minutes versus 30 minutes and the speed difference is 16 meters per second versus 13 meters per second on the original mavic mini, which percentage wise is actually a pretty good improvement on the Speed it's also rated to go into higher wind and has more quick shots built into it than the original did now. The original mavic mini had droney helix rocket and circle as quick shots. This one has now added boomerang, which is a quick shot that takes it around you in kind of a big looping motion where it goes further away and then comes back as if it's, a boomerang that you just flew. So, unlike other more expensive drones, it does not have sensors in the front sides or top. It does have sensors in the bottom that help with precision landing but be careful with this little guy, because if you do fly it into something you'll hit, it it's not going to stop because it doesn't have forward facing sensors.

But the good news is it's. So lightweight and compact that, if you did hit something odds, are it's not really going to do a lot of damage, but still be careful nonetheless, and the other big difference is, while it has a similar camera with the one over two thirds cmos sensor. This one shoots: 4k 30, whereas the original one only shot 2.7 k. Now 2.7 k is still great it's better than hd, but 4k is where everything's going and this one does it at 30 frames per second Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. The one thing they made sure to keep from the original mavic mini was its portability and its low weight. When you fold it down, this thing is actually very tiny. You can see right here, i'm folding it down right now and even with a battery in it, it still only weighs 249 grams, which allows you to get under the registration requirement by most governments, especially here in the us of 250 grams. So just like the original mavic mini, this is designed for beginners or someone who wants an ultra portable drone to have with them all the time. Now, in this case, you can fit not only the drone but the remote control, all the spare accessories, the battery charger and three batteries. I mean that's quite a bit to go into a tiny little case like this, and the results you're gon na get from the video and the photos on this thing are absolutely fantastic.

Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't a professional grade drone that you're going to get paid to go out and do photo shoots and video shoots with it is more of a consumer grade drone and it's designed to be that way. It'S designed to be easy to use it's designed to take amazing photos and video for consumers for social media, for someone who's, maybe doing filmmaking on their own, has a youtube channel and it's, because the price point is so low and the weight is so low. It'S really accessible to a lot of people who might not be able to afford or want to fly a bigger, more expensive drone. It can shoot 4k video at 30 frames per. Second, it has a 3 axis stabilized gimbal. It has a 12 megapixel sensor in it and it can shoot 180 degree panoramas as well as wide panoramic Music shots, Music Applause Music. So if you've been looking to buy a camera drone, but haven't done it yet you should really consider the mini 2 it's got so many of the great features that the higher end drones have at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the size and A fraction of the weight, this thing is small and powerful, with occusync, 2, 4k, 30 and a whole bunch of other features that you generally find in higher end drones. I hope you like this video. If you do, please give it a thumbs up.