. The dji mini 2 has been out for approximately one year, and i think these long term reviews are important for those who are potentially going to be buying one, especially as we head into the holiday season and people might be wondering whether the dji mini 2 is A good option considering it is a year old technology, changes quick and there might be lingering questions on whether its still a good buy in 2021. Now for myself, in my opinion, this is probably still the best mini drone you can purchase on the market today. There are many new ones that have popped up over the past couple months, but they really fail to deliver in performance. Now there is a new contender on the market that will be available near the end of the month. The autel nano series, but i cant, really talk about them yet, as i havent flown them theyre not quite available yet now i would have to say, theres, probably four distinct groups of people who would be interested in the mini 2.. The first is those who dont want to spend a lot of money if youre on a budget or you just dont, want to invest a lot of money until you know its something youre going to enjoy. The second group of people are those who need a drone. Thats under 250 grams drones that are under 250 grams have less regulations in many countries, including canada. Here, for example, in canada, you dont have to register it with transport, canada.

You dont have to get a drone pilot certificate and you can actually fly in many places. You cant fly a drone over 250 grams, so for many people that can be very appealing. The third group of people are those who are looking for a drone that is small, compact and easy to travel with, if youre a person who does a lot of hiking and want to bring a drone along with you, the mini 2 is probably the best choice. Its very small, its lightweight, and not only is the drone small, but the batteries are small and compact. So if you want to bring several batteries with you, its not going to add a lot of weight and bulk to your setup, same goes for traveling. Sometimes you have limited luggage space, so you want to have something thats going to be small and easy to travel with and again when it comes to international travel. Having a sub 250 gram drone can be very important in some countries, as a visitor like here in canada, sub 250 gram. Drones are the only drones you can fly without getting a lot of permits and waivers now i would have to say theres a fourth group of people and those are ones who just want a nice quiet stealth. Drone myself, when im heading out and im going to be doing a flight theres, something i want to capture, even though the air 2s is really my favorite drone.

I quite often grab the mini 2 just because its very quiet and stealth, when you have this thing up in the air 20 30 feet its barely audible. Sometimes, if youre out filming something you dont want to draw a lot of attention to yourself. Not everybody is a fan of drones and having a quiet, drone thats not going to draw a lot of attention can be very important, so i would have to say this drone can appeal to all different types of pilots, whether youre a new pilot looking to get Your first drone its very easy to learn very easy to fly, but even if youre, a seasoned pilot, just looking for something thats, small and portable to travel with the video it captures is still really good quality. So it will even appeal to those who want performance, but something that is easy to travel with now theres a couple things i really like about the mini 2 uh. The first is ocusync 2.0. When we went from the original mavic mini to the dji mini 2. Dji introduced ocusync 2.0 with it and, if youre brand new to drones and youre, not quite sure what that is basically its the transmission system from the controller to the drone occusync controls both the control of the drone, but also the video feed back to your phone. The original mavic mini was just wi fi, so the range on it was very poor. Even the reliability of the connection was a little bit sketchy sometimes, but with ocusync 2.

0 it does have a range of 10 kilometers. Now, youre never going to really get a full 10 kilometers, but what that does allow is, for a nice, solid connection, even when youre in congested wi fi areas, if youre flying in a city with lots of interference, you know youre going to get a good, solid Connection, i dont really fly too excessively far with my drones. I stay within line of sight. However, there are those times where you do need to push it a little bit if you are going to be flying any kind of great distance, make sure you put a strobe on your drone, so you can see it now. For example, if you take a look at this lighthouse, ive shown this lighthouse in other videos ive done. But this lighthouse is about two two and a half kilometers offshore here in ontario ive sent many drones out to it over the years to capture it and even the dji mini 2 ive sent the dji mini 2 out several times and it can get out there With no issue at all and thats, where that occusync 2.0 transmission system comes in, you can get out a great distance and still have a nice solid connection back, especially in a situation like this, where youre flying over water, but with the reliability of the mini 2 And that nice solid connection, it really does make it an enjoyable flight. On top of that, the intelligent features of the mini 2 and the fail safes again make it a little bit more comfortable to fly in situations like that.

First of all, you know if you do happen to get disconnected. If you get out of range, the mini 2 is just going to automatically come home and the return to home feature of the mini 2 is very reliable. Ive ran into a few situations where its kicked in and ive never had a problem with it not coming home to the proper location, and that goes for the controller. Here perhaps say the battery dies on the controller. The drone will just come home and you dont have to worry about it. Thats really. The nice thing about dji drones is that theyre very reliable and if something does happen to go wrong, the failsafe features are going to kick in and you know youre not going to lose your drone on top of that. They also have the intelligent flight batteries. So its going to warn you when you need to come home again. If we take a look at that lighthouse, you know two and a half kilometers offshore. It takes a little bit to get out there. You dont have to worry about when you need to come home, because sometimes you can lose track of the battery power. You know youre getting nice shots youre flying around, but the drone will automatically go into a return to home when it thinks it needs to and that automatic return to home will adjust, depending on how far the drone is away. Now another favorite feature of mine of the mini 2 is that you can charge it up from a power bank and that can be very handy in many different situations.

If youre out doing perhaps a two or three day hike doing some back country, camping or youre. Just in a situation where youre not going to be around traditional power, you can fully charge them into batteries from any power bank. It is as simple as plugging in the charging cable into a power bank and then into the usb c port at the back and as you can see there, the drone is now charging now how many charges you can get from a power bank is going to Depend on the size, but still its a really convenient feature. The flight characteristics of the mini 2 is superb. When you have it up in the air, its basically like flying, one of their higher end, drones, dji, has that nailed down and when youre trying to get really complex or precise movements, its really easy to achieve, even on the mini. As mentioned, the video quality on the drone is quite good. It is a 4k camera, so you are able to capture nice high resolution video, so the mini 2 is really an excellent choice for many different types of pilots and, in my opinion, even though it has been out for a year, its still probably the best choice For most people, who are looking for a sub 250 gram, drone a dji drone just has that reliability and flight experience that you can trust and overall, just a nice experience. So indeed, if you are looking for a mini drone, this holiday season, my recommendation would be the mini 2.

. Of course, dji did release the mini sc this summer and i have a video coming out in a couple weeks going over the differences between the two and perhaps which drone might be right for you. So if you are on the fence right now about which dji mini drone is right for you, the mini sc or the dji mini 2., if youre, not quite sure of the differences or which is the best value, stay tuned for that video, as you might find It very useful, well folks, thats. Basically, my long term review of the dji mini 2. dji has almost created the perfect mini drone here, theres, not really a lot that i would change with it. The only thing we could maybe hope to see on a mini three is some obstacle avoidance on the front and back. I would love to see dji bringing its focus track, thats built into the fly app where you have all the tools, such as tracking point of interest and spotlight. If dji would add those three tools to this drone, it would make it pretty incredible. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up.