This is the dji mini 2 and possibly dji themselves. Can’T have possibly known just how much this was going to be pivotal in most people’s drone, buying decisions and, more to the point, how it would become and still is to this day, quite possibly the best drone you can possibly buy, taking into account all of the Factors that i’m going to mention in this video so i’m not very easily impressed okay and i have to sort of uh prove things to myself to prove it’s worth i’m, not one for sort of just jumping on hype and going oh yeah. This mini two is going to be so much better. It’S got ocusync, it’s got 4k it’s got better wind resistance, and the reason for that is because, at the time like i said, i had the dji mavic mini and, quite frankly i was absolutely more than happy with its performance now with. Obviously i built this channel pretty much on using the dji mavic mini, and i could easily show that with a simple set of range extenders, this ce model drone could basically do around 5000 meters in terms of range now back then, when i first started the channel, The rules were slightly different and, whilst it may not have been fully 100, you know legal to say that you could fire that amount. The rules were different to the point where you would be able to allow spotters to actually keep the drone in line of sight, and they did not need to be next to you like they do now, and you could keep in constant communication with radio.

So back then, it was so much easier to do range tests and, to be honest with you, like i’ve, just said, with the dji mavic mini. If you had a decent set of range extenders, you could do a really really good job and get some decent distance. So that’s sort of negated for the need for ocusync for me, which is why, when occasion did come out when i did some comparison tests with the dji mavic mini quite frankly, you know the the mini 2 didn’t. Do that much better! All of the time, however, it certainly did in later videos with which i will cover these in a little bit more detail further on in this video. Similarly, when it comes to the picture quality, the dji mini 2 has got that 4k camera. It is actually the same camera with which is in the dji mavic mini, except it now has 4k enabled and again you know that tricky stat that i had that tricky relationship when the dji air 2s came out, and i did that low light comparison and video Comparison, you know some of you saw a difference, but there was also very plenty of you. That also said that. Well, actually, the the mini 2 looks some. You know just as good for my needs now. The thing is when this vest came out and i did the same thing with the mavic mini again. I got a similar response. You know when i posted some video comparisons, which, of course, you can see on screen.

Many people still said that they actually couldn’t see that much of a difference, it’s always great to film in 4k. Absolutely, however, as i’ve mentioned on this channel numerous times, if you’re not watching on a big screen tv, the likelihood is that you’re not going to see that extra detail. That 4k does carry, especially if you are showing video footage on social media that footage gets severely compressed, so you do lose a lot of quality anyway. So what i’m going to do on this video is, i am going to run through some of the main parameters on the dji mini 2 and just show you it’s good points and it’s bad because, of course, all products have got bad points and i’ve not been Shy of commenting about them on this channel, so what we do is we’re going to get rid of these two drones and let’s crack on with that part of the video Music. When this launched it came with a few new features. So, as i’ve already mentioned, picture quality, this now came with that 4k camera. Now, as you can see on screen, there is a brilliant example of the 4k camera in action now, like i said, unless you’re looking at a bigger screen, you’re not going to see the detail, but if you are like, i watch youtube on my big screen tv. You really do appreciate the extra detail that that 4k does carry. There is absolutely no doubt that this drone does handle the wind much better, okay and for its size and its weight, and it just certainly packs a punch, and it did that using some basically upgraded propellers and the power of the lipo battery.

All right now, like i said this really can handle the wind so much better. The trouble is what came with that. Increased wind resistance was a bit of a problem, so it seems that, despite this drone being able to absolutely pack a punch and produce great camera quality, it does seem that what happened at the beginning, something that i really pioneered in sort of pointing out on the Channel the drone in sports mode was simply too fast for the gimbal to be able to keep up to keep a stable horizon. So you got some horrible sort of uh twitching horizontal uh footage on this drone. I personally think that’s a problem now many people, i got quite a negative reaction on that uh people say well, you shouldn’t use sport mode for for filming. Well, my sort of counter argument to that is well. If dji hadn’t expected this to film in sport mode, that wouldn’t have allowed us to adjust the gimbal and your parameters in that mode. Okay, that’s my personal opinion and of course you don’t – expect a new drone to have a problem that the old one doesn’t. However, like i said, i do understand that many of you thought i was maybe nitpicking and that it shouldn’t really be a problem. Like i said, if this was my first run, then it would possibly be not so much of a problem but, like i said, my comparison was with the dji mavic mini.

That did not have this issue. However, there is no denying the camera quality on. This is better. The wind resistance is better; it can fight the wind so much more comfortably than what the dji mavic minica. I do believe. The parameters that set up that wind warning in the dji flight app for the mavic mini, was a little bit too sensitive. Okay, so i must admit, i mean i’m quite cautious, with my drones and even though i’ve put the mavic mini up in the air so many times, and indeed with the mini 2, even in windy conditions. To be honest with you, the dji mavic mini always came back. In fact, when i did a wind test again everything that i’m talking about in this video i have tested and i’ve done in my channel. Okay, when i did that wind comparison, extreme wind test between the dji mavic mini and the mini 2 again your feedback, there was virtually no difference so again: i’m, not saying that’s an artificial thing in the dj. I fly it for the mavic mini to say you know it’s so much more sensitive to wind and it makes the mini 2 look better i’m, just pointing out the fact that the mini 2 does perform brilliantly. But i never personally had an issue with the dji mavic mini, but it certainly seems that the increased wind resistance, the stronger propellers, that extra punch from the lipo battery has really given you guys the confidence to fight us in stronger winds, which can only be a Good thing, because it means you get more flying time.

So the next thing to talk about, then, is occasion 2.0 now occasion, 2.0 is an ofdm system, and i have done a video explaining how ocusync works in the real world without all the technology, and you know going too deep into it. Just basically, why ocusync gives you better signal connection and video performance on the dji mini 2 over and above the dji mavic mini and, like i said, just to backtrack on what i’ve already said, the dji mavic mini with a set of range extenders, can genuinely produce, As good a quality in terms of rc connection, if you wish video feed something different, okay, certainly in terms of rc connection as good as the mini 2, in fact, due to the characteristics of the lipo battery, i tend to find that the dji mini 2 can Only generally do about 4 000 meters, like i say when range test was easily done before it needs to come back home, whereas the dji mavic mini i’ve, managed to push that on one battery to 5000 meters. One way 5000 meters back and it start 100 connection using some range extenders. However here’s the thing that was okay for rc connection, but the benefit of occasion 2.0 on the mini 2 simply is the fact that you get a much much stronger video feed. Now video feed is incredibly important because, whilst you should have line of sight of your drone effectively, you also really need to be able to see what you’re doing on screen as well, because the whole point of a drone is to be able to film video okay, Film video take photos and, at the end of the day, you know no matter how many people say you need to keep your eyes on the drone.

You have to look down to see what you’re taking a video or photo of all right now with the dji mini 2. You got that 1080p video feedback to the controller and that’s way over and above the uh, the 720p that you used to get on the mavic mini and, of course, because we are using occasion 2.0 with that separate video carrier it’s a much stronger and more interference Resistant system so effectively, you know, if you put this drone up in the air, you know that, with occasion 2.0 you don’t have to mess around with range extenders. You don’t need to get everything absolutely spot on, as you do with the mavic mini. You put this up in the air, leave the drone to do its thing, leave lucky sync on dual band, and you know it’s going to do everything in its power to give you the best connection at all times, and that is certainly what it does and like. I said just to repeat everything that i’m saying on this video i’ve tested again against the mavic mini. So you know i’m speaking from experience here, Music now the biggest benefit, if you wish, and something that i can’t imagine dji themselves would have really planned for are all the new drone regulations and restrictions that came into place at the back end of 2020 all across Europe and the uk, with which i live as well now, this drone actually came in at really really lightweight at 238 grams.

So with those new regulations coming into place, it effectively meant that this dji mini 2 became the flagship drone under grams. It had the best wind resistance, it had the best camera quality it had the best connection quality as well. Okay, it was lightweight, it was portable. You know the fact it came in at 238 grams meant that you could add strobe lights, okay, which of course i’ve reviewed in this uh on this channel as well. You can add strawberries, you can add wraps. You can customize this drone and still be within that 249 gram limit all right and effectively in the uk and across europe being sub 249 effectively means there are no restrictions on this drone whatsoever, apart from overflying other crowds effectively. What you need to do in the uk specifically i’m talking about here is you pay your nine pound registration fee for the year? You know you take your flyer id if you want to, but you don’t necessarily have to. I would always advise it, of course, and you can just fly this drone wherever the hell. You want, okay in parks or you know, in your street, from your back garden. The opportunities were absolutely endless, now, that’s, not to say that the bigger drones are still redundant because they’re, not okay. I have done a lot of videos on the dji air 2s and the air 2, and one of the main features is the fact that there is something called the article 16 of the cap722 document within the uk drum regulations and that effectively allows you to fly.

The bigger drone, so yes over 249 grams within 30 meters of uninvolved people, okay or built up areas providing you join one of the four flying clubs and you have done a risk assessment, so don’t get me wrong. The dji mini 2 is absolutely superb but, like i said just to write off some of those bigger drones and if you fancy checking out that video, if you are possibly thinking of dji air, 2s or air 2 or any other drone manufacturer – and you know you’re, Looking at possibly getting a bigger drone, you can check that video out here and it will also be in the description below as well with the mini 2. You also get some absolutely awesome extra features. So not only did you get the 4k camera, you also got the ability to zoom in and out now that just allowed you to get some close up shots without having to put the drone in any sort of risk or danger, and that is a really really Good quality zoom as well. You also got the ability to switch between different resolutions and different frame rates, allowing you to get some nice smooth footage and footage that you could then slow down to a nice, slow motion footage shot in post production. Also on this joint, you have some built in quick shots again, i have done a tutorial on these quick shots and you can see exactly how cool they are.

A quick shot is an autonomous flight mode executed by the drone directly, which just allows you to concentrate on putting yourself in the frame and then let the drone do all the hard work. This is much much better than you actually attempting to fly on your own. The drum does an absolutely fantastic job, and it just means that you can use these quick shots to get some absolutely epic footage Music. If anybody asks me what drone they should buy friends, family acquaintances, every single time i say the dji mini 2 – you all know. I have that massive amount of love for the dji mavic mini, but it is a few years old. Now i have reviewed the dji a2s. Undoubtedly, an absolutely superb drone, but the trouble is is, unless you know what you’re doing you do have those restrictions? Okay and, of course the price has to be taken into account. This is you know nearly half the price of the dji r2s it’s. Only about 150 pounds more than the dji mavic mini and what you get is just so much more this isn’t just about me telling you that this is fantastic. Honestly, it took me a long time to actually warm to this drone. There is no denying that, but the more and more, i think about it at the end of the day, if a friend asks me, and they know nothing about drones, what should they buy? If i say the mavic mini, then i need to explain why they need range extenders, why they need to use a manual channel, why they need to do so much extra things and why they might get a wind warning, but yet uh it might not be too Bad, i have to explain all those things if i wanted to say get the air 2s or the air ii.

I have to try to try to teach them all about the drone regulations and teach them how to do a risk assessment. But you know what, if i just say, get the dji mini 2 and just don’t fly it above sort of 25 mile an hour gusts. You are absolutely good to go, pay your nine pound, and that is a just, a brilliant drone out the box. Leave it on dual band occusync and 4k. Camera footage is absolutely superb and yeah you just can’t knock it. Yeah we’ve got a few new drones coming out like the hubsan and the femi um, but yeah. Will they really match up to the dji mini 2? I’M? Not so sure, if this review of the dji mini 2 has made, you decide that you are going to buy one, then please consider using the affiliate links in the description below it makes no difference to the price you pay. It just helps the channel out significantly don’t forget. You can also check out my amazon storefront, which recommends a whole host of accessories and the right memory card to make sure you are getting all the performance you pay for out of your drone anyway. That wraps up the video.