com now here i have the dji mini 2 and this has actually been out for about seven, almost eight months now and i’m shooting this in june 2021. I still get a bunch of messages asking me: is it really worth me getting at this point? Should i wait? Is there going to be some other drones coming on the market and just to cut to the chase? Even though it’s been out for seven or eight months, the mini 2 is probably going to satisfy majority of the people out there wanting to get into drones or even just having a drone with you at all times. So this video just want to talk to you about those key features that really make this drone stand out and probably is going to be your reason of why you’re going to want to get it a few concerns you might want to know before you get this Drone in case you’re looking for specific features that it might have or might not have, as well as a few things. I hope that they might include in the next version. Maybe it’s called the mini three or whatever. It might be. Just a few things i want to talk about too what i’d like to see in the next version and if you’re new to my channel, my name is alden estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if that’s, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos – and if you wanted a lot more in depth, detail on the mini 2, i have a ton of videos on this drone.

Make sure you check out that playlist i’ll leave that linked down below in the video description, so let’s just jump right into the biggest benefits of this drone right here, the dji mini 2.. Now the first benefit, of course, we’ll talk about, is the size and weight of the mini 2.. Now this does come in at under 250 grams and, of course, depending on where you live. I live here in the u.s anything above 250 grams you’re gon na need to register it with the faa. This thing comes in actually it’s about 242 grams. They listed at 249, but depending on where you are what your restrictions are, if it’s, normally under 250, you don’t normally have to register it of course check your local listings and the rules that apply to where you live and as far as size goes, you can See this is my iphone 10. Look, how small that is sitting right behind it. You can’t even see it, and this is the remote control. So this is all you’re gon na need to get out. There have some fun flights. You’Re, just gon na need this little small drone, your device and, of course, the remote control but size and weight. Definitely the number one factor of the mini 2.: the next biggest benefit of the mini 2, and this is something that, if you are new to drones, you’re always going to want to look into, and that is the reliability.

The trusted reliability of dji with their new ocusync 2 technology, now i’ve talked about this in a lot of my videos. The number one thing i care about, no matter: this is a side of the camera. Quality on stuff is a transmission between the drone when it’s up in the air and your device, your remote control, you want the most reliable transmission, because the last thing you want is a disconnect between these two when you’re out there flying. I think this is one of the biggest things that people don’t really realize. They’Ll, just look at the number and say oh it’s rated for this far. I could fly that far, but the thing is i look at more as far as what has been out there tested and trusted. Dji definitely has the most drones out in the market, the most testing going on so when it comes to reliability at those great distances. This thing is rated to go about 10 kilometers, never gon na fly that far, but at least you know it’s rated to go that far. I take it out one mile at the most, maybe two miles, so the fact that it is rated for that far. Definitely a well trusted platform from dji next benefit of this is the value you’re going to be getting at only 449 dollars. Well, i say only 449 because of course they have bigger platforms that go all the way up to a thousand and 1500, but for 449 dollars and just for the basic package, which is basically the remote and the drone i’d always recommend getting the fly more combo.

That adds a couple extra batteries in there, but what you’re getting for it? 4K 30 frames a second and, like i said that size and weight, probably the biggest difference there, because the fact that it’s so small you’re more likely going to bring it with you a lot more than if you jumped up to a larger drone. You just don’t. Normally bring around larger drones with you all the time, we’re here literally stick this in your pocket, so what you get for the value is definitely a huge benefit. Another thing i like most about the mini 2 is how quiet it is. Even after flying all my other drones, i have the air 2s. I have the mavic 2 pro. I will still bring out the mini depending on my location, because it is definitely the most quiet drone and seeing something this small you’re flying it out there. It doesn’t really bring that much attention either. The sound and the low noise propels in this thing is definitely probably one of the biggest benefits now, even though this thing is super small flight time, it’s rated for 31 minutes and, like i said, if you want to get the flyer, combo, definitely recommend getting that You’Re gon na get two extra batteries, so three batteries total but rated for 31 minutes you’ll normally get 24 25 minutes depending on how hard you’re flying what mode you’re flying in how windy it is, but to at least get 20 minutes.

23 24 minutes is a long flight time and, like i said you just get a couple extra batteries, you can easily be up there with a fly more combo for about an hour up in the air. Now, despite the size of this drone, we still have a lot of things that’s built into the gofly app. So we do have intelligent modes things you could do on this thing. You have automatic panoramics in photo mode. So if you like nice, wide panoramics, it does have a few different modes on there and, of course, quick shots. I always talk about quick shots because it’s just one of those functions on the app that make getting dynamic types of shots, super simple, so things like quick shots will get you some footage that you normally wouldn’t be able to get if you’re a beginner pilot, but Adding in the quick shots and doing some of the circles and helix brings a lot of dynamic movement into your video, so if you are new to drones, you can definitely look a little bit more professional by using some of those quick shot modes. Now. Those are some of the main benefits of it, like i said there’s a lot more, that the mini two headers have to offer, of course, check out my full review. Video link that down below now, with all those benefits, there’s always a couple of concerns and mostly concerns just based on what your needs are before you get the drone.

So, for instance, if you are living in an area that might be high altitude or it’s, always windy in your area, this thing does have a level five wind resistance, but at the same time it is small, it’s light. It will be fighting a lot in the air. You’Ll normally have a little bit better wind resistance with heavier platforms, so you want something like the air 2s mavic 2 pro, if you’re always around an area that has a little bit high gust high winds. Next is picture profiles. This thing does not have any picture profiles, it just shoot in a standard dji profile. So if you are looking for something that has a little more flexibility and a log format more of a flat profile, this one does not have it. However, for majority of stuff that you’re shooting at least you’re shooting in 4k, you could do some minor tweaking in your post processing editor. So i don’t really have that much of an issue, and my last concern would be, of course, if you’re the type of person that’s expecting to get really really high quality in low light. So if you’re always want to do sunrise, sunsets or if you’re a place where it’s normally not that bright, you’re gon na have a little bit of issue. Of course, because of the size of the sensor, smaller sensor, you don’t have great low light capabilities, but if you’re shooting in a well lit area, the quality out of this thing is superb, so low light.

Of course, if you want to shoot a little bit better and have higher quality you’re going to want to move up to a little bit bigger of a sensor, air 2s mavic 2 pro some of those other ones that have a little bit better low light capability. As far as some of the things i’d like to possibly see on the next version and don’t, forget we’re also probably going to try to stay under that 250 gram. Mark that’s, like the key metric that we have to worry about. So i know there’s going to be some things on there that just won’t be able to do, or at this point they’re not able to do, but a couple of things that we’ll talk about just some of the things i’d like to see on the next version. Now i would like to see some internal memory that’s bumped up to something like 32 gigs. I think now that we’re shooting 4k a lot of video. A lot of photos it’d be nice to store a lot more footage on here and not have to worry about the micro sd card so much or not be so dependent on it. I feel like at this point. We should just be able to shoot everything directly onto the drone and hopefully just plug it in usbc right there download it straight from the aircraft itself and be good to go and not always have to worry about that micro sd card next would be a little Bit easier way to do nd filters kind of like how they have on the osmo pocket on the osmo pocket.

They have a magnetic ring around it. So all you have to do is put it on the front of the lens here. We’Re still dealing with those hooks in the back, which kind of make it just a little bit more cumbersome when you’re out there having to figure out the hooks and then trying to line it back up and then you’re ending up touching the lens. Just things like that, i wish it was a little bit simpler, just like how they have on the osmo pocket, maybe magnetic nd filters on it, just because the camera is so small on here, but i hope the next version at least give us some front sensors To give us either some basic obstacle avoidance as well as some basic tracking, and the main reason why i’d like to see that is because it’s a you know, a travel, all purpose, solo content, creator’s best friend, because it’s so small, but even if it was just A basic follow me with some sort of you know: constraints or restrictions in there, saying that hey it’ll work up to 50 100 feet or your best results after that or something you know, it’s up to you, you flight at your own risk, but it would be Nice to have that just because it would be great for solo content creators, and i think this thing is what it’s really for it’s perfect for you to take out, always have in your bag and not have to worry too much about it.

But it would be nice to have some sort of basic follow me mode on the next version, so, like i talked about in the beginning of the video, is this worth getting? We are here in june, beginning of summer, 2021, 100, absolutely still the best option. As far as value you’re gon na get in this drone and if you’re looking at traveling with your drone i’m, not going to pass up the opportunity to talk about my case, which i created last year as well, this is called the flight case. It’S actually going to be on my website. Link will be down below, but i custom made these cases this one right here to hold the mini lineup, the mini 1 and the mini 2, as well as the remote control for the mini, and it also fits the air 2s. I actually have both those cases on my website and because the fact that this is such a compact drone made for travelers and people who are on the go. I made these little small cases right here to store your drone safely and your remote control, and i have a full video on these cases right here. I’Ll make sure that’s linked above as well as down below in the video description perfect for just all purpose, throwing in any of your bag clip this onto your belt, clip it onto a carabiner hook it onto your backpack. I made these mainly for this reason right here, i felt like there’s, definitely a void in industry as far as making compact solutions for the mini, as well as the air 2s.

So if you are looking at high quality bags to transport, your drone in has a pocket here for extra accessories. Your propellers same with this on the remote control area for your sticks, i’ll, make sure the links are down below in the video description. These are actually my custom limited edition bags. They are called the flight cases like i said, i’ll leave all that information down below in the video description and, if you made it this far into the video, this is mostly gon na, be probably for my notification squad, but i’m gon na be giving one of These away to one of you guys it’ll, be a full set it’ll, be a remote control and a case, and if you guys also have the air 2s you’ll have to. Let me know, because i actually do have an air 2s case and, like i said, if you guys did make it this far. Thank you for sticking around and if you guys, are interested in winning this case. Of course, a few simple things on my channel make sure you guys do like this video make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. Also that bell notification is turned on make sure you guys also share this with one of your friends or family who might be interested in some of this gear. And, lastly, let me know in the comments section down below what is your summer drone of choice? Do you guys have the mini the mini one, the mini 2? Do you have an air 2s? Let me know in the comment section down below or if you’re looking at getting a drone, which drones are you looking at? Are you looking at this one you’re looking at some of the other ones that might be coming out or, if you’re flying something else? Let me know in the comments section down below which one you’re flying what’s going to be your drone of choice for this summer.

Let me know that information down below in the comment section and within the first 48 hours of this video going live i’m going to be picking a random comment winner from those comments down below, and this reason why you’re going to want to have that bell. Notification turned on because whenever i have giveaways, they are normally time based. So if you do want to be part of these giveaways, you’re going to want to be notified, so turn that bell notification on that’s about all. I have for today a little overview of the past six. Seven eight months of flying, the mini 2 is worth getting as your summer fall winter drone of 2021. For me, it definitely is and of course, that’s my opinion. I definitely have a ton of videos talking about the mini 2, as well as the air 2s make sure you guys check those down below. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated. This is aldrin stasio with i’ll, see you guys.