It truly handles the wind very well. I have been in very windy situations with no problems. The video and picture quality is great photos in two modes, so you can color grade made for the beginner very highly recommended. Please look up the uav flight rules for your location prior to purchase to make sure you can get the most out of your drone and be safe as an avid photographer. Who is new to aerial photography? I am delighted with the dji mini 2. It is easy to fly. I even took it out over water on my first flight, although briefly and controlled in city mode. Despite the small compact size, it is surprisingly stable and takes sharp images. Even in some wind. The controls are responsive and set up as intuitive. In plug and play, while still providing numerous options for customization as a first drone, this is a winner. I am happy with this purchase and highly recommend this product. This is my first quadcopter i dont care for the term drone. I flew rcs back 20 30 years ago, so i have some experience with remote flying. I would highly recommend this for anyone. That knows nothing about controlling an rc. Please do your homework. First watch many videos online about how to operate. Dont just charge it up and expect to be an expert. This thing is rock solid, stable in the air has a pretty good camera that also shoots in raw mode battery life is around 28 minutes with the three batteries it gives you plenty of flight time.

Ive had mine 1.3 miles away with absolutely no loss of signal highest ive had it is 380 feet once you are about 50 75 feet up, you cant even hear it. It is very quiet nice how the battery pack works.