. Is it any good should you buy? It lets see my first impressions, hello and welcome to creative juice without pulp on this episode im going to test my new drone that i bought so lets do a show and tell i just bought a dji mini 2 dji mini 2, and i got the combo Pack, which means you get an extra few batteries extra few blades charging pack and this nice case to carry it all in. Why is the case so important ill? Show you why this is my current drive, which im going to start saying my old drone and its the phantom 3 standard. I wouldnt say its practical in order to carry around, i tried to take it to new zealand on a trip a few years ago. Uh anything but ideal. I can tell you that so ive had this for a number of years, and i saw a video this week and thought you know what its time for an upgrade im in australia by the way. This drone cost 950 dollars from jb hi fi. I managed to haggle and got a 64 gig uh sandisk, along with it for free, which was nice bit of haggling 950 bucks. I think its an all right price. So the goal for this video is im gon na go out and try to film a tourism travel video with this drone for the first time, ive never used it as you can see the box isnt open uh.

First of all, you make a good point. Lets do the unboxing. I filmed the unboxing part of this video, but i thought it would be best to get straight into the specs of the drone and then you can see me flying it so for the unboxing portion of this video wait to the very end. After the credits, so this footage that youre seeing here is of my drone on a very, very windy cliff which well get to later in the video its holding up pretty good. So the specs its got a 4k camera. It reaches a max speed of 57 kilometers. An hour it weighs 250 gram. This is designed to be traveled with. That number is a key spec, because anything under that doesnt require registration in australia, its got a battery life of 31 minutes, and when you times that by three batteries you got 1.5 hours of flying its got a 12 megapixel camera, its got 4k 30 fps video And a three axis motorized gimbal it uses ocusync. This provides a solid and reliable link compared to the old wifi connection on the original mini ocusync, operates on radio frequencies and already proved its worth in other dji drones, its low latency. It can transmit 1080p or 720p video previews to your phone and in ideal conditions it can provide ridiculous range. So one downside to the drone is: there are no color profiles, but the footage straight from the camera is pretty good.

As youre going to see, it can go up to 10 kilometers with hd video transmission, and the last thing i quickly want to mention is it says, made for iphone on the box, but, yes, it can be used with the android phone. However, you dont download the dji fly app on the android store you download it from their website now lets get to the vlog section where i test it out and give my first impressions all right. So ive come down to the beach and im gon na test out the new drone uh, its very windy. I can tell you that, but thats only a good thing, because we want to see, can this thing even fly in with the weather is lovely, though im not going to complain so lets see. Oh and another thing were going to test. How long does it take me to actually get the drone out from being in the bag, which is on me right now to having it in the sky im gon na time it and well see all right its very, very windy. I dont know if you can hear me: i hope you can. The weathers lovely its in the bag lets see. How long does it take to actually get it in the air Music, Music, nice Music? I should get some time back. I got distracted by those dogs Music. Can you screw these in honestly, im telling you compared to my dji? What was it three phantom that took about 15 minutes? I swear to get out of the box up into the air uh.

I dont know how long were doing for time, but i can tell you its its definitely less than that and i am not ready to fly apparently Music. That was my bad. I pressed the wrong button, were all good and its ready for takeoff all right, so it is very windy. Im kind of scared to actually let it fly, take off permitted all right. So, as of editing, this video ive flown the drone a few times and the average time for me to get it from the bag up into the air is 2 minutes 30 and its actually the same amount of time from getting it in the air down packed Into the bag 2 minutes 30., and there we have it. Can you see it lets go dry, all right, bye. We should now test the actual uh footage. Quality lets do that Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, its looking pretty good im, not gon na lie to you. Its looking pretty good, how well can you see that so apparently, this thing can go 10, kilometers away, which is very far away. All right lets go as high as we can go. Im gon na swap out the battery. I didnt charge it fully. That was my bad jesus. It is very windy, hes doing a pretty good job wow, as you can see, hes shaking a bit but honestly, its a pretty good Music im going to land him all right im going to swap out the battery battery case.

I landed it in grass, its my first fly and ive already stuffed it up and then open that up. Take that battery out put this battery in thats too easy ive swapped out the battery and it pretty much connected instantly. It took like a second theres. So much wind its really fighting for it, since this is just a first impressions, video im sure everythings gon na go in one ear and out the other, but i really hope you take something from this. It is extremely windy, and the fact that this is flying is honestly, quite impressive. Oh man, sorry yeah! It is thank you for watching creative juice without pope make sure you hit the like and subscribe button and uh ill see you for the next video Music dji mini 2 950. This is what you get inside of it lets open it up: Music, Music, oh okay! In a box, oh its, not in a box in the box, is a bag. Look at that. That is very nice theres, a very nice bag. Okay, so here wait whats in here, oh okay, so you get a bunch of propellers and everything has a qr code. Wow here we have it wow. That is absolutely tiny. That is so small. Its got its like a little seat belt, yeah, okay, im, actually so surprised like. I knew it was small, but what wow? First, you have to do the front ones and then you fold that ones: okay, thats, a good design.

It is so small thats amazing compared to the box of the last. What was it? The phantom 3? This is truly amazing, im, so careful with it right now. This is the controller lets have a gander at this very nice, normal cine or sport mode cool. Do i keep the spare ones, or should i attach this bad ones and then have the spare ones on the spare ones? Theyre really good. I should have watched a video, but this is a first impressions video, so that would feel like again feel like cheating. This is my first unboxing video. I wonder if the instruction secured – oh, my god, theres so many qr codes. I absolutely love this. This is half the reason that i got the more pack i think im going to have to buy a bag. That fits my camera and what is this so that goes in the controller question mark, so it does plug into my phone. Well done guys. This is awesome. I was very worried that it wouldnt have this for android, but it does here is the setup. I absolutely love that this is so much better than the old setup. This is the setup. This is tiny, wait what its it is smaller than my phone. I like this the little uh things on the end, so you can see where the blades are. This is the case.