It now has a better signal, strength and control. This video shows how easily i can fly to 800 meters distance without any interference. Now i can fly to over two kilometers without problems. Previously, i can only fly up to 1500 meters, so yeah. This update does provide a lot of things. So a few days back, dji releases a new update for the mini 2.. The interesting ones are smart controller support people waiting for this, but i don’t have it so i’m, not gon na review it. What i’m excited about is the better flight stability control, both in fpv and standard modes and the battery discharge fix so to update just follow the regular procedure download it update it once it’s done, the aircraft will power off. This will update the aircraft and the battery. Now, in case, you have more than one battery, you need to update the batteries too. What you need to do is power on the drone after you change the battery and run the update again, and this will update your battery do this for all of your battery, and you should be good now. Let’S see how this thing flies after the update. As you can see, the experience is really nice. I have better control and stability, it doesn’t twitches when it descends basically it’s really nice, like you, can see this video very smooth. Now, let’s see it on fbv mode, it’s, now way, smoother easier to control and doesn’t.

Really twitches a lot oops – okay, maybe except that one, but that one is because i’m not used to controlling it as smooth as this one. Usually it switches a lot. This one is much much much more smoother easier to control and gives you that cinematic look better. As you can see, even though it doesn’t fly as fast as the fpv drones that we have out there, the experience is good, gives you that cinematic look, especially when flying close to the ground, and it gives you a new dimension of flying this drone with better Capabilities, usually flying like this on the fpv mode, is so unstable. This is on sport mode using the fpv gimbal mode. You can see how stable it is flying backwards as well, and this is in a strong wind condition by them. So yeah. This update does provide a lot of benefits for all of us Music, and this one is still from my favorite feature: controlling your aircraft while doing a return to home. It gives you more freedom, that’s all for my review today, thanks for watching. If you get something out of it, please consider liking it or perhaps subscribe for more content in the future.