Mini 2 i’ve been using it the last couple weeks. The first day i took this out. I was all kind of confused and you know how it is. You don’t really read up anything on it or whatever i got ta admit the the first time i took this out. I i either hit the record button and stopped it or something like that and went home and was like oh hell. So the second time i went out, i went out to the exact same place and here’s some footage from that, and things went a lot better. Of course, i really shouldn’t have been flying that day, because the wind was probably 35 miles an hour. I’Ll show you a little clip right now where that thing is just up and running and and you normally, you don’t ever go that fast in a drone and – and i was low to the ground so um i didn’t realize that, even though you were gaining speed, It would also push you down, so i was like fighting it to pull up and all this stuff, and i got some really uh. You know interesting shots, maybe a little bit too treacherous for my liking, then uh the second time i took it out um. I thought i was in a much safer place. I was in a lake environment and uh. I was just trying to stay away from the ground or whatever, but the the second thing i learned was inlets are dangerous.

Like uh, you have a big lake and then you have a little part that goes in and it’s and it’s narrow right well, it makes for very good footage, but these crazy people put power lines across the inlets and when i got home i realized that three Different times, i went straight through the power lines or barely above the power lines and i’m probably lucky to have this little guy right here. You know this is the mini tube with the hockey sync and all that stuff. The range i found to be consistent at about a little over 5000 feet and i’m sure it’ll go further and you know if you get the right, uh places and this and that, where there’s, no uh interference and all that, but um i’m pretty safe with 5000. I don’t really need to stretch it you, you could probably go further, but as soon as this thing starts telling me, uh it’s lost signal with it and it wants to come home. I pull it back. I just really don’t see the need to go past 5000 feet and, of course, i’m running the little nd filters uh to try and bring down the shutter speed, try and get a little motion blur and stuff like that, there’s an nd16. This is a sunny life or whatever and it’s just cheap little filters. I got a box of them. I don’t have it with me all my footage from that little cheap uh guy right.

There has been just outstanding, there’s there’s, no real problem, it’s funny, because uh i’ve had this out probably three times and to think where this thing has been and uh and the places it’s flown and how close it’s come to just uh. Getting taken out is pretty funny, but i will say this i’m i’m gon na try to exercise more caution, because this was an investment and i don’t really need to go out and crash and that’s what i would recommend anybody who’s thinking about buying. One of these is to be real careful when you first start out it’s real easy to. I didn’t realize that the high winds could push it down and push it towards the ground and stuff like that, because i would watch you know if i’m at 12 feet or whatever all of a sudden i’m at 10 feet and i’m all i’m doing is pushing Forward this is my amazon part of the story. I originally bought uh, the dji mavic mini and uh. I had to buy a new phone man uh, the old phone would not work. So i bought a samsung a71, which i love that phone so i’m, not complaining because it was a. It was a good investment, but you do have to have a phone that’s on the list to work with this. They sent it with no battery. So the lady said she would send me another one and that um they were going to send me a brand new one i’m, like i had to repeat that three times.

You know that she was full of crap and she said she was sending me a brand new one, so they sent me one that looked like it had been renewed whatever, and i called him i wasn’t happy about that. Anyway, i was waiting for my phone to come and i was like you know what i watched a lot of videos on the dji mavic mini, and i saw those signal problems i was like man. I do not want to deal with that. I don’t want to have to hit buttons to keep and keep it in the air and stuff. So i returned what i bought and i got the dji mini 2. I said you know we’re already about 330 in here you know i’m gon na go ahead and bump it up another 150. Something like that. I didn’t get the fly more option, which is a mistake. You should always get the fly more option. I’Ve spent more money on i’ve, gotten four batteries and stuff and i’ve spent more money than i would have spent all together. I do enjoy having four batteries. I can’t see three batteries being enough, so i bought the better drone and it’s it’s definitely been worth it because even at uh, as soon as i get over an area that i can tell has got a little more uh, you know uh cell phone signals and Stuff, like that and congestion, i can tell that the signal’s a little bit rougher, even though this has occu sync or whatever.

There are areas where i go over, where i do lose Music connection once in a while, but for the most part i’m flying fine, especially within about three or four thousand feet i’m good to go. It seems to be when i get around five thousand something feet where i i have a problem and i could push it further, but i usually don’t there was one shot and i this shot right here and it was beautiful. I wanted to keep going but uh. I was running low on battery and i was out so i was out pretty far and i was losing signal, so i just came on back anyway. You got the controller and uh. You know some people have been complaining about the size of this controller versus the other controller and i’ve had both the other one looks like it’s part of a game boy or something like that. This looks like a professional badass controller. The the phone on this one goes in here and the the phone on the other one used to go down below it’s a real rinky dink. I think people like it because you could just stick it in your bag, but i can stick that in my bag. Just fine, i mean that’s a that’s, a badass controller. I like that a lot i, like that, a whole lot. The the batteries are super light and, like i said, i ended up getting four of those and here’s the there’s, the mini two that’s small man.

That is really small, so overall Music, i’m real happy with it uh i’ve done i’ve done some stuff. That i never would have thought i’ve been able to do. Price is a concern for me, so i had to make sure that it was within my budget and a lot of this i had to kind of do as i go. The the thing about flying a drone is that every time you take this out could very easily be the last time you ever see it all in all i’m very happy with it. It was a great purchase, uh i’m, not going to say what i spent on it, because it was too much because i kind of parted it out. If you can just go in and just purchase the fly more package and then maybe add one battery. The thing is, is i wasn’t very happy with the case that that came with it, the leather case or whatever? I wanted a hard case like this one, but not only did i get a hard case like this one, i got a. I have hard cases for everything my microphones and i have a laptop bag, which this goes inside of that, so that, if i ever needed to go up into the hills or whatever i’d have a way to carry it up in there. If you’re thinking about buying one of these and you haven’t bought a drone before, i would definitely recommend it uh, i would like to have a better drone.

The reason the main reason i got this drone was because the 249 grams – this is kind of like gopro footage but it’s high up in air and it’s on a gimbal, so it’s pretty good but the more expensive the drone you get, the better the camera. Usually you get so there’s kind of a clear difference if you know how to edit gopro footage – and you know how to edit dji footage, you can come up with some pretty good stuff and i don’t know about you, but if you can come up with that Same product at one third of the price, it’s definitely worth it for me all right, i got these little rubber band things to tie things off, uh that’s. Basically, all they are is form factor rubber bands, and i like them. It fits tight in there. There is a a strap that goes around the center that holds the blades. That might be better. I don’t know but i’m good with this there’s another set of uh blades and uh charger. It doesn’t come with the the part that goes into the wall. I bought that separately, no big deal 10 bucks, something like that and the uh, the uh, your connection to your phone stays right here, there’s a lo there’s a loose end that goes into a slot and then there’s a real slot, so it’s, just real cool man.