, not to spoil this review, but i simply love this thing. Ive bought a cheap drone in the past and thought all drones were that hard to fly. But this thing is so easy to control and gives you three different modes from cinematic for a slower response and less dramatic reaction when you press the joystick, left and right and up and down to normal for well normal control and sport for the highest speed and The quickest response, when you adjust the joystick and you can adjust that all right here on this little slide right here. The best part about this drone as far as flying it goes, is that you can basically let it do all the work for you from auto takeoffs and auto landings to preset recording options where it circles an area or an object that you select or lifts off From a person or an object that you select, all you have to do is make sure the path that its going to fly in is clear and tell it to go. This is what i did when i first got it, and i felt like a pro within my a few minutes of my first takeoff. If you want to take off the training wheels, you can take full control and take videos and pictures as you wish, and get great control from a good distance. I actually feel fully confident in flying mine simply by the camera and in sport mode at this point.

So your your phone or smart device, you could do a tablet, whatever will actually mount right in here and you hook it up and thats what youre going to use for your viewing screen. It works really well and again, like i said i fly mine by the camera view. Instead of trying to see where my drone is in the sky, all the time now lets talk about the camera again simply put its amazing. I was paying my photographer that i used for my real estate listings to do neighborhood and or area shots and decided to invest in this. As i tried to do more area and neighborhood videos for my real estate, youtube channel this thing paid for itself by the second video and the quality is as good or better than what he was providing heres a sample of some of my b roll footage. I took of my kids high school football field when i first started using this thing, and while this may look like a rendering, it is just that good of video quality. I also used a preset recording option for this, as i wasnt quite ready to take the training wheels off so heres another video of the sample flyover of a neighborhood that i did of another tour. The best part about this drone is that my understanding is that its small enough or light enough to be just under the size where you are required to get a permit or a license to fly it.

Please make sure to check that and thats actually the case and dont just think on my saying so, but thats what ive been told. So to sum it up, this drone is fantastic with its ease of use for flying to its fantastic camera. You will absolutely love this thing and you wont break the bank to buy it. I got mine from costco as a bundle, but you can click the link in the description to see what its selling for on amazon. Since i know not, everyone has a costco membership and we honestly dont know how long it will always be at costco. So if you found this review helpful, please let me know by hitting the like button and subscribe, so you dont miss out on any future reviews.