I want something to do. I was in the lockdown and here i am that’s better and i’ve got a memory card, so here’s the drone. So i got dji mini 2. I expected to be a bigger size, but you know they’ll come back and the small start it’s mini, obviously so yeah i’m just stupid, but just look too bad so far, so wrapped up looking good so far, don’t hurt myself it’s, embarrassing because it said pill here And i didn’t see it so open up and there’s a drone, so that is a battery for the drone. Obviously it goes in there close up there’s a camera here, um i’m. Guessing this is like a charge of things you could have this battery. Oh, is it this one? I believe there are spare rings this one, no idea, it’s, like a screwdriver. Lastly, there’s a controller quick start start guide, there’s a barcode there on it and it pops up – and this is the app for it. So what i’m going to do is i’m just going to chart this drone up, we don’t they don’t provide the wall plugs. We have to get our own wall plug to get this plug to go in and charge this up, and this is what the controller layout will look like. So you have your phone on the top and um on the screen. It just shows you where the camera is looking at, so obviously you can see where the drone is going now.

I can’t do a lot at the moment because it’s charging up, i need time to get it ready um. So i guess it’s the best time to start reading. You know learn more about it, so let’s go um. Finally, we’ve done it. I just charged the battery up for the controller and the drone and most of the cameras for the all day, but obviously it started out and now i’m going to try and take it off see if it Applause works. So yesterday we just went one because there are too many buildings surrounding the drone and retrievers right next to us yeah. We have to try again seeing this better place. The field you’re not far from trees, and you can see the bridge in the river so we’re going to try this out. Music.